1. Authentik Ft Brass Tackz
2. Brere Rabbit Ft Moka Only
3. October Skies (Aries Remix) Ft Brass Tackz
4. East Van Damn Ft Jeff Spec
5. The Mantra Ft Selfhelp & Def 3
6. Son Shine Ft Lord Zen R.eL.Z.M of Visionaries
7. Lose Your Mind Ft Emotionz
8. Focus On Tomorrow Ft Forgetful Jones, Def 3 & Val Halla
9. Animated Dreams Ft Selfhelp & Aries
10. It Takes Time Ft Ishkan & Langdon Auger
11. A Small Glimpse Ft Emotionz
12. On Time Ft Moka Only & Def 3
13. Follow me Through Ft Mass, Fatty Down, Suga D, Lucas & Jeremiah
14. I Dont Wanna Go Home Ft Def 3 & Moka Only
15. Find Out Ft Brass Tackz
16. Get Away Ft Fatty Down & Lizzy
17. Rainfall Ft Culture Brown
18. Eyes of Deceit Ft Forgetful Jones
19. The Visitor’s Ft Eekwol, Lucas, Def 3 & Val Halla
20. Roll On Ft Fatty Down, Jeremiah & Mos Eisely of Sweatshop Union
21. D.A.D (R.I.P)
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