1. Master Key Intro feat. Krs1 & Rakim produced by KEINA & D-Rock 02:44
2. Where the Light Is feat. Kalki Visnuyasa & Terrance Mckenna produced by 7th Realm 04:38
3. Invisible Fence feat. YedidYah Ben Sion produced by M.O.D 03:09
4. Reignz of Life feat. Imperial the Royal Sun produced by D- Rock 03:50
5. Brainstorm on the Youth feat. Alroc Delito produced by Ayatollah 05:02
6. Higher Calling feat. Brother Wendim Yadon produced by M.O.D 02:13
7. The Key Holderz feat.Sun of Saturn (SOS) produced by Scientific 04:32
8. Stranger’s of the Night feat. Owbese produced by D-Rock 04:13
9. The Godz are Here feat. Specific (Magnificent Ruffians) produced by Dizmember One 02:45
10. Decoding the lies feat. Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic (D.N.A) produced by M.O.D 03:52
11. Return of the Godz feat. Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic produced by D- Rock 03:42
12. Sun Rise 2 Sun Set produced by D-Rock 03:03
13. The Gift is Right Here feat. Baba Zoom produced by M.O.D 05:07
14. Vast Incisionz feat. Japetto & Lord Jamar produced by The Rhythm Section 03:27
15. You Didn’t Listen feat. Slick C produced by Exxxon & IZRA 04:27
16. Soul Epic feat. Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic (D.N.A) produced by D-Rock 04:20
17. Exit Key Outro feat. Lauren Hill produced by D- Rock 03:17

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