1. Lady Killerz pt1:prod by Murf Beats
2. Its a Beautifil Life after All
3. Welcome To My World Staring Nejeri Earth
4. Mighty Healthy pt2 Starring GhostFace Killah 
5. Circulatin g with J.Dilla : Prod by J.Dilla
6. Grassy Knoll Rap:
7. Life’s a Bitch; Starring BlackStarr prod by LRB
8. Butch Jones: prod by Ced Rat 
9. Sands on the Beach
10. AssHole Starring Gambit : prod By LRB
11. Lady Killerz pt2
12. Kenny Powers starring Mainy Main
13. When My Homies Call : starring J NonStop
14. Vomit pt2 starring MF DOOM
15. Lous DeLi starring Cappadonna
16. The Burner 

1. Got Yo Self a Gun 
2. Mable John (Get it)
3. Killa Rock 
4. Much More starring Mainy Main 
5. Mocha Flower starring Andrea Evans 
6. Time starring Mainy Main & Andrea Evans 
7. Supreme Man 
8. Reaching to the Top starring Ebony Long 
9. The Makings of You starring Eska Q Roq & Gambit
10. Can’t Stop the Music (Classic)
11. We’ve Only Just Begun 
12. Tru Luv starring Andrea Evans
13. Blind Fury
14. London Bridges starring Ced Rat & Mainy Main.

1. 2007
2. All I Need is a Dime ft Lil David Ruffin
3. Always Luv U
4. Classic ft Roq
5. Corner Kids
6. Crime Life
7. Detroit Boys ft Trey Boogie,Lil David Ruffin 
8. Ghetto Niggas ft Nas, Lil David Ruffin 
9. Grandma Don’t Take No Mess
10. How you Want it
11. Hustle Hard ft Half Deck, Lil David Ruffin.
12. I’ll Always Luv Uç
13. Never Say Goodbye.
14. Never Say Goodbye.
15. On & On
16. Sentimental ft David Ruffin
17. So Amazing
18. So Far To Go ft Lil’ David Ruffin
19. So Far to Go ft Lil’ David Ruffin 
20. Things Gone Change.
21. We Rock 
1. Issac Hayes ft Murphy
2. Never Giving Up 
3. The god must be Crazy 2
4. 48 hrs ft Chevy.
5. Caught up in the Game ft Andrea Prod by CedRat
6. Chicken Shit White Bread ft Jeff the Lion
7. Come Back ft Bj 
8. Intro Derek Hardy
9. It aint Nothing
10. Keep Moving
11. Let it Go ft Rick
12. Streetlive ft Obama 
13. under the rock feat DNice
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