Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Its a Sewa Side (feat. Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
2. Straight from the Sewa
3. Go Crazy (feat. Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
4. Sword Play (feat. Ghost of the Machine & D.O.S.)
5. M.K. Ultra (feat. Syre DedEye)
6. Sewa Side Bomb (feat. Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
7. Sewa Leak (feat. Prototype, Syre Dedeye & Ghost of the Machine)
8. Jane Doe (feat. Ghost of the Machine)
9. When Thugs Die (feat. Syre Dedeye)
10. The Strain (feat. D Rock & Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
11. Roc the Mic (feat. Prototype & Syre Dedeye)
12. Underground (feat. Syre Dedeye, Prototype & Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
13. The Darkness (feat. Lingo & Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
14. Faces of Death Remix (feat. Tyla Griz, Prototype, J-Trip, Milez Grimez & Cuts by DJ KB)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.The Living Infinite
2.I’m Not The One
3.Collapse (w. Chris Orrick + Oliver Sudden)
4.Truth Serum
5.That Noise
6.Approaching Land (w. Hemlock Ernst)
7.Questions (w. D.S. Sense + Mysdiggi)
8.Thin Comfort
9.My Love Is Away
10.Rising Water
11.The Payoff (w. Kopelli)
12.Holding It Up (w. Curt Cataract)

Location: UK

1.Try Me
2.Groundhog Day
3.Eagle Claw
4.Scorpio skit
5.Visions In My Mind Feat Slard A.K.A Brad Slade
6.4 Elements
7.Scorpion Skit
8.Mercy Feat Airklipz & Nephilim
9.Scriptures Of Life Feat Ray Vendetta & Mongo

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1.Jason’s Journal
2.Haunted Houses
3.Sticks & Stones
5.Stuttering Psycopath
6.Halloween Rap Regime
7.Machete Madness (Continuation)
8.Blue Or Red Pill
9.Face Down Floating
10.Ghouls & Goonies
11.My Perfect Storm
12.Frightened Biters

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Collusion (Intro) (Instrumental)
2. Think Of That (Instrumental)
3. Jitterbug (Instrumental)
4. Normalize (Instrumental)
5. See The Light (Instrumental)
6. Who We Are (Instrumental)
7. Other Side (Instrumental)
8. Once Again (Instrumental)
9. Simon Phoenix (Instrumental)
10. Last Day (Instrumental)
11. Collusion (Outro) (Instrumental)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. My Time in Ny
2. Lets Take It Back
3. Thank You
4. Hard Times
5. Put in Work (feat. Ecal)
6. Hands Up (feat. Bassline, Lavina Williams & Joe Pol)
7. Way of My Life
8. Inspire (feat. KingFree)
9. Otara 2 Kta
10. You
11. Who Am I
12. Listen with Your Heart (feat. Masta Ace, Jason Kerrison)
13. 274 My Home
14. Feel Good (feat. Joe Pol)
15. On My Mind
16. Depression (feat. Ecal)
17. Man of the Streets (feat. Tony T)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: France

01.Drop zone (feat. DJ Low Cut)
03.Super MC (feat. I.N.C.H)
04. Chewbacca
05.Respect (feat. God Pt.3 & DJ Ghost)
06.Samo (feat. Jo H & Falez)
08.41st Time (feat. Big Twins)
09.Chuck Norris
10.Atmosfear (feat. I.N.C.H, Al’Tarba, Suikon Blaz AD & Vald)
11.Ballantine’s Finest (feat. Lucien D’Absolut & Blaka BAZ 44)
12.Black Ops (feat. I.N.C.H)3
13.Muzik (feat. God Pt.3)
14.Antipodes (feat. I.N.C.H)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Argentina

1.My Word Is Born (feat. Derrick Rous & Dj Conjurer)
2.Pensando (feat. Derrick Rous)
3.No Me Digas Que Hacer (feat. Derrick Rous)
4.Paz Interior (feat. Derrick Rous, Ill J Aka Mad Kid & Dj Conjurer)
5.Por Amor (feat. Derrick Rous & Dj Conjurer)
6.Back to the Roots (feat. Derrick Rous & Dj Conjurer)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA & France

1. Intro feat Dj Mekalek
2. Carnage
3. Seven – Thirty
4. James Brown VS Jimi Hendrix vs feat Benny The Butcher
5. One at a Time
6. Skit
7. Doomsday feat Ruste Juxx
8. Night Life
9. Sounds Like The Villains feat Skanks
10. Dark Tales feat Swann Notty   
11. Outro
12. Nervous (Bonus Track)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. 2 Second Style (feat. Kungg Fuu)
2. Stain Glass
3. 900K
4. Piotr
5. Lajan Jwif
6. Wet Bally (feat. Meyhem Lauren)
7. Kouign-Amann (feat. Tha God Fahim)
8. Spent Casings (feat. Big Cheeko)
9. NTM (feat. Tha God Fahim)   
10. Bón Nwit
11. The Fowler’s Snare (feat. Tha God Fahim)
12. Mami Wata (feat. Tha God Fahim & Your Old Droog)

Location: Connecticut, USA

I.N.F – Adult Adolescence
I.N.F & Hi-Q – Sleep
DJ Enyoutee – I.N.F – The Cycle
Asylum Lifetime ft I.N.F – Turn Around
G Fam Black ft I.N.F – Rattles to Razors
Dirt Merchants – I Know
Edd Bundy ft I.N.F – Davey Jones Locker
Dirt Merchants – Intel & Immunity
Dead Rabbits – Shogun Flood
Father Focus Confucius ft I.N.F & Recognize Ali
Swann – Face Off ft Born Unique, I.N.F & Sharky
Edd Bundy – The Grinch ft I.N.F & MCRE
Dirt Merchants – Disciples of Dirt
Words & Rhymes – Done you ft Reef the Lost Cauze & I.N.F
Majesty – The Blade of Balmung – I.N.F, Rated R, Taboo, Hi-Q, Ixion Form & Samuel TaFari
Words & Rhymes – Strictley For The Heads ft EQ, Johnny Riddim, Lord Lhus, Benihana Kenobi, I.N.F & Eyekue
Hollow Jack – Final Warning ft I.N.F
Slantsight – Livewire f P-Ro & I.N.F
Unleashed the Underground Cypher Part 2

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