Dedicacion especial para mis hombres de Avalancha, Just y Fisher. Os dejo estos dos volumenes, revisando la banda sonora del mitico Final Fantasy VII.

1. Introduction Remix
2. Cloud Strife Remix
3. Tifa RMX
4. Avalanche Remix
5. Absolute Remix
6. Mako Reactor Remix
7. Aerith Remix
8. Cosmo Canyon Remix
9. Don of the Slums Remix
10. The Turks Remix
11. On That Day Remix
12. The Nightmare Begins
13. Cry of the Planet Remix
14. Cait Sith
15. One Winged Angel Remix
16. Final Fantasy RMX (The Countdown Begins)

01. Shark (Vocal)
02. Shark (Instrumental)
03. Shark (Bass Link)
04. Swimming With Sharks feat. John Robinson (Vocal)
05. Shark (Acapella)
06. Continued Drama feat. Mista Spyce aka Billy Spliff & MCM (Vocal)
07. Continued Drama (Instrumental)
08. Blood In The Water feat. Shabaam Shadeeq, Zu & SistaWhirlwind (Vocal)
09. Blood In The Water (Instrumental)
10. Swimming With Sharks (Instrumental)

3.All That Ass ft. Waka Flocka 
4.Damn Right 
5.In My Own Zone ft. Sosa and Ali of Travis Porter 
6.Whatever I Say So ft. Sylver Karatz 
7.Money and Swag (MS) ft. Andy Milionakez 
8.King of the Club ft. K-Major 
9.We Gone ft. Rock City 
10.Show Out ft. zHundred 
11.Right Now ft. K-Major 
12.Mr. Non-Stop (Snip) 
13.Rock With Me 
14.Everyday ft. Wiley 

Props to Fisher


01 Intro 
02 On & On (Feat. Sadat X)
03 MCThree (Feat. Abdominal & Gift Of Gab)
04 More Blue Funk 
05 Through Good & Bad (Breaking North Mix) (Feat. Large Professor)
06 Words From.. (Feat. A.G., Afrika Bambaataa, Diamond D, Sadat X)
07 Why You …? (Feat. Speech Defect)
08 You’re Gonna Learn (Feat. Andy Cooper from Ugly Duckling)
09 Humble Arrogance Pt. 1 & 2 (Feat. Supa) 
10 The Boogie Down Bombers (Feat. Diamond D, Sadat X)
11 What’s Wrong With Groovin’? 
12 Through Good And Bad (45 Mix) (Feat. Large Professor)
13 Epilogue 
14 Hypnotized (Feat. Kylie Auldist)

01. Intro
02. Fuck Ya Life (C-Lance Remix) (Feat. Jus Allah & NEMS)
03. Target Practice (Shuko Remix) (Feat. Jus Allah)
04. Black Vikings (Feat. Immortal Technique, Styles P. & Poison Pen)
05. Flat Line (Feat. Zilla & Blacastan)
06. Interlude
07. Death by Guillotine (Feat. Demoz & Cyssero)
08. Righteous Revenge (Feat. Billions)
09. Classified Intelligence (Feat. Conspiracy of Silence)
10. Deadly Sins (Feat. Doap Nixon, Ill Bill, Reef the Lost Cauze & King Magnetic)
11. Santa Sangre (Feat. Ill Bill)
12. Interlude 2
13. Bodysnatchers (Grim Reaperz Remix) (Feat. Demoz)
14. OPG Theme (Feat. Reef the Lost Cauze & Burke the Jurke)
15. Man Made Ways (Feat. Slaine, Trademarc & Sabac Red)
16. Big Boyz (Feat. Afu-Ra, C-Rayz Walz, Guilty Simpson, Nine, El Da Sensei & Hannibal Stax)
17. Eraserheads (Feat. Celph Titled)
18. Interlude 3
19. When Crows Descend Upon You (C-Lance Remix) (Feat. Jus Allah & Demoz)
20. Chalice (DJ Kwestion Remix) (Feat. Jus Allah)
21. Landscapes (Feat. Slaine & Reef the Lost Cauze)
22. Mossberg Solution (Feat. Outerspace)
23. Golden Casket (Feat. Ill Bill & King Syze)
24. Bushmaster Music (Feat. Blaq Poet & Lateb)
25. Drag You To Hell (Sicknature Remix)
26. Street Wars (Earnotik Remix) (Feat. The Clipse & Block McCloud)
27. Interlude 4
28. Death Messiah 2012
29. True Lies (Feat. Block McCloud & Hasan Salam)
30. Army of the Godz (Feat. Apathy, Esoteric, Blacastan, Reef the Lost Cauze, Planetary, Crypt the Warchild, Motive & Celph Titled)
31. Grand Opening (Remix) (Feat. Doap Nixon & Reef the Lost Cauze)
32. Dark of the Night (Feat. Freddy Madball)
33. Street Lights (Grim Reaperz Remix) (Feat. Jus Allah)
34. Watch Out (Feat. King Magnetic, General Steele, Jus Allah, Esoteric, Ali Armz & Godilla)
35. Honkey Kong (Feat. Apathy)
36. Walk With Me (Feat. Gutta)
37. Road Warriors (Feat. Adlib & Slaine)
38. Pellienza (Feat. JoJo Pellegrino)
39. Outro

Props to Oliver16


1. Secret Character
2. Espionage
3. Minefield
4. Recluse
5. Castle of the Damned
6. Omen
7. Conquerors
8. Silhouette
9. Nightmare
10. The Beyond
11. Equilibrium
12. Enemy Base

Más peticiones enviadas a nuestro correo, en esta ocasión es el mc de New Jersey Si-Klon el que nos envia su último trabajo con el productor holandés Synonym.
01. Ancient Portal
02. Aquatic Astronomy feat. DJ Coach One
03. Broken Hourglass feat. Infinite 7 Mind
04. Sky Watchers feat. Life Scientist & DJ Twisted
05. Apostasy feat. DJ Coach One
06. Indwelling Intelligence feat. Decipher 73i & DJ Twisted
07. Momentum feat. Diesis-I
08. Genetic Serpent
09. Infinite Pendulum feat. All Be Doomed & DJ Twisted
10. Recognizable Illusions feat. Son Of Saturn & DJ Shmix
11. Artificial Virus

01. Malverde Market
02. Blood Meridian (Remix) Ill Bill feat. Vinnie Paz & DJ Kwestion
03. The Crown Is Mine – Ill Bill feat. Vinnie Paz & DJ Eclipse
04. Offensive Lines – Slaine feat. Action Bronson & Ill Bill
05. The Boulevard – Slaine feat. Blacastan, Sean Price & Ill Bill
06. Crazy – Slaine feat. B-Real & Jaysaun
07. Demonic Prophecies – Ill Bill feat. Outerspace
08. Holy Ghost – Slaine feat. Apathy
09. Mad Energy – Ill Bill feat. Onyx
10. Metal In Your Mouth – Ill Bill feat. Vinnie Paz, Q-Unique, Slaine & DJ Kwestion
11. Murder the DJ – Ill Bill feat. DJ JS-1, Blaq Poet & Ruste Juxx
12. No Turning Back (Remix) – Slaine feat. Q-Unique & Jise
13. How We Think – Slaine feat. DJ JS-1, Sick Jacken & Sabac Red
14. 4 Profits – Ill Bill feat. Da Circle & Math Hoffa
15. Symphony of War – Ill Bill
16. Landscapes – Slaine feat. Vinnie Paz & Reef The Lost Cauze
17. What I Became – Slaine
18. Like That – Slaine feat. Special Teamz
19. The Villain – Ill Bill feat. Apathy
20. We Not Playing – Ill Bill feat. UG
21. Let It Go – Ill Bill feat. Q-Unique
22. The Last Song – Slaine feat. Everlast
«Beat producers MIDIFLASH from Munich, Germany teamed up with artists from both sides of the Atlantic, featuring American underground MCs such as M-Dot, The Society Of Invisibles, Side Effect, Banish, Nutso, Tribeca, EQ, Little Vic, GQ Nothin Pretty as well as European rappers like J-Spliff, Mr. Malchau, Cerebros, Black Tiger, Morlockk Dilemma… When international rhymes connect, ‘Pleased To Beat You’, transports the feeling of the golden-era, without sounding dated. Denmarks DJ LP2 puts the thirteen exclusive joints in a tight mix offering an hour of classic, sample based Boombap from a 2012 perspective.»


1. Pleased To Beat You (feat. Little Vic, Mr. Malchau, Revilo & GQ Nothin Pretty)
2. Transatlantic Artivism (M-Dot, Black Tiger, Roger Rekless & Kapa)
3. Straight Fire (feat. The Society Of Invisibles, Morlockk Dilemma & Cerebros)
4. I Got This (feat. J-Spliff)
5. Next To You (feat. EQ, Beond, Yello Blac, Darnell McClain & Antihelden)
6. Hip Hop (feat. Dookz Cannon)
7. Maneater (feat. Tribeca)
8. Warlordz (feat. Banish, Aims & R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D.)
9. The Weapon Is Set (feat. Destruct & Mortis One)
10. Raw Uncut (feat. Mordekaii & Kwote 1)
11. Without A Reason (feat. Side Effect & Revilo)
12. You Ain`t Ready (feat. M-Dot, Mr. Malchau, Nutso & Antihelden)
13. City Of Saints (feat. Mesidge & Antihelden)

Nuestro incansable compañero 99 nos deja este aporte del colectivo de productores AMSOC que esta vez nos presentan al Mc Don DiGiorgio. El disco pese a tener algunos despropositos en cuant a producciones contiene unos cuantos hits como Elevate con el gran Big Hop acompañandole al micro o Document 3 con un L’Orange enorme al beat.

1. Donomatopoeia Intro (Prod by L’Orange Productions)
2. Pardon Me (Prod by Hippie Sabotage)
3. Document 3 (Prod by L’Orange Productions)
4. Each His Own (Prod by Wonderboy)
5. My Son Rise feat. Marian Mereba (Prod by DJ P’Dough)
6. Rivalry feat. Skleaz & Raw English (Prod by Turn 2 Productions)
7. The Feast (Prod by DJ Battle)
8. Check Up feat. H2okz (Prod by DJ P’Dough)
9. Only One Man (Prod by D.Allen)
10. Beyond My Grave (Prod by DJ P’Dough)
11. Elevate feat. Big Hop (Prod by Ty Bru)
12. Embody My Soul feat. Mic Myers (Prod by Dalibor Mustafic)
13. My New Joint (Prod by Hippie Sabotage)
14. Grown Is Grown feat. Diablo Archer & Mallz (Prod by Rob Monster)

Seguro que más de uno recordais al bueno de KwoteOne y su recopilatorio The B Side, así como más de un video del colectivo Tunnel Movement del que no ha salido ningun trabajo completo. A Middle Ground lo podríamos definir como una evolución de la anterior Crew, pero con más miembros. Chase Enriquez, Prime, Outbreak, Sarcastik, James Heated, Adoff, Johnny Teflon y Loose Cannon son los integrantes aparte del mencionado anteriormente KwoteOne. Test…
01. Middle Ground – Breaking GROUND Prod. Appetite 03:01
02. Middle Ground feat. Clew Rock- Es Mio Prod. Loose Cannon 03:57
03. Middle Ground – Chasing The Fire Prod. Sinima Beats 02:57
04. Middle Ground – The Only Time Prod. Grim Reaperz 03:37
05. Middle Ground – MisUnderstood Prod. Serious Beats 03:19
06. Middle Ground feat. Breeze Evahflowin- Now U Know Prod. Manos 03:54
07. Middle Ground – No Arrangements Prod. Serious Beats 03:14
08. Middle Ground – Chain Letter Prod. Loose Cannon 02:47
09. Middle Ground – Timing Thang Prod. ABC 04:28
10. Middle Ground – GotDAMN Prod. Anonymous 03:44
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Uno de los pepinos de este principio de año, el primer lanzamiento del productor húngaro Scarcity, rodeado de su impresionante lista de mcs colaboradores.

01. Intro
02. Avengers (Feat. Gutta & Godilla)
03. Never The Same (Feat. Craig G & Breez Evahflowin)
04. Diss Order (Feat. Banish & Aims)
05. The Messiah (Feat. Chief Kamachi & Sunn Sunn)
06. Day Of The Dead (Feat. King Magnetic & EQ)
07. Who The Best? (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
08. Illusions (Feat. EQ & Eternel)
09. Imagine (Feat. Krumb Snatcha)
10. Back To Business (Feat. Randam Luck)
11. Business (Feat. Mod The Black Marvel)
12. Reminiscence (Feat. Darkim Be Allah)
13. Friday The 13th (Feat. Lord Lhus)
14. Edge Of The Blade (Feat. Goretex & Psych Ward)
15. Ruthlessness In The Harmony (Feat. Powder, Mordekai & Mark Deez)
16. Leave You Scarred (Feat. Matt Maddox)
17. Put A Mark On Your Town (Feat. Banish, Aims & Godilla)
18. Still Blazin’ (Feat. Randam Luck)
19. Vulture’s Ass (Feat. Non Flaco)
20. The Final Hour (Remix) (Feat. Planet X)
Thanks to BBRS.
1. 3rd Lecture (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
2. 90´s Flow (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
3. Chuck D (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
4. Return Of The 7
5. Get Righteous Or Die Tryin
6. Patriot Gamez (feat. Killah Priest, Vendetta Kingz, Columbo Black & Contra Psalmz)
7. Rise and Rhyme
8. RapWhore (Part 1)
9. Barefoot Assasins (feat. Vendetta Kingz, cuts by DJ White Shadow)
10. Bulletproof Auras
11. Soul Soldier
12. Hood Symphony
13. City Blocks
14. Saviour Of Ages (feat. G8ABAK & Vendetta Kingz)
15. The Gypsy
16. Swift Angels (feat. Merc Versus)
17. Last Night In Babylon
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