Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. All In (Prod. Delicasteez)
2. Overgrown (Prod. Jippy)
3. Blood Poetry (Prod. Threatnique)
4. Calamity (Prod. Jippy)
5. Not A Word (Prod. Jippy)
6. OD (Prod. Threatnique)
7. Suburban Hermit (Prod. Jippy)
8. Incognito (Feat. Lord Lobe) (Prod. Flux Tha Cynic)
9. Grow (Prod. Mastah Melo)
10. Grievous (feat. Carlos The Jakl) (Prod. Carlos The Jakl)
11. Do This (Prod. Jippy)
12. Jippy (Prod. Jippy)
13. Disaster Prone (Prod. Jippy)
14. 1996 (Prod. Delicasteez)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. Black Mesa Inbound
2. Fool’s Gold (ft. Kings Konekted)
3. Biff Tannen (ft. Maundz)
4. Friendly Neighbourhood (ft. Adam Koots)
5. Five Pounds of Pressure (ft. Ciecmate)
6. Knowledge and Power (ft. Prospa)
7. Coz I Allowed It (ft. P-Link)
8. Time Will Tell (ft. Audacity)
9. Words Eternal (ft. Lazy Grey)
10. We Still Here (ft. Overproof Pete, Gaz Hazard, Bigfoot)
11. Cascade Effect (ft. Helen Earth, Shadz, D-Real)
12. Bitter End (ft. Sinks)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA


1. The Dueling Experts
2. Pray Hands Emoji
3. Part of Life
4. Dark Ninjas
5. The Middle Finger
6. The Art of Fighting Without Fighting
7. Two Isn’t Enough
8. The Cause of My Ignorance
9. A Secret Document
10. Arnold Palmer Sipping Arnold Palmers
11. Black Belt
12. Stones In Glass House
13. Baby Shark
14. Your Fragile Limbs

Mixtape to Last Week Post in Undercream

1. Intro
2. Lord Nez – Think Its a Game?
3. Vic Monroe – Soul Slap
4. 2Ugli –  It’s Like That
5. Educ8 & DJ Immaculate – Search and Destroy (feat. Xtras)
6. Big.D – Back in the Days
7. Frankie Krupnik – Sniffin’ Glue
8. Misère Record Beatz – Porte Plume
9. Ciecmate – Why You Risked It
10. ILL Format – Paradise
11. Lewis Parker – Nothing But Aces
12. Noruff – Blanlieusards
13. Rim – SMDH
14. Rudy Williams – ’89 Riviera
15. J.Period – The Traveller
16. Eloh Kush & John Robinson – Ebony Ronin (Invizible Handz Remix)
17. Demi Portion – Rétro
18. Christcentric – James 1:1-12 Trials
19. Outro

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. Unseen (feat. Xtras)
2. Orderly Sworn
3. Everydayer
4. Search and Destroy (feat. Xtras)
5. Demand a Distraction (feat. Justo)
6. Verbal Surgery, Pt. 2 (feat. Kiel)
7. Two Strikes (feat. Dwizofoz)
8. Bring the Heat
9. Endless Dwellers (feat. Xtras)
10. Unique Teaching (feat. Drowzee)
11. Waste Away

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

A1. Green Lantern – 911 Call (Prelude)
A2. Green Lantern – It’s Just Us And The Gunz Intro
A3. Rah Digga – Green Freestyle
A4. Rass Kass – Green Freestyle
A5. Madd Skillz, Danja Mowf – Green Freestyle
A6. Ghostface Killah Feat. Redman, Method Man, Cappadonna – Buck 50
A7. Sticky Fingaz – Come On
A8. Big Pun  Feat Kool G. Rap – Drama
A9. Prodigy – Gun Love
A10. Shyne – Aim And Squeeze
A11. Swiss Beats , Sheek – Show Ya’ll
A12. Busta Rhymes Feat. Raekwon – Make A Toast
A13. N.W.A. Feat. Snoop Dog – Chin Check Green Remix
A14. D.I.T.C. – Time To Get The Money
A15. Lil’ Kim – How I Feel
A16. Beanie Segal – If I Die Tonight
B1. Green Lantern – WGI TV (Skit)
B2. Tragedy Khadafi – Green Freestyle
B3. Blackchild – Green Freestyle
B4. Tony Touch – Green Freestyle
B5. Nature – Talkin’ That Shit
B6. Rah Digga – Talkin’ Bout You
B7. Jadakiss – Wha Ya’ll Want
B8. Capone -N- Noreaga – Reunion Green Remix
B9. Cocoa Brovaz – Super Brooklyn Green Remix
B10. Shyne – Gangsta Shit
B11. Shabaam Sahdeeq – Green Freestyle
B12. Big Pun – Leather Face
B13. Nature – Fire
B14. Tony Touch F/ Bootcamp – No No No
B15. Face-Off – Green Freestyle

Quality: FLAC/320Kbps Location: USA

Props Lovic

1. ANYTHING Ft. SLAINE (Produced by Marco Polo)
2. KILL YA BOSS (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)
3. DEPRESSION (Produced by Lingo)
4. BAD LUCK Ft. WRIS P & LARRY CHEEBA (Produced by Nox Beatz)
5. HITG (Produced by Stu Bangaz)
6. STRAWBERRY (Produced by Marco Polo)
7. DON’T MATTER Ft. REKS x EDO.G (Produced Supa Dave)
8. KARMA (Produced by ATG)
9. VOLTRON Ft. EDO.G x SLAINE (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)
10. SUICIDE (Produced by Falside)
11. BOSTON/CT/PHILLY Ft. Blacastan x Reef The Lost Cauze (Produced by David Gunkel)
12 .PART OF THE GAME (Produced by Skipp Whitman)
13. DIVORCED (Produced by Audible Doctor)
14. D.M.S. (Produced by Donte Beats)
15. KINGS (Produced by Statik Selektah)
16. 3 LETTERS Ft. Freddy Madball x HOYA ROCK (Produced by Damo (GANGSTARR)
17. PART OF THE GAME remix Ft. CRAIG G x LARRY O/LO (Produced by Skipp Whitman)
18. SUICIDE remix (Produced by Confidence)
19. OPINIONS (Produced by Ayatollah)


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