Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Organised Rhyme   
2. Miracles   
3. We Go to Work   
4. For the Girls   
5. Got to Get Your Own   
6. Throw Your Hands in the Air   
7. Running Man   
8. Riffin   
9. The Alternative Argument   
10. I Just Don’t Care Anymore   
11. Jus Dis

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: World

1. Style Warriors Revenge by Hijack
2. Burial Proceedings in the Coarse of Three Knights by 3 Knights
3. It’s a Rap Thing by Professor Griff
4. Go Freddy Go by Daddy Freddy
5. Movement by S L Troopers
6. Untitled by Hardnoise
7. Gotta Get Your Own by M C Duke
8. Hits from Small Arms Fire by First Frontal Assault
9. Silk Smooth by Monte Luv, D J Rob
10. Dawn of Terror by Militant Posture
11. Shotgun Wedding by Leslie Lyrics
12. Onslaught by Standing Ovation

1 Spellbound
2 Rockin’ For My Hometown
3 Everybody Knows Me
4 Speed Blocks
5 Fugitive
6 Tales From The Crack Side
7 Your Mom’s In My Business
8 Real Solo Please Stand Up
9 Renee-Renee
10 Solo Rocks The House
11 The Messenger
12 Drums Of Death
13 Fugitive (Super Extended Remix)
14 Fugitive (Acapella)
15 Your Mom’s In My Business (Remix 1)
16 Your Mom’s In My Business (Remix 1 Instrumental)
17 Your Mom’s In My Business (Remix 2)

256 Kbps

Coming from Brooklyn and Coney Island, Wu-Tang affiliates KGB (which stands for Klik Ga Bow) consists of Asiatic (aka Adriatic), DJ Kin (aka Kinny Kin), Ill Knob (aka Knowledge), and Raheem (aka Red), who later replaced Asiatic. They have never released an official album although there is some version compiled with singles and some unreleased material circulating on the internet. They were close associates of the another Wu-Tang affiliate (female) group Deadly Venoms.

A. The Big Payback (Vocal)
B. The Big Payback (Instrumental)

1. On The Road Again
2. Get Your Mother Off The Crack
3. Undercover Hooker
4. Worse Than A Gremlin
5. Watcha’ Lookin’ At?
6. I Get The Paper  [Featuring] – Guy Routte
7. Milk Does The Body Good (Remix)
8. Start It Up Y’All  [Featuring] – MC Lyte, Positive K
9. When Milk’s On The Mic   [Featuring] – King Of Chill
10. Build Up Back Up
11. The Nasty   [Featuring] – Antoinette Guillopo, Madelline Serrano
12. 6teen  [Featuring] – MC Lyte
13. Step [Featuring] – DJ K-Rock, King Of Chill
14. Many Styles (Bonus Track)

01. Ain’t it Good to You ft. Carole Davis
02. I Ran the Game
03. Ain’t We Funkin’
04. It Ain’t A Hip Hop Record
05. Death Was Quite A Suprise
06. Walking on Sunshine
07. Rock Stuff
08. Clap Your Hands ft M+M
09. Music You Can Dance to
10. Time for Us to Defend Ourselves
11. It Don’t Mean A Thing ft. Carole Davis
12. I Want to Thank You ft. Julia Brereton & Khadejia Bass
13. Got to Be Funky
14. Mic Line
15. How I Feel About You ft. K.C.

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01. Can I Start This
02. Rock Dis Funky Joint
03. Strictly Ghetto
04. Holy Intellect
05. Shakiyla
06. Time To Say Peace
07. Style Dropped,Lessons Taught
08. Speaking Upon A Blackman
09. So Many Teachers
10. Word From The Wise
11. Butt Naked Booty Bless
12. Poor Righteous Teachers

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00 Cover01 Flavor Unit – Flavor Unit Assassination Squad
02 Lord Alibaski – Lyrics In Motion
03 Apache – I Feel Like Flowing
04 Lord Alibaski – Top Gun
05 Lakim Shabazz And Apache – Passin’ The Mike
06 Lord Alibaki – What It Takes To Be A Rapper
07 Lakim Shabazz – Hands Of Fate
08 Lord Alibaski – Crunch Time
09 Apache – Smooth Yet Hard

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