Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Malmö, Sweden

1. Sleepless
2. Illadelph Elohim Feat. Last Emperor, Rucker Pawk
3. Another Bottle
4. In the Green Feat. Chukk Rukkuz
5. Lifshitz Feat. Rocc Spotz
6. Purple Fox
7. Protocol Feat. Rasco, El da Sensei
8. Hot Soup Feat. SnM
9. Illustrated Rhyme Flow
10. Changing Scenery Feat. Muddy Fatique

Effiscienz crew is back to the lab! Mil Beats is working with Chicago MC Vic Spencer for a new album, Brainstem Factory, out 23rd of July. Until now two singles, 1rst Situation OG ft the MC Willie the Kid, 2nd Once Upon the Time ft DJ Djaz. Both films by LAco Fils and edited by Gustav images. Stay tunned fam!!

Location: Virginia, USA

2.Everlasting Game (ft. Masta Ace & DJ Ill Digitz)
3.Fire In The Streets (ft. Dephlow)
4.Falling (ft. Anti Lilly)
5.Nothing Less
6.Sunshine (ft. Blu)
7.Can’t Fool Me (ft. Tiff The Gift)
8.Golden Era Vandals (ft. Ill Conscious & Av Hamilton)
9.The Cool Out (ft. Kid Abstrakt)
10.Fatherhood (ft. DJ Eveready)


1.Sensei Said
2.Aincient ElementZ
3.Flaming Tomahawkz
4.Life Force
5.Hollow Tip Inundoz
7.Blew My Mind
8.Yellow Jacketz
9.My Briefcase
10.Smell Your Nature
12.When The Smoke Clearz
13.Crazy Hectic
14.In The Ghetto
15 Moonlight Illness
16.Extra Emphasis
17.Dam Shame
18.Black Is Beautiful
19.Mule Kick

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Da Show (feat. Krazy Drayz)
3. Life Is Hard (feat. Crooked i & Caldhino)
4. One Day
5. Keep It Real (feat. Ruste Juxx)
6. Skit
7. Make It Bang (feat. Kool G Rap & MC Göz)
8. Ready For Everything (feat. Rock & Furakor)
9. Joint (feat. Mikee Mykanic)
10. Skit 2
11. Pulses (feat. Tkyd)
12. 3 Nyelv (feat. MC Göz & Dogge Doggelito)
13. Back In The Dayz (feat. Hussein Fatal & Joe)
14. Rutin (feat. Afro Beatz & MC Göz)
15. Outro

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: France

1. La Vilerie & NM Scratcherz – Nitro
2. La Vilerie & Senor el Kalif – Rien de bon
3. La Vilerie & Monf – C’est gore
4. La Vilerie & FL-How – Looseur
5. La Vilerie & Saf Noruff – Jimmy
6. La Vilerie & Hamorabi & Bonkar Jones – Nique le voisinage
7. La Vilerie & L’officier Zen – Au milieu du bêton 03:54
8. La Vilerie & Stick & Sad Vicious – Deux singes en hiver
9. La Vilerie & La Reziztance – Poison
10. La Vilerie & Sekel Du 91 – Platoon
11. La Vilerie & Evil Evom – Minable
12. La Vilerie & Skalpel – Exotisme
13. La Vilerie & Stélio – Training day
14 La Vilerie & NM Scratcherz – Otrou

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1 Smooth Connect
2 Violet Sweet (feat. Slant Heddshotts)
3 ReDrift (feat. Canibus, Saucy Lady, Kasper & Paranom)
4 Reel Interlude
5 The Distance
6 Drivin’ in the City (feat. Paranom & Oblivious)
7 Golden Era Romance (Ds2)
8 Handle That
9 American Ninja (feat. Kasper)
10 To My Brother
11 Chasing the Eye

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Rebel 2 Amerikkka
2. Dissapointed DunskiBig Noyd, Starvin B
3. Share da Light
4. Power 2 MyselfC-Spec
5. Queens ZooDolo
6. Subway SuicideEff Yoo
7. Brooklyn (Queens Day)Starker USA
8. 7 Train BanditsEff Yoo
9. 4 Bar DashLegit Easy
10. 1st Tour
11. Half Moon ScimitarsSpit Gemz
12. Life JointFirst Breed
13. Rotten LEX Nyre, Tragedy Khadafi
14. Knights Templar
15. DreamCatchersSmiledini
16. Gary Jewels

Location: UK & Australia

1.Schemes 101 (Cuts by Stu The Don) [Produced by Figarate]
2.Pesticide (feat. Frogman & Bill Medley) [Produced by Figarate]
3.Grand Schemes (cuts by GhostNotes) [Produced by Figarate]
4.Ancient History (Cuts by Stu The Don) [Produced by Figarate]
5.Downtown Drift (Saxophone by Ryan D) [Produced by Figarate]
6.Syllabus 88 (cuts by DJ Ads) [Produced by Figarate]
7.The Section [Produced by Figarate]
8.Rhyme Lasagne (feat. Tenth Dan, Stu The Don, Jimmy Pike, Gilly Man Giro, KropsMan, Ryan D, Keggles & Mark Fear) [Produced by Figarate]
9.Once Again (Cuts by Stu The Don) [Produced by Figarate]
10.Alias (Only for Vinyl Pre-order BONUS) [Produced by Figarate]

Aussie MC Context associates with the UK producer Figarate to create Grand Schemes album collaborative. Feats of Frogman, Bill Medley, Tenth Dan, Jimmy Pike, Gilly Man Giro, Kropsman, Keggles & Mark Fear. Also appears Stu the Don, DJ Ads, GhostNotes for the cuts and Ryan D with the saxophone.The LP is available in digital and vinyl on their Bancamp.

Check the album and support the real one’s fam!!

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

Roll Through
On & on ’08 (feat. D.V. Alias Khryst & Shyheim)
Salute (feat. Planet Asia, Paranoize, Carleone Brown & DJ Nerve)
514-718 (feat. Doo Wop)
Midnight Creep (feat. Justice McFly)
War Mongers (feat. Craig G, King Shadrock & DJ Nerve)
Act Like You Know (feat. Paranoize & DJ Nerve)
Daily Routine (feat. Kizzy & DJ Nerve)
Grown Man Biz (feat. Bishop Brigante & Clinton Sly)
All I Know (feat. Paranoize & Dim Life)
R.I.P B.N.B (feat. Bad News Brown)
Creep Show (feat. Paranoize)
Strange Love
Vice Grip (feat. Tash, Carleone Brown & Justice McFly)
N.M.E (Nothings Mean Everything)
Bad Frequency
The Game (feat. Termanology & Slyque)
Top of the Food Chain (feat. Pace Won & DJ Nerve)
Still Creepin’ (feat. Justice McFly & Soke)
Catacombs Remix (feat. Smif-n-Wessun & DJ Manifest)
Sleepless Nights

El DJ chileno DJ Ropo nos regala una magnífica mixtape de temas inéditos y unrealased con mc’s chilenos y argentinos de los últimos dos años. Check it fam!!

Location: Chile

Dj Ropo – Intro (Prod. Drama)
Franco illest – Bombardeo (Unreleased)
J Garden – Atribuciones Pt. I (Sabiduría uanfo)
Bin Nahuel – B2 hacia adelante (Prod Teymou)(Unreleased)
Morteros Crew – Cruza la vereda (Unreleased)
qp2h – Intro maketa bitd (Pista Sread Unreleased)
Flaco Vazquez – Inédito
Taros x Menesed – Untitled
Basek – Devilside (Inédito)
Cronelnegro – Busca vidas (Unreleased)
Negro Juanz – Freedom & Power (Prod. Joc Beats)
Eliecer – Untitled (Unreleased)
Menesed – Untitled (Unreleased)
Phedro Peligro – El respeto me lo gano rapeando (Preview)
Tomah – Holyshitt (Unreleased)
ranco illest – Ejecución (con Menesed) (Unreleased)
Big shout outs (Beat Bignoise)
Old Zen – Untitled (Unreleased)
L Gonzz – Inedit Track
Creenshet & Ruff T – Untitled (Unreleased)
Krispin Gonzalez – Untitled (Preview Beat Negro Zoo)
ESR – Propósitos (Unreleased)
Dj Drone & Dj Ropo – Respect (Prod. Drama)
Morteros Crew – Música abrazándome (Inédito)
NouNeim89′ – Crónica RMX A (Unreleased)
Conflicto Urbano – La Conocí (ver2 Prod. Drama)
Franco Illest – Is In Da Jaus (Unreleased)
Efeuvecru – Untitled (Unreleased)
B’Diggaz – Fallback (Inédito)
SiHay – Unreleased (Unreleased)
IL Tano – Gitana (Inédito)
Crenshett – Untitled (Unreleased)
Saikoraptonico – Perdurando (Unreleased)
Big shouts out 2 (Beat Bignoise)



Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Spirit World (Ft. Okira Myth, Sol Omen)
2. Thou Art God (Ft. Skematics, Sean Price)
3. No Way (Ft. NYOIL, R2WICE)
4. Strangle Us (Ft. Paleskin, Victorious Vic Vega)
5. Modus Operandi (Ft. S.I.T.H.)
6. Lovely Pain (Ft. R2WICE)
7. Computer Glitches (Ft. Orko Eloheim, Self Jupiter)
8. Intermission w/ No Emotion (Ft. No Emotion)
9. We Are Not From Here (Ft. Myka 9)
10. Anti-Illuminati (Ft. Lord Lhus, iNTeLL)
11. Politix (Ft. Black Silver, Dregz Deuce)
12. Knights of the Templar Ft. Persons Unknown (Tha Conclusion, Avatar)
13. No Options (Ft. Gajah & Turtle)
14. nWo (Ft. Avatar , Victorious Vic Vega)
15. New Age (Ft. R2WICE)
16. Head Above The Water (Ft. Ceschi , iNTeLL)
17. Hallelujah (Ft. Reality)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Spain

01 – Raw
02 – Griselda
03 – Şehrazat
04 – Space Alien
05 – Ill Shit
06 – Mezarı
07 – Wu-Tang
08 – Mental Pimp
09 – Sometimes
10 – Sezen Aksu
11 – Stranger Boy
12 – Cuando el tiempo se va
13 – Yalnız Bir Kalp

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