A1.Trouble N Da West (Who’s Crew?) 
A2.Welcome (Skit) 
A3.Let It Be Known 
A.4Madlib Beatdown #1 (Illbeat) 
A5.Illmindmuzik (Dirty Mixtape Version) 
B1.Jazzylude (Skit) 
B2.Roll’em Right 
B3.World Domination 
B.4Look For The Signs (Skit) 
B5.Wicked Ways 
C1.What’s Going Down (Skit)
C2.Let It Be Known (Instrumental) 
C3.Illmindmuzik (Instrumental) 
C4.Trouble N Da West (Instrumental) 
D1.Roll’em Right (Instrumental) 
D2.World Domination (Instrumental) 
D.3Wicked Ways (Instrumental)  
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