1. Shower (intro)
2. Check n’ Me Out
3. Countdown – Ft Lil’ Jamal
4. Full Cooperation
5. Ride Wit’ Us – Ft Too Short
6. Lay ‘em Down (skit)
7. Rhymin’ Wit’ Biz – Ft Biz Markie
8. The Game (freestyle)
9. World Announcement (skit)
10. Can U Dig It?
11. You Do, I Do
12. Ya’ll Niggas Ain’t Ready
13. Say Word!
14. No Guest List
15. Babies Father Committee (skit)
16. Def Squad Delite
01. Buhay Cali Back
02. I Know
03. Let Me Demonstrate
04. Wherever I Go
05. Good Morning
06. Cali
07. No Love
08. Wanted
09. Who Rock The Illest
10. Calipino
11. Let’s Roll
12. Overdose
13. Grown
14. Venemous
15. Baon
16. So Eazy
17. Them Against UsHidden Tracks
18. Energy
19.All The Damn Time
1. Buhay Cali
2. Broadcasting Live
3. Industry Reaperz ft. Archetype of Digital Martyrs
4. AKO
5. Evening News ft. Dannu of the Visionaries
6. Headphones
7. Magic Show
8. Got em Shook ft. Apoc and Batas
9. Hold It Down (For My City)
10. Industry Reaperz ft Archetype of Digital Martyrs (Cali Mix)
11. Evening News ft. Dannu of the Visionaries (Slanted Remix)
1 intro
2 A Garbage Pail Kid
3 Can you imagine
4 As good as it gets feat. Wordsworth
5 Johnny Raincloud Blues
6 That was back then feat. Carl Noren of Sugarplum Fairy
7 Big dreams
8 No dime a dozen feat. Kashal-Tee & Pumpkinhead
9 It’s alright now
10 Trinity
11 Two steps forward
12 Clash of the titans feat. Block Mcloud, Sekken Thautz & K-Element
13 Honey
14 On the run
15 Keep it flowing feat. Oktober Zero
01.Street Villains (Freestyle)
02.Nothing (feat. Necro)
03.Howie Made Me Do It
04.PF Cuttin (Freestyle)
05.Dreams Of Fucking A Porno Flic Bitch
06.Street Villains (Freestyle 2)
07.Street Villains (Freestyle 3)
08. Ready For War (Freestyle)
09.Ya’ll Won’t See Me
10.Street Villains (Freestyle 4)
11. Green Lantern (Freestyle)
12.In Da Hood (Freestyle)
13.Gangsta Rap
14.How To Kill A Cop
15.Who’s The Best
16.The Name’s Bill
01-Dumb Shit (feat. Q Unique)
02-Beware Of The Pale Horse (feat. William Cooper)
03-Can’t Live Like This (feat. La Coka Nostra)
04-Offensive Lines (feat. Slaine & Action Broson)
06-Murder The DJ (feat. Blaq Poet, Ruste Juxx & Dj JS1)
07-We Not Playing (feat. Ug Of Cella Dwellas)
08-Uncrushables (feat. Sicknature, Sabac Red & Snowgoons)
09-Da Future
10-Hey Young World (feat. La Coka Nostra & Heltah Skelta)
11-4 Profits (feat. Da Circle & Math Hoffa)
12-Brick Wall (feat. Vinnie Paz & Demoz)
13-Symphony Of War
14-Rap Assassins (feat. Ruste Juxx, Sav Killz & Cyrus Malachi)
15-Hummm (feat. Just Ice)
16-Let It Go (feat. Q Unique)


1. Ill Bill – ‘Focus On Bill’
2. Ill Bill – ‘Billon$ On My Mind’
3. Ill Bill feat. Raekwon – ‘Brazil’
4. La Coka Nostra – ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing’
5. Ill Bill – ’21’
6. Ill Bill feat. Slaine, Sick Jacken – ‘Violent Times’
7. Ill Bill feat. Raekwon – ‘Enemy (Remix)’
8. Ill Bill feat. Big Noyd – ‘Street Villains’
9. Ill Bill feat. Born Unique & Killa Sha – ‘Stick N Move (Remix)’
10. Ill Bill & Skam2 – ‘Push The Button’
11. Ill Bill feat. Block McCloud & MF Grimm – ‘Karma’
12. La Coka Nostra feat. B-Real & Sick Jacken – ‘Fuck Tony Montana’
13. Ill Bill & Big Left – ‘La Coka Starsky & Hutch’
14. Raekwon – Cocaine World
15. Ill Bill feat. Verbal Kent & Lance Ambu – ‘Dead Serious’
16. Ill Bill feat. Raekwon & Skam2 – ‘Thousands To M’s (Remix)’
17. Ill Bill & El Gant – ‘Metal Music’
18. Ill Bill & Mad Joker – ‘Keep Firin’
19. La Coka Nostra – ‘This Is War’
20. Ill Bill & Onry Ozzborn – ‘Goons & Assassins’
01. The Plague
02. X And Bill (Ft. Sadat X)
03. Howie Made Me Do It (Ft. Steven King, Cyn Roc & E-Dot)
04. The Four Horseman (Ft. Circle Of Tyrants)
05. Project Prophecy (Ft. Hell Razah & Sabac Red)
06. Dark Knight (Ft. Q-Unique & Jise)
07. Heavy Metal Kings (Ft. Vinnie Paz)
08. Psalm Of Satan (Ft. Killah Priest & Sabac Red)
09. Goin Out In A Blaze (Ft. Slaine & Jaysun)
10. Remove The Gag (Ft. Verbal Kent & Wordsmith)
11. P.Y.P (Ft. King Syze & Doap Nixon)
12. Muzzle The Nose (Ft. Steven King)
13. When The Lights Go Out (Ft Sabac Red)
14. Order & Chaos (Ft. Diabolic)
15. Apocalypse Now (Ft. B-Real, Sick Jacken & Eric Bobo)
16. Street Villians 2 (Ft. Q-Unique)
1. Babylon (feat. Howard Jones)
2. Doomsday Was Written In An Alien Bible
3. Trust Nobody
4. A Bullet Never Lies (feat. Vinnie Paz)
5. White Nigger
6. My Uncle
7. Riva (feat. HR & Darryl Jennifer)
8. War Is My Destiny (feat. Max Cavalera & Immortal Technique)
9. Society Is Brainwashed
10.This Is Who I Am
11. Too Young (feat. Hero & Slaine)
12. Pain Gang (feat. B-Real & Everlast)
13. U.B.S. (Unauthorized Biography Of Slayer)
14. Coka Moschiach (feat. Raekwon)
15. The Most Dangerous Weapon Alive
16. Soap
17. I’m A Goon
18. Only Time Will Tell (feat. Tech N9ne & Everlast)
1. What’s Wrong?
2. Overkill
3. The Anatomy Of A School Shooting
4. Glenwood Projects feat. Goretex, Necro & Uncle Howie
5. Peace Sells
6. Unstoppable
7. Death Smiles At Murder feat. Mr. Hyde
8. Chasing The Dragon feat. Necro
9. Alien Workshop
10. Canarsie Artie’s Brigade feat. Goretex, Necro & Q-Unique
11. Porno Director feat. Goretex & Sabac
12. American History X
13. Uncle Zowie
14. Legend Has It feat. Mr. Hyde
15. The Final Scene
16. Chasing The Dragon (Moshpit Mix) feat. Necro

1. Going to War Intro (feat. DJ.Rolex)
2. The Backlash (feat. DJ Rolex, Canibus & Mark Deez)
3. The Realness (feat. Blazin, Chox Mak & Rap P)
4. Area 51 (feat. Hell Razah, Lord Fury & DJ Rytmic)
5. My Aim (feat. Tha Artilerist & Tragedy Khadafi)
6. Anything Can Happen (feat. Hostyle & Rap P)
7. Traumitized (feat. M Dott Baggz)
8. Dead On Arrivals (feat. Agallah the Don Bishop)
9. Daily Operation (feat. Blazin, Snyp Life & DJ Rolex)
10. Not an MC (feat. Outerspace, Tom Jeefs, Omen Ra & DJ Rolex)
11. Nigaz Like Us (feat. Ty Nitty, Chox Mak & DJ Rytmic)
12. Ain’t Nuthin’ Gonna Stop Me (feat. Big Noyd & Grand Surgeon)
13. Organized (feat. Edi Mean & Hryda)
14. I Ain’t the Type (feat. Blazin & Saigon)
15. Real MC (feat. KRS 1, Agallah the Don Bishop, Rap P, Philieano & DJ Rolex)
16. Gone (feat. Fes Taylor, Mic Check & Dro Pesci)
17. Until the Day (feat. Inspectah Deck)
18. Monster (feat. Bizzy Bone & Rap P)
19. Stack Figaz (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Rap P)
20. Loyalty With Love (feat. Hussien Fatal)
21. Memories (feat. Nature & Rap P)
22. Dying Lives (feat. Hell Razah & Mark Deez)
23. The Last Demon (feat. Twisted Insane)
24. Paid (feat. Born Ready)
25. Burn It Down (Bonus Track) [feat. Hell Razah & Detane]http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/e7MWP2XE/file.htmlhttps://www.cdbaby.com/cd/drg36
01. Intro
02. Poison In the Birth Water
03. Rival The Eminent feat. Lawrence Arnell
04. Hell’s Messenger
05. Merchant Of War
06. La Montagna Del Dio Cannibale (Interlude) feat. Yes Alexander
07. Fraudulent Cloth feat. Eamon
08. And God Said To Cain feat. A-F-R-O, R.A. The Rugged Man & Eamon
09. Destiny Forged In Blood
10. Il Tuo Vizio E Una Stanza Chiusa E Solo Io Ne Ho La Chiave (Interlude) feat. Yes A
11. Deathless Light
12. No Jesus, No Beast
13. The Kingdom That Worshipped The Dead feat. Dilated Peoples
14. The God Supreme
15. In the Coldness Of A Dream feat. Thea Alana
16. Lemarchand’s Box feat. Yes Alexander
01. Intro (produced by Scott Stallone)
02. Burning the Mirror (produced by C-Lance)
03. When Crows Descend Upon You [featuring Demoz] (produced by Hypnotist Beats)
04. Fuck Ya Life [featuring Blacastan] (produced by Junior Makhno)
05. Imperial Tyranny [featuring King Magnetic] (produced by C-Lance)
06. Design in Malice [featuring Young Zee & Pacewon] (produced by Mr. Green)
07. Weapon of Unholy Wrath (produced by Shuko)
08. Target Practice (produced by Hypnotist Beats)
09. Carnival of Souls [featuring Demoz] (produced by Grand Finale)
10. Willing a Destruction onto Humanity (produced by C-Lance)
11. Chalice [featuring Chip Fu] (produced by Illinformed)
12. BloodBorn Enemy (produced by Nero)
13. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms (produced by C-Lance)
14. Street Lights (produced by Nero)
01 Intro
02 Deathbed Doctrine
03 Deadly Melody (feat. Block Mccloud & Demoz)
04 Monolith
05 Those With No Eyes (Interlude)
06 Trail Of Lies
07 Heavy Artillery
08 Seance Of Shamans (feat. Outerspace & Doap Nixon)
09 Geometry In Static (Interlude)
10 Godflesh (feat. Block Mccloud & King Magnetic)
11 Terror (feat. Demoz)
12 Butcher Knife Bloodbath
13 The Sixth Gate Shines No More (Interlude)
14 Death Messiah

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