Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Tunnel Vision
The Realness
Make It Happen (feat. Godfather Pt 3 & Big Twins)
Mobb Affiliated
Keys to Success
L.L (feat. N-Tone, Bishop Brooks & Cazmere)
Number One Draft Pick
The Notorious
Fuck Mumble Rap (feat. J-Hood)
Deeper Than Rap
Strength in Numbers
Illmatic Squad
The Best
Silence Is Golden

Quality:320Kbps Location: USA

The Message
Last King
Pray 4 My Enemy’s
Aprendi Ft. Flame Kliier
The Bottom Ft. Ras Victory
Kingdom Enter
Time Ft. Wasun, Righteous Allah
Lost Ones
Not The Same
Great Escape Ft. PaceWon
Black People
Bonus Track: Crime Stories

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Denmark

Mørket Kalder
Lejlighed (Interlude)
InterCity Grafitti feat. DJ Eazy
Næste Moment
Telefon (Skit)
Funken Er Tilbage
Dybbølsbro (Interlude)
Flere Penge
Intergalaktisk Besked
9 Liv

Location: Middleton, NY,USA

Milano Constantine – Flying Saucers produced by DJ Enyoutee
King Magnetic & SmooVth – Broadcasting Live produced by Haleem The GodBrother
Alpha Faktion – Creative Control «Re-Program» produced by Venom (scratches by Venom)
D Strong & King RA – VLAD TV produced by Supreme Da Almighty
Realio Sparkzwell – Save My City produced by Plague MD
Zagnif Nori & King Author – Head Hunting produced by Plague MD
Dirt Platoon – ’88 produced by 3I’sYd
Rap P – Make It or Take It produced by Supreme Da Almighty
The Bad Seed – What I’m On produced by Tensho
Alpha Faktion & Starvin B – Inner Savage produced by Plague MD
Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math produced by Plague MD
I.N.F. – The Cycle produced by Plague MD
Reap – Who Knows? produced by Plague MD
Toxsicpreme Al-Amin – Shine produced by Rebelxgenius
D.V. Alias Khryst, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Lord Have Mercy – Veteran Status Remix produced by DLP
Whichcraft – Bring The Light produced Plague MD
Born Unique & Milano Constantine – Destruct produced by DJ Spinna
UG, Skanks the Rap Martyr, King Author, Nowaah The Flood, DJ Tekwun, The Bad Seed, Zagnif Nori – Strength In Numbers produced by The Custodian Of Records
Planet Asia & Goretex – Return To Power produced by Supreme Da Almighty
L.E.O. & Last Measure – Ample Time produced by Plague MD
Alpha Faktion – Breaking Ground produced by Chess Pain
IDE – Mic Hog produced by DJ Enyoutee
Planet Asia – Over The Airwaves produced by Plague MD
Starvin B – The Flame Thrower produced by Plague MD
Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math Remix produced by Mr. Jack

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Germany-England

Move With Us (feat. Bad FX & DJ Educut)
Take A Flight (feat. Noritsu)
The Terradome (feat. DJ Educut)
Memories & Flowers (feat. Tesla Alset)
Nothing to Forgive (feat. derkalavier)
Short Before (feat. Tesla Alset)
Strictly 4 All (feat. Wanja Janeva)
Build Together (feat. Bad FX, Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
You Want It… You Got It (feat. Wanja Janeva)
Blind Fire
Weed Flower Pot Heads (feat. Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
(Drum) Pattern of the Stange (feat. Spacekonsta)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

01. Take ‘Em Back
02. Crack Kills
03. Guess Again
04. Passport Kingz feat. Raekwon
05. Termanator & The Machine feat. Conway
06. Blac Chyna feat. Millyz
07. No Competition feat. ANoyd
08. Are You Sure?
09. Kaleidoscope feat. Smif-N-Wessun
10. Vegas
11. Bag It Up feat. Benny
12. Cognac Colada feat. Willie The Kid & Crimeapple
13. 100 Jewelz, Pt. 3
14. Lonely at the Top

Location: UK

617 Intro (Produced by One Take)
The Abyss (Produced by Kuartz – Cuts by DJ Madhandz)
Last Son Of Dathomir (Produced by Evil Ed – Cuts by DJ Severe)
Same Status featuring Chrome (Produced by DJ Obsolete)
HL Bloodline featuring El Tel The Dopeness (Produced by El Tel)
Tales From The Black Freighter (Produced by Aver – Cuts by El Statiko)
Tombstone (Produced by Giallo Point)
BSRD (Produced by CrabbMan)
MP Convoy featuring Cappo (Produced by Joe Cain of Armed Dukes – Cuts by Mr Brown)
First Order (Produced by The Summit)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

The Best Intro Money Can Buy (feat. Ghostface Killah)
Thugs Need Hugs (feat. Blueprint)
My Neighborhood (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
The Best Interlude Money Can Buy (feat. Cormega)
Hardbody Karate (feat. Prodigy, Conway, & Big Twins)
Bone Museum (feat. Vic Spencer)
Chevrolet feat. J-Zone
North American Money (feat. Slug & Evidence)
The Best Freestyle Money Can Buy (feat. Percee P & DJ Eclipse)
We Got The Drop (feat. Conway)

Location: Zaragoza, Spain

Como en casa (con W.Cheff)
Vote for Pedro (con Russell Franco & Dj Uve)
Interludio (esa shit nadie se la traga)
Hip Hop (con Sho Hai, Maestro Raro & W.Cheff)
Ya no subo fotos de los discos que me compro
Te quedas fuera (con Pablo Carrouché & Travis Franco)
Mentalidad playoffs
Nasty (con Erik Beeler & Acheset)
Eso me gusta
Mil desiertos (con Iván Abando)
Nalo & Smooth KNS – Ingrediente principal

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Intro – 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap (Produced by Midnite)
Upstate to Queens – 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap (Produced by 38 Spesh)
Land Mine – 38 Spesh & Ransom (Produced by Alchemist)
Shame – 38 Spesh
G Heist – 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap (Produced by Daringer)
Dead or Alive – Kool G Rap, 38 Spesh & Cormega (Produced by Midnite)
The Meeting – 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap (Produced by DJ Premier)
Binoculars – 38 Spesh, N.O.R.E., Vado & Benny The Butcher (Produced by I.D.)
Nothin Gonna Change – 38 Spesh, Kool G Rap & Emanny (Produced by Midnite)
Bricks at the Pen – 38 Spesh & Kool G Rap (Produced by Showbiz)
Flow Gods – Meyhem Lauren, Freddie Gibbs, Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh (Produced by Pete Rock)
Heartless – 38 Spesh, Kool G Rap & Dwayne Collins (Produced by 38 Spesh)
Honest Truth – 38 Spesh & AZ (Produced by Midnite)
Young 1s – 38 Spesh, Anthony Hamilton & Che Noir (Produced by DJ Premier)
Aborted Child – 38 Spesh (Produced by Pete Rock)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Still At It
Certain For The Win
Interlude no.1
The Raw
16 From The Gawd (Feat. Joker Starr)
Don’t You Care
Klingon Face (Feat. Joker Starr)
8 Bricks (Feat. M-9)
You’re The One
The Konny Kon Joint (Feat. Konny Kon)
Interlude no.2
I’m So Glad (Feat. Essa)
Still Struggling
The Epic
8 Bricks (Feat. M-9) Remix
The Raw (LeafDog remix)
The Raw (Jazz T Remix)
The Raw (Micall Parknsun remix)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Boston, USA

1. Intro (Opinionated Facts)
2. Dust Off
3. We Outta Here (feat. Reks, Silly Grinn & DJ Deadeye)
4. Exp Update
5. IDK (feat. Pat Noonan)
6. Smoke Break (Skit)
7. Where It At!?
8. Tremorz, Pt. II (feat. G.I. Jonez, Sha-Elemental & Zeus)
9. Black Cloud
10. Death of Mumble Rap
11. Nail in the Coffin (feat. Dewcutta)

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