Quality: FLAC (Tracks +CUE)/320 Kbps – Location: UK/Germany

1. Intro
2. Ninjaz In The Mist ft. Christmaz & Tesla
3. Till The Beat Won’t Stop
4. We Are HipHop ft. Noritsu
5. The Still Picture
6. Beyond The Drums
7. Gang Of Trees ft. Noritsu
8. The Afterlife ft. Rob Really & BadFX
9. Too Many Pictures
10. 3 Wonderers
11. The Everyday Headnod ft. Mic Donet
12. Alone At The Broken Home
13. Wild Flowers (The Musical) ft. Rob Really
14. A Monkey Called Nature
15. Poetry Is Movin’ ft. Noritsu


320 KBPS

Quality: FLAC(Tracks +CUE)/320 Kbps – Location: USA

2.Sorta Way feat. Reks (cuts by Dj Djaz)
3.MCing feat. Jaysaun (cuts by Dj Djaz)
4.The City
5.EFFISCIENZ Time feat. Dirt Platoon, Fel Sweetenberg, Starvin B, Kimba & Nutso (cuts by Dj Djaz)
7.G-Lo (R.I.P.) feat. G.Dot & Born (cuts by Dj Djaz)
8.Last Man Standing (cuts by Dj Netik)
10.Après Les Mots
11.Sorta Way feat. Reks (cuts by Dj Djaz) (Dj Brans Remix)
12.MCing feat. Kimba (cuts by Sir Williams) (Union Blak Remix)
13.The City (Mil Remix)
14.G-Lo (R.I.P.) feat. G.Dot & Born (cuts by Dj Djaz) (Fel Sweetenberg Remix)


320 kBPS

Location: Queens, NY

Props to Heltah Skeltah

1.Doubt Me
2.Bad M’er F’er
4.Mayweather’s Chin
5.Nocturnal Predator
6.The Q.U. Wordsmith
7.Done Rocked
8.Fly Away
9.Sweet Misery
10.State of Affairs
11.Master of Ceremonies
12.TV Drama
13.Time is Now
14.We Rock the Mic

Location: Buffalo, NY, USA

1.cup o noodles
2.let me down easy
4.chill it
5.over and over
6.major league
7.simple repeat
9.bring it back
10.nosey neighbors
11.go hard
12.pay them in mayhem
13.one four triple two
14.sound of trumpets
16.south division
17.you’ll see
18.bad weather
19.natty one

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Lyrical Overture
2. Still Pardoned feat Voice
3. Martyrs feat Hazakim & Jovan Mackenzy
4. R & R feat Phanatik
5. Snapshots
6. Special feat Voice & Israel Felix
7. Behind The Wheel feat B.Morr
8. Die Daily feat Plain James & Result
9. The Exodus
10. Sweet 16’s feat Disciple D.I. & Phanatik
11. Via Dolorosa feat Voice
12. Liberty in Christ feat Righteouz Knight
13. Reverence feat B-Doe & B.Morr
14. Beautiful Church
15. Christ Up feat Doctrynal, The Apologist & Jovan Mackenzy
16. Yeshua Ha Mashiach feat Mike Guess, Believin Stephen, Doctrynal, The Apologist, B.Morr & Righteouz Knight
17. Fully Convinced feat E-Pistle, Believin Stephen, Doctrynal, The Apologist, B.Morr & Mike Guess

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Relentless
3. Keep Your Pants On
4. Va Connect
5. Get Fresh Ragz
6. Open Sesame
7. Mars
8. Monster
9. The Seed
10. Follow Me
11. MUDDterMission
12. Yes Yes Y’all

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Dreamer For Life – Produced By Blak Mic
2. Endangered Species (Featuring Access Immortal) – Produced By Blak Mic
3. Future – Produced By Al Capone
4. Leatherface Part 2 – Produced By Sincere
5. Breakaway (Featuring Senica Da Misfit) – Produced By Kidd Called Quest
6. Every Day (Featuring Namlys) – Produced By Mook Marv
7. Mobile Slave – Produced By Blak Mic
8. Just A Week Ago (Featuring Fess Gotchu) – Produced By Big D
9. New York Giant – Produced By Kiza Beats
10. I’m Not Supposed To Be Here – Produced By Oyoshe
11. God’s Lonely Man – Produced By Dj Kev West
12. Brandi – Produced By The Cratez
13. My Ghetto/My Nation (Featuring J-Bux & Jason Gorey) – Produced By Mistapool
14. Necessary Evil – Produced By Juan Lobo
15. Too Easily (Featuring Mike O’Leary) – Produced by Todd Sykes
16. Resurrection – Produced By Juan Lobo
17. Pour My Soul (Featuring CapCizza & Golden) – Produced By Kidd Called Quest
18. Mighty Joe Young – Produced By Dj Kidcut

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK – Beat Tape

1. The Soviet Tape (Intro)
2. Moscow Nightlife
3. You Know (ft. DistantStarr)
4. Liberation March (Skit)
5. Vendetta
6. Imperialist Monsters
7. Tbilisi Sunset (Skit)
8. All Equal
9. From Lithuania With Love (ft. Blu & Open Mike Eagle)
10. The Spy
11. Moldavian Fall (Skit)
12. Glorious Times
13. Youth Brigade
14. Lost In Tyumen
15. Birds In Love (Skit)
16. Rubber Kalinka
17. Chelyabinsk Funk
18. Katerina
19. Outro
20. You Know (Instrumental)
21. From Lithuania With Love

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. Inception
2. Throw The Book ft. Rezadent
3. The Ill Few
4. Smoke Signals
5. The Strategy ft. Irrelevant
6. Cradle To The Maze
7. Upheaval
8. Web Of Lies ft. Dwizofoz
9. Odyssey ft. Mata
10. Seventh Dimension
11. Glasshouse
12. Ideals

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Fathom
2. Muad ‘Dib Featuring – Hellsent, Qwazaar, Qwel, DJ Touch Nice
3. Meticulously Made
4. Pipe Dreams Featuring – DJ Touch Nice
5. A Shadow’s True Colors Featuring – Qwel
6. Goonzo
7. Silence’s Slight
7. Impasse  Featuring – DJ Touch Nice
8. The Miser’s Will
9. Open Mind

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro\Rival Clans ft. Markus Kane
2. Dynamite Roundz
3. Sandz of Time ft. Manu Wise
4. Drunkin God Slang
5. Courtyard Kombat Zone ft. Manu Wise
6. 5 Elemental Manual
7. Beyond the Mystic
8. Everything is Real
9. Seek and Destroy
10. Fused ft. 14th Century & Markus Kane
11. Smoke Signals
12. Promised Gold
13. Eagles Claw Scriptz
14. the Formula
15. Cover All Groundz ft. Manu Wise
16. All the Prophets
17. Within the Realm
18. Mental Temple ft. 14th Century\Outro

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