1. Save Da Children Guitar – Mr Crade One
2. L’Histoire Suit Son Cours Featuring – Franswa Producer – Rockin’ Squat
3. L’Histoire Suit Son Cours (Instrumental) Producer – Rockin’ Squat
4. L’Histoire Suit Son Cours (Ruff Mix) Producer – Rockin’ Squat
5. Undaconnexion Featuring – Undaconnexion
6. À Qui L’Histoire? (Hardcore Remix) Producer – Rockin’ Squat
7. À Qui L’Histoire? (Hardcore Instrumental) Producer – Rockin’ Squat
8. Non À Cette Éducation (Outro) Featuring – Undaconnexion Producer – Rockin’ Squat

Props to ghwueasck


01. Intro One
02. Ready to Wreck
03. Girls Love The Jam
04. Jank (Talking)
05. Next Contestant
06. Full Jig Move
07. Wick Wick Wack
08. Body Snatchers
09. Check It Out
10. Pass It On (Freestyle)
11. Intro Two (They’re Back)
12. Who Got The Vibe
13. Jank (Talking)
14. Can We Kick It
15. Keep The Faith
16. What Is This
17. Jank Two (Talking)
18. Hardcore Funk
19. Commercial
20. Anytime A Honey
21. Shout Outs (Dedication)


Kwajo Cinqo (Kwajo Boateng) and Dolo (Lowell Frazier) formed Ghetto Concept in 1989, hailing from the Rexdale and Lawrence Heights neighbourhoods of Toronto. Their first single «Certified» was released in 1993, by independent label Groove-A-Lot Records. In 1995, they released «E-Z On Tha Motion», which introduced their newest member, Infinite (Desmond Francis). The group won Juno Awards in 1995 and 1996 for «Certified» and «E-Z On Tha Motion», respectively. 
In 1995, Infinite’s brother was murdered, and he left Ghetto Concept shortly after. Before he left, Ghetto Concept recorded a tribute to his brother entitled «Much Love», and it was released as a single and video in 1996. 
A1. Certified
A2. Certified (Instrumental)
B1. Certified (Remix)
B2. Mista Crack Ed
B3. Dungeon

A1. Goes Like This (Radio Edit)
A2. Goes Like This (Instrumental)
A3. Gorilla (Radio Edit)
B1. Gorilla (Raw)
B2. Gorilla (Instrumental)
B3. Get The Point (Remix) Remix – Cool C, Steady B
B4. Get The Point (Remix – Instrumental) Remix – Cool C, Steady B

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