Charli Baltimore

1. Intro
2. Angel’s Dust
3. Stand Up (Featuring Ghostface Killah)
4. Keep It Real (Featuring Cam’ron)
5. Pull The Alarm (Featuring Billy Lawrence)  
6. Everybody Wanna Know [Explicit]
7. Welcome To The Tunnel (Interlude)
8. Mothafuckas Don’t Want It (Featuring Boobonic, Tony Dutch & Asa Spade)
9. Pimp Da 1 U Love (Featuring Eightball & Rodney Ellis)
10. Feel It
11. Thorough Sisters (Featuring Rage, Gangsta Boo, Queen Pen, Da Brat & Scarlet)
12. Infamous (Featuring Mobb Deep & Mike Delorian)
13. They Charli Baltimore
14. Say Your Prayers (Interlude) 
15. Have It All (Featuring Jeni Fujita & Miss Jones)
16. NBC (Featuring Cam’ron and Noreaga)
17. Making Love (Featuring Brotha)
18. Wake Up Bitch (Interlude)
19. 30 Miles From Baltimore (Featuring Brotha) 
20. Outro Charli Baltimore  
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