Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Desert Sands
3. Live By The Mic Featuring – Scorpion
4. Hunger

Assignment 2

5. Big Cats
6. Street Meet
7. Only The Good Die Young Featuring – Kiesha
8. Long Hot Summer

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA
1. Completeness
2. It’s Time Again
3. Competition Is None
4. Hypnotizin’
5. Tracking & Balance
6. Understanding
7. If Nine Was Six
8. Voices In My Head
9. So Deep
10. Going Back
11. Boy Meets Girl (A Good Combination) Scratches – Shortee
12. Just Like That
13. Timeless Depths
14. Putting Heads Out
15. Invisible
16. Enlightenment
17. Calculations
18. Time & Space
19. Freeform
20. Rock Da House
21. How I Tranzmit
22. Stellar Moods
23. Elevation
24. Bass To Space (Like What?)
25. The Phoenix
Quality: V.O.  –  Location: USA
A1. Rock Da Mic (Radio Edit)
A2. Rock Da Mic (LP Edit)
A3. Rock Da Mic (Instrumental)
A4. Rock Da Mic (Accapella)
B1. Hey Mr. M.C. (Remix Radio Edit) Featuring – Born Predators, Infinite
B2. Hey Mr. M.C. (Remix LP Edit) Featuring – Born Predators, Infinite
B3. Hey Mr. M.C. (Remix Instrumental)
B4. Hey Mr. M.C. (Dark City Radio Mix) Featuring – Born Predators, Infinite


Quality: V.O. – Location: USA

Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, MC/Producer Aarophat began his professional music career in 1996 with his crew Ill Elementz. His solo debut release came in 1999 with the Black Phoenix EP.

A1. The Calm (Clean) Producer – C-Dubb
A2. The Calm (EP Version) Producer – C-Dubb
A3. The Calm (Instrumental) Producer – C-Dubb
B1. Russian Roulette (EP Version) Producer – Jas
B2. Russian Roulette (Instrumental) Producer – Jas

A1.Hamburger Hill (Marley Marl Mix Radio) Producer – Marley Marl
A2.Hamburger Hill (Marley Marl Mix Street) Producer – Marley Marl
A3.Hamburger Hill (Marley Marl Mix Instrumental) Producer – Marley Marl
B1.Something Ain’t Right (J. Force Mix Radio) Producer – J. Force
B2.Something Ain’t Right (J. Force Mix Street) Producer – J. Force
B3.Something Ain’t Right (J. Force Mix Instrumental) Producer – J. Force

Quality: V.O. Kbps – Location: Netherlands

1. It’s Been A Long… 
2. The Loot 
3. Grasshoppin’ 
4. More Days To Come 
5. Depression 
6. Live From The 205th 
7. Gunz & Ammo 
8. I Wonder Why 
9. Dolo 
10. Ganzalude 
11. Eleven 
12. Mirror Talk 
13. The Game (Feat. Manushka) 
14. Childsplay 
15. TaMiSha 
16. Stacked With Honors 
17. Life 
18. In Doubt ’99 
19. Peep This…

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