1. Introduction to Hell
2. The Underworld (feat. La Coka Nostra, Tech N9ne, Army of the Pharaohs, Bizarre, Swifty MC Vay, Goondox, King Gordy & Sid Wilson)
3. Sick in the Mouth (Reprise) [feat. J Reno, Bizzy Bone & Virtuoso]
4. Fuck Love Twice (feat. Madchild, Trash Gordon & Kuniva)
5. Planning a Murder (feat. so Sick Social Club & Sid)
6. The Wrath (feat. Danny Diablo, Swifty MC Vay, Diabolic & Sean Strange)
7. Everyday (Reprise) [feat. Final Trigger, Swann & Psych Ward]
8. Ghosted (feat. William Cooper, Adlib, King Magnetic, Klee Magor, Odoub, Sicknature & Jah Youth)
9. More Flickering (feat. so Sick Social Club, Kung Fu Vampire, Hopsin & Dead Celebrity Status)
10. T.H.C. (feat. Methadist, Raw B Snatch, Peep Sho, Set2, Swann, Veeko Caine, Impakt, Citizen Kane, M Deezy, Anubis, Devilz Species & Trinz)
11. Us vs. Them (Reprise) [feat. Psych Ward, Bizarre & Insane Poetry]
12. Walk Away (feat. Ill Bill, Sabac Red, Celph Titled, so Sick Social Club & Ironic)
13. The Underworld (Cold North Remix) [feat. Klee Magor, Swann, Methadist, D Brown, Psych Ward, Seen B, J Reno, Veeko Caine, Suspect & Mr. Erbie]
14. The Underworld (Goon Musick Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. Snowgoons)
15. The Underworld (Hell Trap Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. Sentury Status)
16. The Underworld (Slime Remix) [Bonus Track] (feat. J Nyce)
17. Sick in the Mouth Remix (Deluxe Bonus) [feat. J Reno, Bizzy Bone & Virtuoso]
18. Exoskeletons Remix (Deluxe Bonus) [feat. Apathy, Psych Ward & Celph Titled]
19. Monster (Deluxe Bonus) [feat. Raw B Snatch, Sentury, Cream, Methadist, Swann & Impakt]
20. The Underworld (Instrumental) [feat. Sentury Status & Reel Wolf]
21. The Underworld (Acapella)

1. Intro
2. Coup d’pouce
3. ExplicitFini d ‘Hiberner (feat. Alpha Wann)
4. Les dés sont jetés s
5. Paranoïaque
6. Lettre Ouvertes
7. Dérapage Contrôlé
8. Interlude
9. Gères tes affaires
10. Nulle part
11. La Pression
12. À juste titre
13. Chillance
1. Sumthin’ (feat. Tash of Tha Alkaholiks & Rah Digga)
2. Sumthin’ (Instrumental)
3. Another World (Beatminerz Remix #1) [feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli]
4. Another World (Beatminerz Remix #1) [Instrumental]
5. Sumthin’ (Beatminerz Remix) [feat. Tash of Tha Alkaholiks & Rah Digga]
6. Sumthin’ (Beatminerz Remix) [Instrumental]
7. Another World (Beatminerz Remix #2) [feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli]
8. Another World (Beatminerz Remix #2) [Instrumental]
9. Spitgame (feat. O.C. Of D.I.T.C.)

1. Cutting​-​edge Contamination
2. Long Awaited, Much Anticipated
3. Longstrokes
4. Seventh Gear
5. The Guessing Game
6. Parts Unknown
7. Deep End (The Underestimation of Troubled Tim)
8. Independence
9. T​.​i​.​m​.​e, Pt​. ​1 (Tick Tock)
10. T​.​i​.​m​.​e, Pt. 2 (The Stick Flip)
11. Dynamic​!​!​!
12. Written Whiplash (The Headbopper)
13. Sporadic Measures Ft. Malik B. Of the Roots (Bonus Track) [feat. Malik B.]
Focus Still (Bonus Track)
15. Live and Direct (Bonus Track)

01 – Gorilla In The Mist
02 – Tetrahydrocannabinol
03 – Bong Life
04 – Light The Sklit
05 – Killidoscope
06 – Ms Meteor Feat. Truthos Mufasa
07 – Children
08 – Air Max
09 – Purple Rain Drops
10 – I Fall
11 – Sonic Boom
12 – £nglish $hwank
13 – Never Walk On My Grave

01. Intro
02. Looking for Trouble (feat. Vinnie Paz, Spit Gemz, Chino XL)
03. Drunk and High
04. Interlude
05. Mean and Dirty (feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Celph Titled)
06. Real Nigga Coming Through
07. Four Time Felons (feat. Spit Gemz, Lateb)
08. Interlude
09. Don Omar (feat. Spit Gemz, Snak the Ripper)
10. Jack Move (feat. Blacastan)
11. All Blaq Everything (feat. Roc Marciano)
12. Blaq Kruger
13. Who Can You Trust
14. Voices Pt. 2
15. Outro


1. Intro
2. Rattle Ya Cage
3. Reel Game (Remix) ft. Sevin
4. 2 Of A Kind
5. You’d Sound Better ft. Brethren
6. Support Acts
7. New Day ft. B-Don
8. Braggin n Baggin
9. On Point ft. Oakbridge
10. Wickedness
11. Lyrical Awareness
12. Dedicate ft. Broadkast
13. Struggle
14. Animal ft. Rezadent
15. The Tongue
16. The Knowing ft. Braille
17. Pulling Strings
18. Outro 


1. Cousin Jackson (Instrumental)
2. Four Horsemen (Instrumental)
3. Notorious (Instrumental)
4. Shorty (Instrumental)
5. Cocaine (Instrumental)
6. Ratha Smoke Wit U (Instrumental)
7. Men of Respect (Made Men Bloody Version) [Instrumental]
8. Bitch Never (Instrumental)
9. Dollar $ Bill (Instrumentals)
10. Newcomers (Instrumental)
11. Da Bonus (Instrumental)


1. Intro
2. The Sacrifice
3. Doesn’t Last
4. Roc Marciano Slingers (feat. Knowledge the Pirate)
5. I.D.K
6. Take Me Over
7. Higher Learning
8. Sincerely Antique (feat. Action Bronson & Willy the Kid)
9. Ice Cream Man
10. Skit-
11. Ten Toes Dow (feat. Knowledge the Pirate)
12. Velvet Cape (feat. Action Bronson & Meyhem Lauren)
13. Shower Posse (feat. Knowledge the Pirate)
14. German V’s
15. Bruh Man
16. Ruff Town (feat. Cormega)


01.Countdown to Def (feat. Chip Fu & Brother J)
02.Bottom To The Top
03.Ready To Juxx
04.Bullshit & Party
05.BK’s Illest (feat. Skyzoo)
06.Hustle Everyday
07.Ain’t Like It Used To Be (feat. Nutso)
08.Final Dayz (feat. One Click Bang)
09.Off The Hinges (feat. Rockness Monstah)
10.Gimme The Loot
11.Tommy Gun Funk (feat. Dirt Platoon)
12.The 2nd Question (feat. Skanks The Martyr)
14.My demise
15.Friends of Yourz (feat. Lil Vic)
16.Your Song
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