Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Start It Off
3rd Culture Feat. Jehst
Swoop feat. The Four Owls & Jazz T
Humanoid feat. King Kashmere, Verb T & Mysdiggi
Drama feat. Sparkz, Foreign Beggars & Dr Syntax
Overly Fresh feat. Fliptrix
I Need That feat. Dr Syntax, Harleighblu & Dubbul O
Heard It Before feat. Micall Parknsun & Verb T
Follow Me feat. Doctor Outer, Sparkz & Marie Plassard
Confused feat. Tyler Daley
Kingdom feat. LayFullStop, Jehst & Sparkz
Makes No Sense feat. DRS
How We Living feat. Manik, Jazz T & Karl Sage
Criminalised feat. Coops
Wise Man feat. Confucius MC & Iyamah
Worth It feat. Jerome Thomas

Quality: 320Kbps Location: England, UK

INTRO prod Simiah
DESTROY & REBUILD prod by Baileys Brown
THE BIG OPPRESSION prod Baileys Brown
SOMETIMES prod Baileys Brown
NORTH EAST TO SOUTH WEST ft Jordan Nathaniel, Walter Black ( LY ) prod by Baileys Brown
JUPITER ft Glock prod by Baileys Brown
SCIENCE prod by Baileys Brown
MY ADVICE prod by Baileys Brown
GRINDING FT SCARBOY prod Baileys Brown
MOTIVE ft Tac prod by Baileys Brown
BILLY prod by Baileys Brown
GAMES GONE WEAK prod Baileys Brown
THE WAVES COMING ft , Buggsy ,Tac prod Baileys Brown
LIVE MY LIFE ft Tug mc prod Baileys Brown

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Madrid

1 Albatros
2 Christopher Lambert
3 Lenguaje Roto Featuring – Elio Toffana
4 35 Grados Featuring – Rels B
5 Oro Entre Los Puños
6 De La Mano
7 El Igloo
8 Pétalos Doblados Featuring – Israel B
9 La Lluvia Y El Sol Featuring – Ébano
10 Madrugada Featuring – Ergo Pro
11 Gold Chains Featuring – N-Wise
12 Lejos
13 Agua Bendita Featuring – H Roto
14 Athens

Location: Zaragoza, Spain

01. Intro
03. Comida Caliente (con R de Rumba)
04. Pocket Isiah
05. Esquizo
06. No drama (Con Alma de Nómada)
07. A lo bonzo
08. Malas Caras (Con Morante & Russell Franco)
09. Fear the deer (Con DJ Uve)
10. Asuntos pendientes (Con Gordo del Funk)

Location: Chicago

Ancient Temple [Beat by Amos The Ancient Prophet]
Different Plane of Existence (ft. Majin) [Beat by Motivator]
Verbo Denso (ft. Precarios) [Beat by Magnonimo]
Dark Arts (ft. Sadida & 2032) [Beat by Chrisu Beats]
Assassins (ft. Rated R, Lord Allah & Genezis MC) [Beat by Plague Plenty]
Feel What I Said [Beat by Q-Juz]
Minds of a Dark Reality (ft. The Jotaka) [Beat by Yesca]
Life of Suicide (ft. Onse TSW) [Beat by SixFire]
The Feral (ft. Sien Fuegos & Life Scientist) [Beat by Sien Fuegos]
Lsnienie (ft. Kaczmi, Onse & The Jotaka) [Beat by Amos The Ancient Prophet]
Sunday Thunder #7 (ft. Witness MC, Subcon, Sadida, Slard & Moreal Majka) [Beat by White Key]
High Tide [Beat by Edd Bundy]
Liberty Will Never Perish (ft. Onse TSW) [Beat by Imperial Skillz Empera]
Deals in the Alley (ft. Onse TSW) [Beat by VenomBonez]
Crusaders of the Underground (ft. DelaCruise, Aak Da God, Samuel Tafari & DJ TMB) [Beat by Artifact]
Words With Friends (ft. Subcon, Sadida & Rated R & DJ Coach One) [Beat by Chrisu]
Sages (ft. Hidden) [Beat by Hidden]
Force of Nature (ft. Samuel Tafari & Sadida) [Beat by Verbfromarizona]
Fuck MC’s (ft. Animal Cracker, Life of Evil People & Genezis MC) [Beat by Curz & DJ Joon]
Soldiers of Fortune (ft. Jai Pera, Topas, Virus & Death Star) [Beat by DJ Coach One]
Rap Lässt Freunde Bluten (ft. Topas, Rated R & Dropé MDF) [Beat by DJ Coach One]
Beg For Mercy [Beat by 2Deep]
So Off (ft. ILLtemper & Sadida) [Beat by Skinny Bonez]
Roar (ft. Dell Wells, Bridget Barkan & Jean Verite) [Beat by Little Pioneer]
Knock on Metal (ft. Silentmind, Simon 50 & Hades) [Beat by DJ Coach One]
Sunday Thunder #8 (ft. Brad Slade, Blackflags, Witness MC, M-Acculate & Thoughtz) [Beat by Jmin]
Beneath The Dirt [Beat by Statix]
Underground Strata (ft. Cheyenne) [Beat by D.C.B.]
Morbid Allies (ft. Casacas & Rated R) [ Beat by M.D.V. Heat]
Jocuri Instable (ft. Rawdec, Shushi Shu & Drew Dollars) [Beat by L.O.B.]
Heaven & Hell (ft. Topas, Rated R & Hades) [Beat by DJ Coach One)
Die Slowly (ft. Silent Mind & I.N.F.) [Beat by Skinny Bonez]
Raider of the Lost Art [Beat by Dseize]

Location: UK

Georgia (Alamak Remix)
Dare You Go (YK HOBY Remix) // Disneyland (Illinformed Remix)
Norf Leeds (Konchis Remix)
Paolo Nutini (Must Volkoff Remix)
Moloko Plus (Hashfinger Remix)
Niners (Ile Flottante Remix)
Idle Eyes (Baileys Brown Remix)
Second Coming (Sangria Kong Remix)
Friday (Mechkbeats Remix)
StrongerLovingWorld (Jas0nbeats Remix)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Piece Of My Life (Produced By Tricky Trippz)
Everywhere I Go – Ft. Klass Murda (Produced By 38 Spesh)
Empty Plates – Ft. Fred The Godson (Produced By Tricky Trippz)
Soul Pain (Produced By LT Beats & 38 Spesh)
TrustGang – Ft. Klass Murda, Green Double, Benny The Butcher (Produced By 38 Spesh)
By Myself (produced by 38 Spesh)
Dark Night (Produced By 38 Spesh)
What More (Produced By Jimmy Dukes)
Menace – Ft. Che Noir
Venting 2



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