Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. First Copy Of The Presses ft Alyssa G (Produced By Snowgoons)    
2. The Warning Shot (Produced By Sean Strange)    
3. Still Urchin After All These Years (Produced By Sean Strange)    
4. 107th & Atlantic (Produced By Sentury Status)    
5. Legends Of The Scarface ft. Merkules (Produced By Sean Strange)
6. Rap Science (Produced By Erick Sermon & Rockwilder)    
7. ’95 Live (Produced By Sean Strange)    
8. Couples Therapy ft. Salome’ (Produced By Sean Strange & Salome’)
9. The Devil Is A Drug Addict (Produced By: Two-More)    
10. Love Me Now, Not Later (Produced By Sean Strange)    
11. Peppers & Eggs (Produced By Erick Sermon)    
12. Vial Caps ft Westside Gunn & Scott G (Produced By Sean Strange)    
13. Fuck You! (Produced By Sean Strange)    
14. The Nah Brothers ft. Corey Joseph & Stress (Produced By Sean Strange)  
15. Truth Or Dare ft. Salome’ (Produced By Aura Phi)    
16. Black Forest (Produced By Sean Strange)    
17. Bang Your Head (Produced By Sean Strange)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Greece

1.Aggeloskoni (feat. Res One & Datkid)
2.Bris To Salonika
3.Echo Polla Mes Sto Myalo Mou
5.O, Ti Kai Na Ginei
6.Pes Mou Pos To Thes
7.Poniroi (feat. Detro)
9.Sto Pagkaki Volemenoi
10.To Psema Pou Fovountai (feat. Dpth & Razastarr)
11.Tora I Pote

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

01.Somedays (Prod.Benaddict)
02.Do All Remain Real ft.Benaddict (Prod.Saulthesame)
03.Crabman feat.Dirty Dike (Prod.Mr Slipz)
04.The Cobbler (Prod.Bo Bribery)
05.Sunken Eyes (Prod.Saulthesame)
06.Fool In Love feat. CW Jones (Prod.Blues)
07.Tell Me (Prod.Loupo)
08.The Old Ferryman Of Prickwillow Way
09.Foggy On Her Doorstep feat. Salmon Hands (Prod.Dustfingaz)
10.Safe And Sound – Maya Law & Allergy Kid (Harvs Refix)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA & Sweden

Keep it Cruisin’
Nothin’ New Under the Sun Feat. uMaNg & DreamTek (Scratches)
Cosmic Voyage
Powerful Mindz Feat. Tony Patagonia, DreamTek & DJ Grazzhoppa
Don’t Let ‘em
Stay With Me
Rites of Passage Feat. DoomsDay & DreamTek (Scratches)
The Realness
Pure Feat. DJ PhiLogic

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. KeeP! It Ville (Intro)
2. Pizza Shop (feat. Bernadette Price)
3. Handled Our Biz
4. Sunset Spark (Shorty & Butta) (feat. Bubba Rock)
5. Fah Why
6. Thru Da Head (feat. Eddie Kaine, Ty Da Dale & Sauce Heist)
7. Wintertime (feat. El Ay)
8. Side Bloccs (feat. Villin P)
9. Pawty Jawn
10. Shoot Dice (feat. Smoovth)
11. Good Luck B

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Queens 4 Life
2. No Holds Barred ft. Street Smartz & M.O.P
3. We All About ft Large Professor & Neek The Exotic
4. U Aint Gangsta
5. Ghetto Pro Shit ft Joell Ortiz
6. Life Is Hard
7. Section 8
8. Touch Ground
9. It’s Royal Flush
10. Money Don’t Make The World Stop (Remix) ft. M.O.P., D-Nice, Pudgee & Chris Large
11. Bullseye ft NYGz, Troy Slugs & J.U.I.C.E.
12. No Love ft Big Ran

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Water   
2. Rebels Paradise   
3. M.D.K.H   
4. Supremacy (feat. Conway the Machine)   
5. Heaven   
6. Wild   
7. Elevation   
8. Rare Crowns (feat. Mandriq)   
9. Notebook   
10. These Days   
11. Warrior   
12. The End

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Unrule
2. Forsee
3. Revanant
4. Closed Ceremony
5. Cloth Talk
6. 24 Hrs
7. Gloria
8. Didn’t Mind
9. Bleacher Report
10. Cousin Harold
11. Direct
12. Roy Jones
13. Live Today
14. Tenchu
15. Where Are U
16. Pyrex
17. Heather Grey
18. Still Matters
19. Part The Sea
20. The Sun Rey
21. Blue Notes
22. Storm
23. Half PAST 7

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