amos the ancient prophet

1. Return Of The Warrior (feat. One Man Army)
2. Arctic Warrior (feat. Bomshot & Holocaust)
3. Battlegrounds Of Sorrow (feat. Gage, Trust & White Lotus)
4. Bells Ring In Babylon (feat. Dr. Creep)
5. Brutality (feat. JahNigga Da BaptisT, Apakalypse & Beast 1333)
6. Night Of The Lending Dead (feat. Son Of Saturn, Life Scientist & Yedidyah Ben Sion)
7. Hellbound (feat. Vega X)
8. Veteran MC’s (feat. Fatha Death, En V & Frieze)
9. Disciples Of Babylon (feat. Sick Since, Omen-Ra, Cosmic Crusader, Rasul Allah, ATMA & Son Of Saturn)
10. Sage’s Blade (feat. Riishii G7 & Vice Versa) (Cutz by: DJ Extremidiz)
11. Halls Of Torment (feat. Explicito & Jotaka)
12. The Metered Release (feat. Son Of Saturn)
13. Coven Of The Serpents Eye (feat. Aztech, Macabean The Rebel, Relentless & Vega X)
14. Murderers From Beyond (feat. Sick Since, Mighty Kalipssus & SE7ENSANDMAN)
15. Ancient Army (feat. One Man Army & Sinister Stricken)

01 Corinthians ft. WarGhosts (Bomshot & Holocaust)
02 Losin My Grip ft. Unknown, Eternel & Lord Lhus
03 Lament Configuration ft. Beretta 9, Sinister Stricken & Sick Since
04 Dark Seed of Evil ft. Explicito & Jotaka
05 The Condemned ft. Fatah Death & Calico
06 Evolve or Die ft. Destiny Lab
07 The 7-Fold Ray ft. Riishii G7
08 Legacy of Sorrow ft. Poetic Death
09 Triumph & Tragedy ft. Timbo King, Sinister Stricken & Solomon Childs
10 Blood Angels ft. SE7ENSANDMAN & Tesla’s Ghost
11 Saturn Day ft. Son of Saturn
12 Moondance ft. Seraph Guard, Dictator & White Lotus
13 Hell Ya Facin ft. Icabod Chang, Animal Cracker, Manorizm & Vital
14 Tears of Blood ft. Powder, Mark Deez, Lord Lhus & Dr. iLL
15 Veil of Forgotten Kings ft. Show Divine
16 Witch Hunters ft. Vega X
17 The Brotherhood of Death ft. Sick Since, Sinister Stricken & Atma


01.Land Of Nod (Feat. Nomad & Zodd The Immortal)
02.Wandering Ghosts (Feat. Dread Knaut Ghost Army)
03.The Architects (Feat. RA EL, Killah Priest & Canibus)
04.Chamber Of The Immortals (Feat. Vega X, ATMA & Sick Since)
05.Scientific Mystic (Feat. Riishii G7) (Cutz by: DJ JEZI)
06.The Sermon (Feat. Poetic Death)
07.The Wars Of Gods And Man (Feat. Rasul Allah, ATMA & Vega X)
08.Verbal Tai Chi (Feat. Sinister Stricken & White Lotus)
09.Sentinels Of Stone (Feat. Zodd The Immortal)
10.Sick Mood (Feat. Explicito & Jotaka) (Cutz by: DJ Joon)
11.Widespread Wickedness (Feat. Semantix Tha Sorcera & Lokjaw)
12.Mystic Swordzmen (Feat. RA EL & Killah Priest)
13.Graveyard Of Empires (Feat. Vega X & Planetary) (Cutz by: DJ Extremidiz)
14.6th Kingdom (Feat. DeewuAllah, Gage, Se7en & Rhetoric)
15.Welcome To America (Feat. Macabean The Rebel)
16.Temple Of The Black Pharaoh (Feat. Sinister Stricken) (Bonus Track)
17.The Destroyer Of Worlds (Feat. Sick Since) (Bonus Track) 
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