Quality:320Kbps Location: UK-USA

Rapsploitation [Intro]
You gone learn [Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Kasim Allah]
Trouble [Ft. E Class Wright]
Make believe [Ft. Berry Boo, P General & Halie Ali]
Prison riot [Ft. Ruste Juxx & Kasim Allah]
Half baked [Ft. Haz Diggs]
The pain of life
Straight out da NYC [Ft. Shatike & Rim da Villain]
Mercy [Ft. E Class Wright]
Legends live forever [Ft. Daddie Notch]
Serious no Joke [Ft. Mic Handz]
Omnipotent [Ft. Tragedy Khadafi]

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Australia

Dr Seuss ft. Flu
Bad Habits ft. Micall Parknsun & Confucius MC
The Holy Ghost ft. Nelson Dialect
Fuck the Arcade ft. Jehst & Mata
Chemical Haze ft. Adam Koots, One Sixth & Joe Snow
The Source ft. Ramson Badbonez
Raining in the Hood ft. Mongo
Underwater Landslide
Nothing ft. Joe Snow
About That Time ft. Maundz
Walking Dead ft. Soma
No Days Off ft. Dyl Thomas
Foul Creature ft. Adam Koots
Earth Jewelz ft. Aslan
King of the Slouch ft. MNSR Frites
Five Minutes
Psychedelic Purple ft. SonnyJim
Reset Button ft. Kosyne
M.F.T.C Shit ft. Remus & Chester P
Write the Future ft. Adam Koots
Revolutions ft. Joker Starr, AnyWay Tha God & OphQi
Every Block ft. Gutz & Maggot Mouf

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Intro (Prod. VR)
Front To Back (Prod. VR)
The Myth & The Legend Ft.Mykill Miers (Prod. VR)
Say What You Want Ft.Shabaam Sahdeeq & Francesca (Prod. VR)
Keep It Low (Prod. VR)
Built To Destroy Ft.King Magnetic & Chief Kamachi (Prod. VR)
Frequent Fliers Ft.EL Da Sensei (Prod. VR)
Interlude (Prod. VR)
Wish You Weren’t Here (Prod. VR)
Flipside Ft.Masta Ace (Prod. VR)
My Way (Prod. VR)
In Vino Veritas Ft.Talib Kweli & Main Flow (Prod. VR)
Risk Everything (Prod. VR)
Paint The City (Prod. VR)
Outro (Prod. VR)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Italy-USA

Intro (ft DJ KB)
The Wall of Sound (ft Mike Dodaro Sr.)
Can’t Take It Anymore (ft Ras Kass, Checkmait, Dane Kelly)
Quotable Funk (ft Ras Kass, Doc Remedy, Caustic Logic, DJ Snifta)
P.I.G.S. (Police Injustice Generates Slavery)
Bring The Carnage (ft The Game, Fatha Death)
Words of A Martyr
Climbing The Globe (ft Maylay Sparks, Young B, & Fatha Death)
Politrix (ft Dr. iLL & Powder of Grindhouse Gang, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, DJ Uncino)
Reminiscin (ft Oyoshe)
Pair A’ Dice Em (ft Marvone)
DeCypher (ft Fes Taylor, Fatha Death, Powder Jones, & Gutta Damus)
Act A Fool (ft Bigg Limn & Antonio Chance)
The Altar of Darkness (ft Kanis Lu)
Dead Zone
Keep It True
If You Love The Culture (ft Fatha Death) (Oyoshe RMX)
Ravage Ya Crew

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: USA-France

Intro [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Subterranean Raw (Scratches – DJ Djaz)[Prod.Ol’Dayz]
My Earth Melody [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Living Gem (Scratches – DJ Djaz) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Blade Runner [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Eloheim Theme [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Subterranean Raw (Remix) (Scratches – DJ Djaz) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Living Gem (Remix) (Scratches – DJ Djaz) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Subterranean Raw (Instrumental) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Living Gem (Remix Instrumental) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]

Quality: 320Kbps Location: England-Sweden

Living For The Art (feat. Noritsu) (prod. by Mono:Massive)
Dat Hardcore Ish (feat. Teknical Development.IS, Dookie & BlabberMouf)
Samourai Ninja Wizzards (feat. Omniverses)
The Grind (feat. Tesla Alset)
Sun & Moon
Ego & Soul (feat. Tesla Alset)
EUP (Europe Under Pressure) (feat. Merlin Alexander, Teknical Development.IS & BlabberMouf)
Dem Major
Street Kingz, Wild Lionz
Crystal Cypher (Remix) (feat. Noritsu)
Adapted Like Water (feat. Mad Flows, Merlin Alexander & Tesla Alset)
Itz Really Christmaz
Originoo (feat. Maniac)
Soul & Ego (feat. Tesla Alset)

1- Pull no punches feat Emilio Rojas & Tizz
2- Spit Game feat Tragedy, Jukstapose & Blaq Poet
3- Check the beatdown feat Percee P & King Magnetic
4- Playtime over feat Edo G & Fatlip
5- Grown Rhyme feat Saigon & Sadat X
6-Splits & Politics feat Ruste Juxx, Baby Blak & Celph Titled
7- Raptime feat Copywrite
8-What’s in the future feat Illa Ghee & Blacastan
9- A to Z feat Cheef Rockaz
10- You don’t impress me feat Born TalentProps Lovic

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Colombia

Mientras Todo
Síndrome de Estocolmo ft Gambeta
Bajos y Tintos ft Al-Baro
Dios Nos Recrea ft Granuja & Mañas
Folclor Con Flor
Alta Crema ft N.Hardem
Ojos de Diablo
Sinónimo de Ofender ft Error999
Tom Solle
Sigo en el Baile ft Mañas & Rapiphero
Tráteme Suave (Bonus Track)

Location: Granada, Spain

Tengo A Tus Hijos
This Is International (con Young Sin & Snak)
The Vil Bross (con Pulgar)
Sala de Operaciones
Hambre (Egostreet)
Warning (con Dj Nakad)
Dolor (con Foyone)
Hablando Calle (con Dj Nakad)
Assassin Cap.II (Skit)
Si yo contara (con Dj Nakad)
Dormir Con Tranquilidad
Ni Tu Ni Tu Gremio
Un Extraño Desayuno
Sucio Paraiso Remix (con Dj Nakad)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01. SheChoseMe!!!!
02. MsBetty!!!
03. FonkyLala!!!
04. HeavenFour!!!
05. INeverKnew!!!
06. FindingDeo!!!
07. EarlyJam!!!
08. GirlUFine!!!
09. MellowSmoove!!!
10. UncleBobby!!!
11. ChunkySoul!!!
12. TownBidness!!!
13. CloserToo!!!
14. YoYoBoogie!!!
15. BobbiSoul!!
16. AhhMan!!!
17. LoveKills!!!
18. CouldMeetYou!!!
19. GlassOfOj!!!
20. FatAlbertAndRudy!!!
21. DaDaDaDaaah!!!!.
22. ToHoldYou!!!
23. TheNeoCole!!!
24. FightGood!!!
25. StillStanding!!!
26. SirBlue!!!
27. SoulSeasons!!!
28. HappyHome!!!
29. GottaGetOver!!!
30. NeverHathSeen!!!
31. ForeignAgent!!!
32. InLuvWithU!!!
33. TellMeNow!!!
34. EmmanuelAfterDark!!!
35. MIstakesToo!!!
36. SeeTheSun!!!
37. WillieDynamite!!!
38. CantRun!!!
39. CommuniunJuice!!!
40. TheHardline!!!
41. HeyHeyAwwBabe!!!
42. SisterChoppin!!!
43. AndNeedYou!!!

 Location: France

01. DJ Self – I Got That Shit [prod. Funkonami]
02. Fel Sweetenberg – High Noon [prod. DJ Brans]
03. Union Blak – A Jersey Tale [prod. Sir Williams]
04. Vic Spencer – Hang Dry [prod. Mil]
05. AKD – The Return [prod. Deepstar]
06. Edo. G & Raf Almighty – Demonstrate [prod. Street Wyze]
07. Sauce Heist – Nu Crack Babies [prod. Junior Makhno]
08. Roc Marciano & Tha God Fahim – We The Best At It [prod. Street Wyze]
09. M-Dot & DJ Djaz – Parisian Nights [prod. DJ Brans]
10. Fel Sweetenberg – The Drill [prod. Fel Sweetenberg]
11. Jimmie D – Dragoon [prod. Nicholas Craven]


Quality: 320 – Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Who Goes There
3. Hysteria ft. Alucard
4. Dime A Dozen ft. INF
5. Live On ft. I Am Many
6. Cross The Line
7. God Complex ft. Hell Razah
8. Music Scientology
9. Get It In ft. Jise
10. Reconstruct Your Design
11. I Think
12. Home Theatres ft. Alucard
13. Take Form
14. Silent Treatment ft. Critical
15. Omnicient ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
16. The Claw
17. Stepped On A Platfrom ft. Relz
18. Rising ft. Planetary (AOTP), & Alucard
19. Cruel Writters

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