Hit The Floor
Hood Took Me Under
Jack Mode
Compton 4 Life
8 Iz Enough
Duck Sick I
Dead Men Tell No Lies
N 2 Deep
Who’s Xxxxing Who?
This Is A Gang
Hoodrat 3:56
Niggaz Strugglin
I Gots To Get Over
U’s A Bitch
Another Victim
Def Wish II
Music To Driveby
A1. The Return Of The Holy One (Fonta Leaf Spliff Mix) Featuring – Terminator
A2. The Return Of The Holy One (Original Flavour)
A3. The Return Of The Holy One (Fonta Leaf Spliff Instrumental)
B1. The Return Of The Holy One (Play It For Ya Mama)
B2. The Return Of The Holy One (Buried In Soil Clean)
B3. The Return Of The Holy One (Original Flavour Instrumental)

A1. Livin’ In Da Bottle (Naughty Boy Vocal Mix)
A2. Livin’ In Da Bottle (Blakmarket Vocal Mix)
A3. Livin’ In Da Bottle (Blakmarket Instrumental Mix)
B1. Ruff Neck Style (Blakmarket Vocal Mix)
B2. Ruff Neck Style (Blakmarket Instrumental Mix)
B3. Livin’ In Da Bottle (Naughty Boy Instrumental Mix)
1. Really Livin’
2. Nothin’ But A Rascal
3. Just Bein’ Blunt
4. Ragga Muffin Rhymes
5. Whose The Hip Hopper
6. Perfect Check Up
7. The Roughest (We Are)
8. How The Story Goes
9. Kibbles & Bits
10. Gal Business
11. Buggin’ To The Boogie
12. Quest For Rhyme
13. Ruff ‘N Rugged

Supreme NTM ‎– Le Monde De Demain (CDM) (1990)


1. Le Monde De Demain
2. C’est Clair
3. Le Pouvoir
4. Le Monde De Demain (Instrumental)

Suprême NTM ‎– Authentik (Remix) (Vinyl 12″) (1991)


A1. Authentik (Remix)
A2. Authentik (Instrumental)
B1. L’Argent (Remix)
B2. L’Argent (Instrumental)

Supreme NTM ‎– Boogie Man (CDM) (1992)


1. Boogie Man
2. Boogie Man (Instrumental)
3. Quelle Gratitude / Le Pouvoir (Live Au Zénith)

Supreme NTM ‎ ‎– La Fièvre (CDM) (1995)


1. La Fièvre (Version Remix)
2. Check The Flow
3. La Fièvre

Suprême NTM ‎– NTM Live (CDM) (1995)


1. Pour Un Nouveau Massacre
2. C’est Clair
3. Pass Pass Le Oinj Featuring – AL.X, Badreak
4. Come Again (Pour Que Ca Sonne Funk)
5. Popopop !! (Freestyle) Featuring – AL.X

Suprême NTM ‎– Tout N’est Pas Si Facile (Vinyl 12″) (1995)


A1. Tout N’est Pas Si Facile
A2. Tout N’est Pas Si Facile (Version Instrumentale)
B1. Qui Paiera Les Dégats (DJ Clyde Remix)
B2. Qui Paiera Les Dégats (DJ Clyde Remix Instrumentale)

Suprême NTM ‎– Come Again 2 – Le Retour (CDM) (1996)


1. Come Again (Remix)
2. Come Again (Pour Que Ça Sonne Funk)
3. Come Again (Live)
4. Come Again (Remix Instrumental)
5. Come Again (Remix A Capella)

Suprême NTM ‎– Qu’est-ce Qu’on Attend (CDS) (1996)


1. Qu’est-ce Qu’on Attend (Radio Edit)
2. Qu’est-ce Qu’on Attend (Free Mix)

Suprême NTM & Nas ‎– Affirmative Action (Saint-Denis Style Remix) (CDM) (1997)


1. Affirmative Action (Sant Denis Style Remix)
2. Affirmative Action (Album)
3. Affirmative Action (Remix)

Nas & NTM ‎– Affirmative Action (St Denis Style Remix) (Vinyl 12″) (1997)


A1. Affirmative Action (St Denis Style Remix)
A2. Affirmative Action (St Denis Style Instrumental)
B1. Affirmative Action (Album Version)
B2. Affirmative Action (St Denis Style Acapella)

Suprême NTM Featuring Lord Kossity ‎– Ma Benz (Vinyl 12″) (1998)


A1. Ma Benz
A2. Ma Benz (Instrumental)
A3. Ma Benz (A Capella)
B1. Ma Benz (B.O.S.S. Remix)
B2. Ma Benz (B.O.S.S. Remix Instrumental)
B3. Ma Benz (B.O.S.S. Remix A Capella)

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