1. Introducing Diesel’s Crew
2. The Mystery Feat: Lazar Parker, BennyBrownCoat, Lumpz One
3. Tres Latinos Feat: Zilla The Monster, DJ Fuji
4. Ranking Feat: Lobesmatic, GIZ, Stapelz, JAYR 
5. Hip Hops Alive Feat: Sadat X, Benny Brown Coat, Pawz One
6. Bleeding Lyrics Feat: Mumm Ra, Lobesmatic, Throwbak
7. Who are you? Feat: Broadway Joe Baggs, Ray Syfe, Done One 
8. Street Poetry Feat: BennyBrownCoat, Physics, Lazar Parker, Lumpz One
9. Move The Crowd Feat: King Magnetic, DJ Fuji
10. Clashing Titans Feat: Mr Unxnown, Graphic Grim
11. Invisible Assassins feat: Judgement, DoneOne
12. Nightmare feat: Throwbak, Ray Syfe
13. Merit for Respect feat: Mr Unxnown, Bishop, Cas Uno
14. Diamond Heist feat: Ray Syfe
15. Proper Logic feat: Lobesmatic, Graphic Grim
16. Mexican Primo feat: Throwbak, Grand Architect

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