Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Who Got It $50 Grand
2. Caught Up In The Game Of Life
3. Street Life
4. «The Theme» Price For Head
5. Street Life (Instrumental)
6. «The Theme» Price For Head (Instrumental)
7. Caught Up In The Game (Instrumental)
8. Who Got It $50 Grand (Instrumental)

Quality: V.0  –  Location: USA

A1 Cream Team – The Knock
A2 Cream Team – Bug Out (Skit)
A3 Cream Team – Hustle So Much
A4 Cream Team – Situation (Skit)
A5 Cream Team – Basically
B1 Charlene – Everyone Falls In Love ft. Case
B2 Suga – You’re A Winner ft. Lost Boyz
B3 Cream Team – Never Understand

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Mo’Sart
2. Mad Props
3. Interlude
4. All Praises Due
5. Left Right
6. Terratory
7. Interlude
8. Honey Dripper
9. Mind Detect Mind
10. Lower East
11. Thoughts On The Mind
12. Interlude
13. Gods Must Be Crazy
14. Left Right (Instrumental) / Outro

Quality: 160 Kbps  –  Location: USA
A1. Poorman’s Wish (LP Version)
A2. Poorman’s Wish (Radio Version)
A3. Poorman’s Wish (Instrumental)
B1. Retribution Pt. 1 (No Love For The Fake) (LP Version)
B2. Retribution Pt. 1 (No Love For The Fake) (Radio Edit)
B3. New York War Stories
Producer – The Infinite Arkatechz

Quality: V.O. Kbps – Location: USA

A1. Gunzis4 (Clean) [Featuring] – Billy Danze, Teflon
A2. Gunzis4 (Street) [Featuring] – Billy Danze, Teflon
A3. Gunzis4 (Instrumental)
B1. Time Bomb (10 Years Later) (The Other Version)
B2. Time Bomb (10 Years Later) (Instrumental)
B3. War & Position (Clean) [Featuring] – Chocolate Tye, Finsta Bundy, Five

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