1. Stepped On  Producer  – Bigfoot Scratches – The Master
2. Let Em Burn  Producer – Bigfoot  Scratches  – The Master
3. Can I Kick It  Featuring – Bias B  Producer – Heata  Scratches  – The Master
4. Hell’s Gates  Featuring – Billy Bunks, Ciecmate, Fletchrock, Gargoyle  Producer –  Heata Scratches – The Master
5. What Goes Around…  Producer – Bigfoot , Heata  Scratches  – The Master
6. Crime Wave  Producer – Bigfoot  Scratches – DJ Lopsided
7. Can’t Fool All The People All The Time  Featuring – Lazy Grey, Len One  Producer – Bigfoot  Scratches – Mixa
8. Eliminate  Featuring – Brad Strut, Fletchrock  Producer –  Heata  Scratches  – The Master
9. Devil’s Rejects  Featuring – Jake Biz, Ken Oath  Producer – Heata  Scratches – DJ Lopsided
10. Burnin’ Hot  Featuring – Bias B  Producer  – Bigfoot  Scratches – The Master
11. Round & Round  Featuring – Miss Brown, Muph Producer – Bigfoot
12. We Got That   Featuring – Dialectrix  Producer  – Bigfoot 
13. Damage  Featuring – Fluent Form   Producer – Heata
Scratches  – Discourse
14. Sucker MC’s  Featuring – 750 Rebels  Producer, Recorded By – Bigfoot  Scratches  – DJ Lopsided
15. Stop  Producer – Bigfoot   Scratches  – The Master
1.The Premonist – The Garden (Instrumental)
2.Kahn – The Ugliest
3.Gutta – Mark Of The Beast
4.Span Phly FEAT. Judgement – Invisible Espionage
5.DJ ShadowFist & Niko La Tesla FEAT. Indrid Cold – Beheaded Horseman
6.2Ugli FEAT. Sunn Sunn – Splatter Fest
7.DoneOne – Their Lies
8.Erel The Rkatec – 602streets Freestyle
9.Annex – Bulletin Loop (Instrumental)
10.Gutta – Gutta 187
11.Vendetta Kingz FEAT. Sneaky Pete – Stryfness
12.Kahn, Indrid Cold – The Beast
13.2Ugli FEAT. Indrid Cold – Sleeping Giants
14.D.Valentine FEAT. Gutta – Redemption
15.Jack Spairo, Species, Nonsense – Three Kings
16.The Decomposers – 9 (Instrumental)
17.Vietkong Generals FEAT. The Society of Invisibles – 30 OT Lip Lock 

01.The Decomposers – Pathos (Instrumental)
02.Sneaky Pete, Nonsense, Kahn – Amongst Thieves
03.DoneOne, Kahn – BLT
04.2Ugli FEAT. Species – Gross
05.Gutta – Beware
06.Sneaky Pete – Carry On
07.Apakalypse FEAT. Nonsense
08.Rok – Friday Night Flavas Drop
09.Annex – Dont Sleep (Instrumental)
10.DoneOne – MF Done
11.Ugli FEAT. Lord Lhus & Indrid Cold – Cold Hearted
12.Kahn, Sunn Sunn – Facez On Marz
13.Gutta – Pump Pump
14.Vendetta Kingz FEAT. Indrid Cold – 2nd Comingz 
15.Judgement – Pep Boyz (Snippet)
16.Eddie Satan – October (Instrumental)
17.Joey Baggs, Veteren Virus, Judgement, Species – Face Crushers Anthem

1.The Premonist – Untitled Intro [From «Return of Scrapula»] (Instrumental)
2.Indrid Cold, Species, Veteran Virus, Judgement, Sunn Sunn, Gutta – Untitled Track (Prod. By Stoupe)
3.Judgement, Sneaky Pete, Jack Spairo – Make Way
4.Nonsense – Oxymoronic Friend
5.Goretex (ex- Non Phixion), Gutta – Untitled Freestyle
6.Sneaky Pete – Pete Goes Postal
7.DoneOne, Kahn, Veteran Virus – Nothing I Can Do
8.Judgement – Flavas Drop
9.Plan B – Die (Instrumental)
10.Sunn Sunn, Indrid Cold, Kahn – Sanity’s Requiem
11.Joey Baggs, Speciez, Creepa, Judgement, Veteran Virus (Creepa ft TSOI)
12.Sneaky Pete, Kahn – Hate me
13.Judgement, DoneOne – Here To Stay
14.Judgement – Napalm (Bomb Legacy Diss)
15.Gutta, Erel, Joey Baggs – Training (Studio Recording Session Outtake)
16.Eddie Satan – Pastels (Instrumental)
17.Joey Baggs, Alcatraz, Judgement, Sunn Sunn – Monster Mash

1.The Premonist – Memorandum (Instrumental)
2.Species, Judgement, Veteran Virus – Murder Town Orphanage
3.Indrid Cold, Sunn Sunn, Gutta – Wait Now
4.Kahn, Sneaky Pete – Theres Nothing I Can Do
5.Jack Spairo – Beginning Of A New Era
6.DoneOne, Nonsense – Maryvale Confidential
7.Jack Spairo, Indrid Cold, Judgement, Sunn Sunn, Species – I Before U
8.Indrid Cold – Indrid Cold (Acapella)
9.The Premonist – Untitled [From «Pills Not Taken»] (Instrumental) 
10.Judgement, Veteran Virus – Silent Hits
11.DoneOne, Veteran Virus – Same Old Game
12.Kahn, Judgement, Gutta – Just Us
13.Sneaky Pete – Drugs 4 Thugs
14.Gutta, Sunn Sunn, Judgement – Quit Begging
15.Species – MMM
16.The Decomposers – Symphony No. 2 (Instrumental)
17.Joe Baggs, Sunn Sunn, Kahn, Judgement – Homicidal Music

1. Hevey
2. Franco (feat. Roc Marciano, Rusty Grammar)
3. Green River (feat. Jak Progresso)
4. There’s Nothin’ (feat. SmooVth)
5. Old Beginnings (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)
6. Ladies (feat. J-Biz, Critical, Sean Price)
7. Moments (feat. Hus)
8. Street Narrative (feat. Tragic Allies)
9. Remember (feat. Critical)
10. Swallow (feat. Tha Connection)
11. Robot Movement (feat. Jak Progresso)
12. Ladies Remix (feat. J-Biz, Critical, Sean Price)
13. Love Laws (feat. Hus)
14. Franco Remix (feat. Roc Marciano, Rusty Grammar)
15. It Means Nothin (feat. Tha Connection)


1.Reality Dreamin’ With DJ Lord Ron (Intro)
2.Concrete Bars (Echo Park Beat Street N2 Da Future) Feat., C Rayz Walz
3.The Dream Feat., Lil Dap & Young Luchiano
4.Nocturnal Snakes Feat., Wildelux
5.One By One Feat., Humanbeings
6.The Finest Feat., N C Abram
7.The Touch Feat., John Robinson
8.City To City Feat., Triple Ace
9.Akil The MC ( I Guess That’s Me) Feat., Akil The MC
10.Art Talkin’ With DJ Lord Ron
11.It’z Da R.C.P Feat., Da Lyrikal DJ Killa Kal, Mad Man Da God, Klu Shiesty, C Rayz Walz & Kassius Kakes
12.Ladies Come, Ladies Go Feat., Destruct
13.Fire Water Feat., Yeski
14.The System Feat., N C Abram
15.1, 2, Thiz Iz 4 U (Brooklyn Niguhz) Feat., Lil Dap & Young Luchiano
16.Scratch Outro With DJ Lord Ron (Dedicated 2 DJ Kool Herc, DJ Afrika Bambaataa & DJ Grandmaster Flash)

01. Intro
02. Bow Down (Feat. Evidence & L.E.G.A.C.Y.)
03. Real Soul (Feat. Caucasian)
04. Do It For You (Feat. Torae)
05. Microphone Fiends (Feat. EDO.G & Termanology)
06. Freedom (Feat. Bambu, Rasco & Trek Life)
07. Hustle And Flow (Feat. Oddisee & Olivier Day Soul)
08. She Loves Me (Feat. Shawn Jackson)
09. Let’s Get It (Feat. Rasco)
10. Persuasion (Feat. Olivier Day Soul & Sean Price)
11. Echoes (Feat. Access Immortal)
12. Touch The Sky (Feat. Strange Fruit Project)
13. I’m Okay (Feat. Kaydee & Rachel Schamberg)
14. The City (Feat. Frank-N-Dank & Elzhi)
15. We Live (Feat. Theory Hazit)
16. From L.A. To The World (Feat. Trek Life)
17. Change (Feat. Buff1 & Larissa Sirah)

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3.Piantata #1
4.Piglià a Machja
6.A Cuncolta
7.Piantata #2
9.Le sens de l’Honneur
10.La Main Noire
11.Porca Madonna ! (with Big Julius)
12.Notre Cause
13.La Famiglia
14.Pulizza Fora
15La Prison
16.Raison D’Etat
18.Piantata #3
21.U Populu Vincerà

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01. Summer Begins 1:13
02. International Summers 4:42
03. Planes Trains Automobiles (feat. staHHr, Cymarshall Law & 4ORCE) 5:29
04. Holiday Songs (feat. Renee Neufville) 4:01
05. Harlem River Drive (feat. Angelz Inc.) 4:56
06. Warrior Princess 4:15
07. Godz ILLA (feat. East Koast, Tah Born, I.D., 4 Windz & Dynas) 5:51
08. Dues Paid 5:14
09. Ebony Godfathers 3:59
10. Views and Perspectives in Sound (feat I.D., 4 Windz & Dynas) 5:15
11. Enter the Cosmos 2:52
12. Dangerous Love Affair 3:52
13. Summer Ends 1:12
128 KBPS
1. Gallery Opening
2. Friday The 13th
3. Structures
4. Super Ma
5. Gallery Intermission 1
6. Killer Clowns From Outer Space
7. War Games
8. Cool Out
9. Carnival Of Blood
10. Gallery Intermission 2
11. Shattering
12. Night Gallery
13. The Theatre
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