cypress hill

A1. The Phuncky Feel One (Extended Version)
A2. The Phuncky Feel One (LP Version)
A3. The Phuncky Feel One (Instrumental)
B1. How I Could Just Kill A Man (The Killer Mix / Dirty Version)
B2. How I Could Just Kill A Man (Radio / Clean Version)
B3. How I Could Just Kill A Man (Instrumental)

1.Spark Another Owl
2.Throw Your Set In The Air
3.Stoned Raiders
5.Killa Hill Niggas
6.Boom Biddy Bye Bye
7.No Rest For The Wicked
8.Make A Move
10.Funk Freakers
12.Red Light Visions
13.Strictly Hip Hop
14.Let It Rain
15.Everybody Must Get Stoned 
01. I Wanna Get High (2:55)
02. I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That (4:28)
03. Insane In The Brain (3:33)
04. When The Sh– Goes Down (3:09)
05. Lick A Shot (3:24)
06. Cock The Hammer (4:25)
07. Lock Down (1:17)
08. 3 Lil’ Putos (3:40)
09. Legalize It (0:47)
10. Hits From The Bong (2:41)
11. What Go Around Come Around, Kid (3:42)
12. A To The K (3:28)
13. Hand On The Glock (3:33)
14. Break ‘Em Off Some (2:44) 
1.Born To Get Busy 
2-Break It Up 
3.Hand On The Pump 
4.Hole In The Head 
5.How I Could Just Kill A Man 
6.Latin Lingo
7.Light Another 
9.Psycobetabuckdown s
10Real Estate
11.Something For The Blunted 
12.Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk 
13.The Funky Cypress Hill Shit 
14.The Phuncky Feel One 
15.Tres Equis 
16.Ultraviolet Dreams 
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