Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. We Hold It Down
2. F.Y.P feat Wildelux & D Strong
3. Summer Daze
4. Smokin
5. RA RA
6. The Prize (Basement Mix)
7. Rock On feat. El Los (Basement Mix)
8. We Hold It Down (Remix)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Da Da Vinci Code (feat. Mister Personal)
3. Italy’s Wine
4. Odin’s Shrine (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Sayedar)
5. Demise Of History
6. A Moment Of Silence
7. One O Nine
8. Gematria
9. Poseidon (feat. Ruste Juxx)
10. Guns N Roses
11. Judgment Day
12. Odyssey (feat. Lyrical C)
13. Lockdown
14. Johnny J
15. Nineteen Ninety Sick (feat. Colla Rossi)
16. Gilgamesh
17. Fist Of Fury
18. We Need More Rhymers (feat. Diabolic)
19. Verse Of Purity
20. Parable Of Eden
21. Ride With Me
22. The End Iz The Beginning

Location: Virginia, USA

2.Everlasting Game (ft. Masta Ace & DJ Ill Digitz)
3.Fire In The Streets (ft. Dephlow)
4.Falling (ft. Anti Lilly)
5.Nothing Less
6.Sunshine (ft. Blu)
7.Can’t Fool Me (ft. Tiff The Gift)
8.Golden Era Vandals (ft. Ill Conscious & Av Hamilton)
9.The Cool Out (ft. Kid Abstrakt)
10.Fatherhood (ft. DJ Eveready)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Kill Switch ft. Mikey D as Unc Monk , Napsndreds as Scraps
2. We Made It
3. Geppetto ft. Thirstin Howl III as Rufus & Greezi Amiin as Tiny
4. Loco ft. Freegod as Da Goon
5. The Jects
6. The New Yawk ft. Innocent? as Charlie
7. Fleetwood
8. One Phone Call (Interlude)
10. Fire Burn
11. Prey 4 Me ft. Napoleon Da Legend as Foxy Coltrane
12. GemStar
13. Three Frum Hell
14. Tuti Fruity (Interlude)
15. Angel Of Death ft. Juxx Diamondz as Sherriff Wydel , Mikey D as Unc Monk , Napsndreds as Scraps

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Does It Bother You?
2. Crowded Ashtrays
3. Around Town feat. Termanology
4. Is It True? feat. King Magnetic
5. Block Boys feat. Yesterdaii & GTC CAP
6. Blastin’
7. The Weed Spot feat. Ruste Juxx
8. Political Prison
9. Smoke Break 11
10. Crooked
11. Just Raw feat. Ras Kass
12. Roll That Fire
13. Mistakes
14. Lawtown Brown feat. Rockness Monsta & Reks
15. Jokers Wild feat. Lomel
16. War

Location: Granada, Spain

1.Efectos personales [Prod. Juan Profundo]
2.El dinero vuela (con Keyo) [Prod. Juan Profundo]
3.Vengo a demostrar [Prod. Juan Profundo]
4.Payo pony (con Kyudos) [Prod. Juan Profundo]
5.Soy un pesimista (con DJ Firex) [Prod. Juan Profundo]
6.Exordio [Prod. Juan Profundo]
7.A pico y pala (con Karvoh) [Prod. Juan Profundo]
8.Dueños del asfalto (con Demonio y DJ Firex) [Prod. Juan Profundo]
9.Promiscuas [Prod. Juan Profundo]
10.Hay más falsos que perros descalzos (con Juan Profundo) [Prod. Juan Profundo]

Location: Rubí, Barcelona, Spain

2.En el 4º 4ª
3.¿A quién vas a engañar?
4.La vida amarga (con Gina)
5.La borrachera
6.La resaca
7.Paseo por la calle
8.Rodrigues con S
9.A pom pom
10.Pleya de playa
11.Me cago en tó
12.Los amos (con Shak el Jay)
13.Encuentros en la 3ª base
14.Estilo propio
15.De cajón

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Fancy Flow
2. Aye!!!
3. Flesh Machine
4. Gabriella Bella
5. I Don’t Need That
6. Civil War 2.0
7. Justice
8. Dirtroad Riding
9. Loud Now
10. Righteous Ways

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. BLADES OF STEEL feat. Thirstin Howl The 3rd
3. SHOULDER PADS feat. Myka9 & Spoek Mathambo
4. PENALTY BOX feat. Memphis Reigns,Pugs Atomz & Buddy Leezle
5. BEHIND THE MASK feat. Slow Like Whoa
7. REACT feat. Myke Bogan,Alex Sampson, Like & Boonie Man
9. SKATE feat. Mista Sinista, Supreme, Annie Sama & Awdazcate
11. TOTAL RECALL feat. Big Space
13. BLACK&DOPE feat. Taszlin Muerte, P2THEGOLDMA$K

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: UK

1. Something I Said (feat. HaStyle)
2. Now (feat. HaStyle and Nine)
3. Enemies Closer (feat. HaStyle and Sadat X)
4. Water Colors (feat. HaStyle)
5. Alpha Bits (feat. HaStyle)
6. Sticky (feat. HaStyle and Rah Digga)
7. Lik a Shot (feat. HaStyle, Wordsworth and Rashan)
8. Mind Control (feat. HaStyle and El Da Sensei)
9. World War Rap (feat. HaStyle and Prince Po)
10. Soldiers March (feat. HaStyle and Chino XL)
11. Outro (feat. HaStyle)

Location: USA

1.Intro (feat Hanlon Himself)
2.Black Forest
3.Hate Me
4.All These Walks
5.One Eye Open
6.The Great Awakening (feat. DJ Coach One)
7.Price Of Love
8.Bangerz (feat. Hanlon Himself)
9.Let There Be Light
10.Separated By Darkness
11.Witching Hours (feat. DJ Coach One)
12.Purified By Fire
13.Depend On Nobody
14.So Stressed
15.Keeping It Going
16.Have A Choice
17.Friday Night (feat. Sloppy Joe)
18.The Second Coming
19.Outro (feat. Hanlon Himself)

Location: Spain

1.Souffrance & Oz – Ananmse
2.Mr Lif & Stu Bangas – 8 minutes
3.Sinik – Bang bang
4.Snak The Ripper – Everything Changes
5.Martyn – Skills
6.La Vilerie – C’est gore
7.Lloyd Banks – Huntis Season
8.Mc Rene – Gleich Gitig
9.Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – Take it Back v2
10.Dj Hoppa feat. Swizz & Marley B – If i could
11.Cholo x Templar x Horseck x Gyver Hypman – Le Feu
12.Blaq Poet & Serious Truth – Heavy Industry
13.King Magnetic & Tone Spliff – Nobody’s Safe
14.Sekel du 91 & Sheryo – Coup The Batte
15.Busta Rhymes feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Slow Flow
16.Barbariac The Foul Mouth Jedi – Black Jesus
17.Buddah – Zugemilter Tisch
18.Aaqil Ali feat. Planet Asia – Utopia
19.Ismal Lesage – Persona Non Grata
20.Scylla – Répondez-moi
21.Smokey Joe & The Kid – Smokid All Stars
22.Rilla – Natural Born Rilla
23.Buddha – Pistole
24.Guizmo & Siliboy – En Mode Rx
25.Caligula Stylz – On Go
26.Deniro Farrar – Wu-Tang

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