Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. Intro
2. The Black Lotus
3. Genisis 2
4. Psychosis RMX
5. Never Settle
6. Malice in Wonderland
7. Mind Games
8. The Place
9. The Whole Truth
10. The Inner Strength
11. Writers Block
12. Lunar
13. Numerous Grams
14. Mantra
15. The Message

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Baltimore We Love You
2. F^ck Y’all Feat. DJ Rob Swift
3. Loyalty Feat. Count Bass D
4. Hustlin’ Harder
5. Got It Covered
6. Hospital Bed
7. Empty Out Your Pockets (Interlude)
8. Vices
9. Don’t Get It Confused
10. Goin’ Worldwide
11. The Future
12. I’m Not Supposed to Cry Feat. Little Clayway
13. A. Barnes – Livin’ The Life (Bonus Leak)

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Props to illogic

Ryger feat. Mikkel Senior
Grinder Penge (Grinder Skunk)
Gider Ikk’ feat. J. Rock
Digger Det Du Digger feat. MC K
T D Her
Kære DanMark
Tabt’ Min Joint
Hvorfor Ryger Du?
Sover Længe (Tjener Penge)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Granada, Spain

Estrella de 5 Puntas (Prod. Snowgoons)
Muere Muere!! (Prod. DJ Pera)
En el Valle de las Sombras (feat. Dj Nakad) (Prod. DJ Pera)
Mi Raiz (Feat. Block McCloud) (Prod. Snowgoons)
Libre de Impuestos(Prod. Serioh Beats)
Este es mi Sitio (feat. Outerspace & Dj Nakad) (Prod. Snowgoons)
Jazz Street (Prod. Kunay)
Mirando al Cielo (feat. Dj Nakad) (Prod. Loop Luthor)
Incondicional (Prod. Snowgoons)
Nuestra Escuela (feat. Jokerfeller & Dj Nakad) (Prod. Sceno)
Una Bala en Cada Placa (feat. Sitton) (Prod. Kunay)
No es Ficción (Prod. DJ Pera)
Stompdown Comando (feat. Foyone, Snak the Ripper & Evil Ebenezer) (Prod. Sceno)
Adios Amor (Prod. Sceno)


Location: Chile

1. Introcrimini
2. Apuntes mentales
4. Te lo decimos sin miedo Con Bufok Móstra
5. El término medio no existe
6. Eres tan normal
7. El bosón de Higgs Con Docdiamond
8. Illuminati
9. Demasiado cierto Con Kancerbero
10. No rapeamos por amistad
11. Mi identidad Con Elphomega y Docdiamond
12. Demasiada autoridad
13. Lo de psycho sale
14. Me desquito con un beat Con Tim Jones
15. Rebeldía

Quality: V0  –  Location: UK

1. Contemporary Classic
2. Still Ft. Crusada
3. Fool That I Am
4. Identity Crisis
5. Can’t You See?
6. Technophobe
7. Make It Real
8. Open Mic Ft. TPS FAM, Tuff Thompson, Crusada, Oliver Sudden, Gee Bag & MC Mell’O’
9. Rock To The Rhythm
10. Yippee Ki – Yay Ft. Epidemic
11. Word On The Street
12. Every Move Ft. Manage & eMCee Killa
13. You Know That
14. The Evolution Of A Star
15. Let’s Pretend
16. Fight Or Flight

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA
1. Tropical Storm (feat. Wyld Bunch, Red Eye)
2. M.A.N.Y Styles (feat. Kay.R, Artisin, Larry Cheeba)
3. Criminology Perspective
4. FTW (Fuck The World) (feat. War Bixby, Block McCloud)
5. Dirty Fighter (feat. Bekay)
6. Rainfall (feat. Block McCloud, Blak Starr, Dj Waxwork)
7. Cold Streets (feat. Big Lou, Sha Stimuli)
8. Me,Myself & Music (Remix) (feat. Whosane, Shabaam Sahdeeq)
9. If I Was King
10. White & Navy
11. Underground Railroad (M-Phazes Remix) (feat. Termanology, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Phantasm (Cella Dwellas), Chubb Rock, Sadat X)
12. Hammer Bang
13. Southpaw Cyfer (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Nutso, Fuc-That, Bekay, Dov, Flo, 151 Proof, Climax)
14. Puff Puff Pass That (feat. Koncept (BBAS), Rap-P)
15. Hustlers Theme (Remix) (feat. Jaz-O, Benefit, Statik Selektah)
16. We be Buggin’ (feat. PR Dean)
17. Industry Morgues (feat. Tools)
18. Gone So Far (feat. Stage)
19. Pop Darts
20. At Odds
21. The Shoes (feat. Curtain)

Quality: 320 Kbps  Location:  Worcester – USA
1. Intro
2. Tragic Chapters
3. Don’t Forget It…
4. Strange Sickness (feat. Faze Blue Le’goon)
5. Waiting…
6. Meeting of Minds (feat. Sunny Darko)
7. Unplugged!
8. Prison Labels
9. Underdogs
10. The Setup (feat. BME)
11. Hold On
12. Galatians
13. Strange Days
14. Stop Front’n
15. Strange Love (feat. Tish Lyndsey)
16. Guiding Light
17. Dumb’n Out (feat. Faze Blue Le’goon)
18. Outro
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