camu tao

01. The Briefing (prod. Dj Mighty Mi)
02. N.R.A. (prod. Camu Tao)
03. The Trailor ft. Tame One (prod Camu Tao)
04. Cop Hell (prod. Dj Mighty Mi)
05. Strip Search (prod. Dj Mighty Mi)
06. Keep The City Up (prod. Dj Mighty Mi & Camu Tao)
07. Car Chase ft. Metro (of S.A. Smash)(prod. Camu Tao)
08. N.Y.P.D. (prod. Dj Mighty Mi)
09. Count Crackula ft. Space (prod. Camu Tao & True Skill)
10. Night Hawks (prod. Camu Tao)
11. Let Em Go Matt (prod. Dj Mighty Mi)
12. Police Crime (prod. Camu Tao)
13. Bomb Beak ft. Mr. Eon (prod. Dj Mighty Mi)
14. Street Poly (prod. Camu Tao)

01. Accidentally On Purpose (Producer: Rob Stern)
02. Hindsight (1998) (featuring Playdough) (Producer: RJD2)
03. Four Player Mode (Producer: RJD2)
04. Out Of Room (Producer: RJD2)
05. Spaceship (featuring Danny Brown) (Producer: Harry Fraud)
06. Soul Train (Of Thought) (featuring Oh No) (Producer: Illmind)
07. Addictionary (Ill Bill Vinnie Paz Heavy Metal Kings Ill Bill (of Non Phixion + La Coka Nostra); Slaine (of La Coka Nostra)) (Producer: Stu Bangas)
08. Gone! (Producer: Surock)
09. Obituaries (Producer: Marco Polo)
10. Columbus Diss Patch (featuring Dom) (Producer: J Rawls)
11. Mass Temple (featuring Steve (of Middle Distance Runner)) (Producer: Jason Rose)
12. Y’all Don’t Know D1) (Producer: D1)
13. Yellow & Blue (featuring Blu) (Producer: Surock)
14. Satisfaction (featuring Slug (of Atmosphere)) (Producer: RJD2)
15. Tero Smith (featuring Aaron Livingston (of Icebird)) (Producer: RJD2)
16. Somewhere (2099) (Producer: RJD2)
17. Mechanical Me (Producer: Jason Rose) 

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