Location: Zaragoza, Spain

01 Intro (con DJ Potas)[Prod. General D]
02 Nunca mires hacia atras[Prod. General D]
03 Buscarse la vida (con Sharif)[Prod. General D]
04 Diez años más tarde (con Lírico, Hate & R De Rumba)[Prod. General D]
05 Libre (con Mellow Man Ace)[Prod. General D]
06 Love song[Prod. General D]
07 En el barrio remix 2011 (con Mr. Chino Grande)[Prod. General D]
08 Di algo (con Presión & Allen Beller)[Prod. General D]
09 No cambia nada (con Prhome)[Prod. General D]
10 Son mis horas (con Fuethefirst)[Prod. General D]
11 Hotel de 5 estrellas (con DJ Potas)[Prod. General D]
12 Creditos y meritos (con P8 guevara)[Prod. General D]
13 Sońar despierto (con Rapsusklei)[Prod. General D]
14 Z.A.R.A.G.O.Z.A.[Prod. General D]
15 Malas noticias (con Jerry Diddier)[Prod. General D]
16 Anda con ojo (con Danny Diablo & DJ Potas)[Prod. General D]
17 Outro (con DJ Keal)[Prod. General D]

Location: UK


Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Gotw Album Intro (feat. Bigg Benn)   
2. Lost Control   
3. Vh Entertainment (feat. Superstar Didi)   
4. Interlude   
5. Ny Vice (feat. Popa Wu, Jugga & Camille Marine)   
6. Good Love (feat. Superstar Didi, Mr. Cheeks & Camille Marine)   
7. Spoken Word   
8. Ghetto Paradise (feat. Big Noyd & Egg Nog)   
9. Ufo   
10. Back to the Boom Bap (feat. Papoose)   
11. 2 Step (feat. Superstar Didi)   
12. Alot of Money   
13. Graffiti On the Wall (Gotw) [feat. Superstar Didi]   
14. Word It and Rap It (feat. Young Dice)   
15. I’ll Take Her (feat. Shana Bias)   
16. Gotta Love It (feat. Infamous Mob (Godfather Pt. 3 & Twin Gambino)]   
17. World Premier   
18. Ghetto Metal (feat. Kool Aid & Mike Traxx)   
19. Gangster (feat. Blaq Poet & Camille Marine)   
20. Sounds Like the Mob (feat. Nature)   
21. I Cut Her   
22. Love in the Club (feat. Papoose, Superstar Didi & Cuts By the Legendary D.J. Grandmaster Vic)   
23. Mike On Rap Attack (feat. Mikey Dee)   
24. Gorilla’s Den (feat. Mikey Dee & Cuts By D.J. Modesty)   
25. Sir Juice   
26. Baisley Park   
27. I’m Ghost – I’m Out (Outro)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Spain/USA

1. Diablo Dentro (Intro)
2. Leyenda
3. Kill Em All
4. Lyrical Lust
5. Dr. Byberry
6. Hunter’s Prey (Skit) Producer – Anonamix
7. Cross Contenintal Featuring – Alzymers, Edd Bundy
8. Grade A   
9. Tree Trimmer
10. The Beastest
11. Army Of God (Skit)
12. Audios Dios
13. The Damned
14. Done Deal (Outro)

Location: USA

1. The Door
2. Ripples (We Get Down)
3. Espionage featuring Feat Da Raw Dawn
4. FPX
5. Can’t Fake the Funk featuring Verbs
6. We Live On
7. Your Life featuring Frigid Giant
8. Lil’ Bobby featuring Ensilence
9. Outside Means
10. Blacklisted Pours Milk on Bangies for Breakfast
11. Defeated Enemy featuring Brother Seamus
12. Plastic Eaters
13. A Harry Interlude
14. Harold Camping featuring Frigid Giant
15. Battle Report
16. The Cave featuring Proseed
17. Swimmerlude
18. What I Live

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Ice Breaker (feat. DansOne)
2. Lost Culture Found (feat. DansOne)
3. Galaktik Piratez (feat. DansOne)
4. Headsick (feat. DJ Sickratt & DansOne)
5. Deadly Ground (feat. DJ Rated R & DansOne)
6. 2012 Survivors
7. La Verdad
8. Classified (feat. DJ Sickratt)
9. El Fin
10. Sway Wit Me (feat. DJ Unek)
11. It’s Alive! (feat. DansOne)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Introduction (produced by: Infinite7Mind)
2. Kingdom Of Seven (produced by: ManuBeatz)
3. Clash Of The Titans (produced by: Infinite7Mind)
4. We’re All That We Got (produced by: Negative)
5. Modern Day Crusade (produced by: RighteouzKnight)
6. La Lettre (produced by: TalibanDiabolik)
7. So Many Yearz (produced by: RighteouzKnight)
8. Just Another Day (produced by: Famine)
9. Book Of History Vol.#1 (produced by: Maleet)
10. S.C.A.R. City (produced by: Haze)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Til Death Do Us Part
3. Welcome
4. They On 2 Me
5. 2 Fly 4 This
6. Mic On Fire
7. Skit
8. Dream Girl
9. Skit
10. Like Us
11. Watered Down
12. Hip Hop Guardian
13. Rum ‘em Out
14. Hoop Dreams
15. Behind Da Muzik
16. Bx Lions
17. Overdose
18. Tunnel Vision
19. Get There
20. The Ending
21. Regular Day
22. Anytime Anyplace
23. Wonderful
24. Bag of Tricks

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. We Were Like Children Zombies
2. Gorilla Tits
3. F.Y.L feat. Mu
4. Goose Feathers feat. Paradime, Aztek
5. Make It Count (Just Take Away The «O»)
6. Rape Whistles (Interlude)
7. Kings And Cannibals
8. Barbarian Algebra
9. Athens Is Burning
10. Enlighten The Clergymen (Interlude)
11. Hammercade feat. JFK, Miz Korona, Supa Emcee
12. Cannonball feat. Aztek
13. Blood
14. Home Is Where The Art Is feat. Astray

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Patients Is A Virtue
2. Dark Age Of Time
3. You Shall Surely Die
4. The Arts Of War
5. A Fine Grave Yard
6. From L.A. To N.Y.
7. An Old Draw Bridge
8. A Love I Never Known
9. Specter
10. Ghost

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Redemption
2. Prototype
3. Angel Of Death
4. Battlefield (Feat. Dayz Da Empora & J-Bux)
5. Can’t Take A Loss
6. Takeover (Feat. Jason Gorey & Jukstapose)
7. Skulls & Bones
9. Blood Written In Ink
10. Jackals (Feat. Sadat X & Godilla)
11. Step By Step
12. It Was Only A Dream

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Switzerland

Main Flow feat. Complex – Changes
Tableek – The Way I Feel
Doap Nixon feat. Chief Kamachi & Rick D – Never Die
I.N.F feat. Rampage – Oldskool to Newskool
Block Mc Cloud feat. Vinnie Paz & King Magnetic – I Told You Twice
Smooth Da Hustler – Freestyle
Kingpin – Lives and Breathes
That Dope Shit
Moka Only – Forward and Back
EQ & Destruct – I Don’t Know Why
Planetary (Outerspace) – Buckets of Blood
Words & Rhymes – Special Updates
Reain – Interlude
Rhymes feat. King Magnetic & Ill Tone – Faces to Faces
Born Talent – Aggravated
Imagery – Visual Lies
Pacewon feat. Rhymes & Main Flow – Just For The Records
Words feat. Copywrite – Cocky Type
Larynx feat. Imagery – Never Loose Touch
Think – Interlude
Buddha Monk – Fright Night
Destruct feat. EQ & Planet Asia – The World We Livin In
Insight – Looking Back

Quality: 320Kbps Location: El Prat, Barcelona

Intro por Drako
Quien manda
Códigos de ética
El reencuentro
Calle y nitroglicerina (con Gordo Master)
El heredero
Por ley
Pateando (con Hermano L)
Trepando caen (con Puto Largo)
No hay límites (con Zemo y Brigitte)
Los míos (con Rulo y Rober)
El mundo
Big BOOM (con Drako)
Estamos Heavy (con Keyo)
Tres sesenta
Deletréalo (con Malputo Dest)
Paradoja (con Enes)
Doble filo
A veces
Están (con Jere Nomuere)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

01. Home By 8
02. Supreme
03. Think It Froo feat. Upfront, Bil Next, T-Vision, Res & Paro
04. Natural Born Killaz feat. Bil Next, Sirplus & Paro
05. Bang
06. 6 Rizla Spliff feat. MAB
07. Munchies feat. D.Green, Paro & Lowdose
08. Open Up (Interlude)
09. Open Up feat. Bil Next
10. Corleone’s Theme
11. Forever And Again feat. Jay Wilcox
12. Datavelli (Skit)
13. Bandito’s Pt. 2 feat. D.Green & Hozay
14. Family Fortunes

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA
1. Do or Die (Mad Maestro Remix) (feat. Ron Patterson & The Vox Merger)
2. Blessings Come Down (Mad Maestro Remix) (feat. Rob Hayes)
3. Big World (Mad Maestro Remix) (feat. Killah Priest)
4. American Pie (Mad Maestro Remix) (feat. Kiesha Cotton & The Vox Merger)
5. Find a Way (feat. Kiesha Cotton & The Vox Merger)
6. Rock out (Mad Maestro Remix) (feat. Rob Hayes)
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