Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

01. Intro
02. Black Caesar’s Ghost
03. Nefertiti Chains
04. Love Me More
05. The Beautiful Type
06. Shibuya Shrine (feat. Boog Brown & Hus Kingpin)
07. Truth
08. War of the Hearts
09. Cherish the Day (feat. Hus Kingpin & Smoovth)
10. Last Days
 Bonus Track
11. Triangle Offense (feat. Hus Kingpin)
01. Drama (ft. Maundz)
02. Detonate (ft. Fluent Form & Raven)
03. Victory (ft. Bigfoot, Jake Biz & Fluent Form)
04. Waiting (ft. Bias B & Fluent Form) <– Stand out track for me.
05. Insomnia Pt. 2 (ft. Fatty Phew & Luke Mac)
06. Kill The Beast (ft. Raven)
07. Not Going Out (ft. Fluent Form & Raven)
08. Interval
09. Are You With Me (ft. Ciecmate)
10. Frontline (ft. Fluent Form)
11. Sniper Soliloquies (ft. Kings Koneketed)
12. Still Hungry (ft. Aetcix)
13. Memories (ft. Fluent Form)

 1. Intro
2. Where Light Was Created (Chapter One)
3. Will You Be Prepared (When The Elohim Return)
4. Egyptian Magic
5. Cosmic Consciousness
6. Gladiators (Feat. Luminous Flux)
7. As We Become One With The Sun
8. From The Womb Of El Kuluwm
9. The Pythagorean Theorum
10. Book Of Black Light
11. The Mystic Triad (Of Atum Re)
12. Heaven`s Mirror (Feat. Luminous Flux & Society Park)
13. Stargate
14. The Seven Thunders
15. Giving Praise (To Mother Nature)
16. Through The Eyes Of An Embryo


1.The Gospel
2.24th Elder
3.Jim Kelly
4.Death Choir
5.Love 4 The Craft
6.No Me Now
7.U Try Ft. StateStore
9.Little African Boy
10.Scattered Sermons Ft. StateStore
11.Holy Rollers Ft. StateStore
13.We Still Searching Ft. StateStore
01. Roll the Credits
02. Mark Chapman
03. Chill & Rap
04. Shock & Amaze Feat. DJ Premier of Gang Starr
05. The Cardinal Sin, Pt. 2
06. Still Feat. Sabina Ddumba
07. Family First
08. Brooklyn Brawl Feat. Talib Kweli of Black Star & Reflection Eternal
09. 20th Hour
10. Devils Crow
11. Air It Out
12. Keep On Moving Feat. Evidence of Dilated Peoples, & Rakaa Iriscience
13. Blue Skies
14. The Jackal
15. Yellowbrick Road
Despues de kasi dos años desde su ultimo trabajo y despues de girar por toda europa este sueko presenta Cruzando el puente, un disko super fresko ke pasa por estilos komo el ragga,rap y demas .Producciones muy eskuchables,kasi todas por parte de Logophobia, socio inseparable.Atentos a las kolabos de peña komo Masta ace (super klasikazo) , el ultrakonocido Promoe de Looptroop y un Caribinghi ke ejekuta las partes ragga / reegae a la perfeccion.
No dejeis de bajaros esto por que es un diskazo , sin mas os dejo a la eskucha.01. Intro Prod. Spell
02. Crossing The Bridge Prod. Masse
03. Top Of The Top F. Promoe & Caribinghi Prod. Astma & Rochwell (Album version)
04. G.R.I.N.D Prod. Logophobia
05. Comin Through Prod. ProActive Beats
06. You! Prod. Logophobia
07. The Essence F. Masta Ace & Supersci Prod. Sakke Aalto
08. Beatdown Prod. Logophobia
09. Champion Prod. Pankin från
. No! Prod. Logophobia
11. Throwback f. Mr Noun(Supersci) Prod.
12. Same Ol Streets Prod. Masse
13. Alive! Prod. Logophobia
14. Circle Of Trust Prod. Kush Foreal
15. Mr Judge F. Caribinghi

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