Location: Zaragoza, Spain

Como en casa (con W.Cheff)
Vote for Pedro (con Russell Franco & Dj Uve)
Interludio (esa shit nadie se la traga)
Hip Hop (con Sho Hai, Maestro Raro & W.Cheff)
Ya no subo fotos de los discos que me compro
Te quedas fuera (con Pablo Carrouché & Travis Franco)
Mentalidad playoffs
Nasty (con Erik Beeler & Acheset)
Eso me gusta
Mil desiertos (con Iván Abando)
Nalo & Smooth KNS – Ingrediente principal

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Still At It
Certain For The Win
Interlude no.1
The Raw
16 From The Gawd (Feat. Joker Starr)
Don’t You Care
Klingon Face (Feat. Joker Starr)
8 Bricks (Feat. M-9)
You’re The One
The Konny Kon Joint (Feat. Konny Kon)
Interlude no.2
I’m So Glad (Feat. Essa)
Still Struggling
The Epic
8 Bricks (Feat. M-9) Remix
The Raw (LeafDog remix)
The Raw (Jazz T Remix)
The Raw (Micall Parknsun remix)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Berlin, Germany

1. Juice ft. Blu & Hex One (Produced by Klaus Layer)
2. I Get Money ft. Blu & Simple One, Cuts by Educut (Produced by Klaus Layer)
3. Flytime ft. Blu, Cuts by Educut (Produced by Klaus Layer)
4. Salamander ft. Salamander (Produced by Klaus Layer)
5. Rapresent ft. Simple One (Produced by Klaus Layer)
6. How you Bringing it ft.Self (Produced by Klaus Layer)
7. Force ft. Blu & The Artifacts (Tame One & El Da Sensei) (Produced by Klaus Layer)
8. Sunshine ft. Simple One, Cuts by Mr. Nylson (Produced by Klaus Layer)
9. Sunburn ft. Self (Produced by Klaus Layer)

Location: France

DJ Djaz – Underbars (Intro)
K-Mack – In Baltimore
Da Minds Of Sol – Blinded By Da Light
Son A Bluntz – Don’t Snooze
Alps Cru – All Alone
Concrete Click – Where You At
DNA – My Shit Is Tight
Polecat – R.I.P
Frankenstein – Combine With Frankenstein (feat. Grimace Lov)
NY Confidential – Me & You
Microphone Terrorist – Green Paper
DJ Djaz – Rock In The Beat
Natural Elements – Machine Gun Prayer
Oktober – Infinite Echoes
One Deep – Crime Stories
Drama Klub – The Heist
Mental Wards – Choose Ya Fate
Dirty Face Angels – It’s Not A Game
DJ Djaz – Combinations From The Masters (Outro)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

We Belong In This Game
The Rebirth of The Slickest (feat. General Steele)
Present Time
What U In It For? (feat. Amelia Wilcox)
Street Lamp (feat. Amelia Wilcox)
Grind (feat. General Steele)
Verbal Juxx (feat. Ruste Juxx & General Steele)
Fire Brewin’ (feat. General Steele & Guappy)
No One (Boone Bixby & Louie Skaggs)
Then 2 Now (feat. Sadat X & Craig G)
Cold Medina (feat. General Steele, Grand Daddy I.U., & Buckshot)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Russia

Swashbuckling (Apathy)
Winter (Apathy)
Amon RAW (Apathy, Celph Titled, Pumpkinhead)
Charlie Brown (Apathy, Oh No, Kappa Gamma)
Handshakes With Snakes (B-Real, Sick Jacken, Apathy)
Pay Your Dues (Apathy)
Honkey Kong (Apathy, Vinnie Paz)
Gorbachev (Apathy, O.C.)
Rap Is Not Pop (Apathy)
Swashbuckling (instrumental)
Winter (instrumental)
Amon RAW (instrumental)
Charlie Brown (instrumental)
Handshakes With Snakes (instrumental)
Pay Your Dues (instrumental)
Honkey Kong (instrumental)
Gorbachev (instrumental)
Rap Is Not Pop (instrumental)
Bonus Track 1
Bonus Track 2
Bonus Track 3
Bonus Track 4
Bonus Track 5

Location: USA

Actual Proof
Brutal & Beautiful ft. Skyzoo
True To The Facts ft. Anti-Lilly (Cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
Love Is A Hurting Thing
Blue Rose 2 ft. Tiff The Gift
Mad Lethal ft. Ill Conscious & Hex One
The Rain ft. Tiff The Gift
Time Continuom (Cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
Crime Stories
How I Feel (Cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
Your Reactions
For Your Love

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

You Aint Heard ft. Scandalated prod by. Matt Houston
Breathe prod by Araab Muzik
Authentic prod by. DJ Premier
Maybach Dreams ft. JC prod by. Kontender
Versace prod by. Statik Selectah
Eyes Wide prod by. Tommy Vamoz
Carnel Knowledge prod by. The Alchemist
The Proclamation ft. J-Rob, A-1 prod by. Tommy Vamoz
Spark Ya Lighters prod by. J.Dilla
What It’s Worth ft. Wise Thoughts prod by. Black Milk
La Grand Vitesse (The Grand) prod by. Pete Rock
Casino Nights prod by. Tommy Vamoz
Summer 17 prod by. 9th Wonder

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Chile-Venezuela

Rap en Estado Puro
City Lights
Toda la Vida
No Fame No Fake Around Me (feat. Sea Xl)
Going Down
Keep On (Xeos Remix)
No Pain No Gain
Hijos del Sol
Niggaz With Fleivah (feat. Sea Xl)
Keep On (Craz Remix)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Florida, USA

Intro – Produced by Chief
Yes Y’all – Produced by Figub Brazlevic, additional vocals by Noritsu
Where I’ll Go – Produced by Klaus Layer
My Story – Produced by Klaus Layer, scratches by DJ Proppo’88
Sallyble Mux-ip – Produced by Emune, scratches by DJ PhiLogic, vocal samples provided by Type Raw
Back to the Boom – Produced by Figub Brazlevic
Extraterrestrials – Produced by Drippy
Leave It All Behind – Produced by Type Raw, scratches by Loot Fattig
Flava for Ya Mind – Produced by Devaloop
I’m Gone – Produced by KLIM Beats
Peep the Steeze – Produced by Planet Ragtime, featuring Skyzoo
Energies – Produced by Fibug Brazlevic, featuing Tek-nition, additional vocals by Noritsu

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Sevilla, Spain

01 Código convexo (con DJ 311) (Prod.El Marionetista)
02 La jungla (Prod.El Marionetista)
03 Temblando (con Dani’s Beats) (Prod.El Marionetista)
04 Gormenghast (Prod.El Marionetista & Guillota)
05 Barbas de estalactitas (Prod.El Marionetista)
06 2000 leguas (Prod.El Marionetista)
07 Balzac (Prod.El Marionetista)
08 El lenguaje del Demonio (Prod.El Marionetista)
09 Bala reversible (Prod.El Marionetista)
10 Guardianes (Prod.El Marionetista)
11 El Cuervo (con DJ 311) (Prod.El Marionetista & Guillota)
12 Esquizofrenia (con DJ 311)(Prod.El Marionetista)
13 La traición de Griswold (Prod.El Marionetista)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: LA, USA

01. Shut Em Down feat. Outlawz
02. Represent Like This feat. WC
03. Compton Zoo
04. Heart Cold feat. The Lady of Rage
05. Pass Me By feat. B‐Real
06. Runn the Blocc feat. Maylay
07. Gangsta Gangsta feat. Kurupt
08. Got That feat. DJ Premier
09. Medicate feat. Xzibit
10. Born to Hustle
11. Sittin’ Around Smokin’
12. As I Proceed
13. Last Ones Left feat. Compton’s Most Wanted
14. Tha OG’z feat. Bumpy Knuckles
15. You Nia’z

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