Location: Belarus
1.Bravo (feat. 3irdRoc)
2.Out Of Breath (feat. Innersoul)
3.Some Other $hit (feat. Ichi Right & Obnoxioux)
4.Eye Rule, – Diamonds (feat. Eye Rule (R.I.P.)
5.D&D (feat. Damono & Dubble Up)
6.Terrible Bad Day (feat. Dumi Right)
7.Date Cuenta (feat. Subliminal Force & DJ Trec)
8.1 Life (feat. Absyrd)
9.Tragedy (feat. Six aka Uptown)
10.Cyndi Lauper (feat. Crisis Tha Sharpshooter)
11.Hands Up (feat. Dopamine Rush)
12.(Kick Back (Feet Up) (feat. Keenan Coke)
13.I’m Justa… (feat. Jakarri)
14.Bow Wow (feat. Chox-Mak)
15.Traccia Random (feat. Moicano MC & DJ Modesty)
16.Who You Think You Fuckin’ With (feat. Super King Armor)
17.Parties Over (feat. Dynamo-P)

Location: Belarus
1.Intraw (feat. Kid Lucky & DJ X-Rated)
2.The Syndrome (feat. VITHYM)
3.A Mob (feat. Oz Tribeca)
4.Krackin’ (feat. Doc Ahk)
5.Sword Theory (feat. Slim Pickens aka Iron Helmet)
6.Self Medicate (High To The Sky) (feat. Bazooka Joe Gotti & Rob Denero)
7.Rapid Fire (feat. F.O.U.R.)
8.Always You (feat. Akbar)
9.Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Rhyme (feat. LEX)
10.I Got This (feat. Tone Clifton)
11.Young Man (feat. Crisis Tha Sharpshooter)
12.Octane (We Off The Rictor) (feat. Danja aka D.Wayz)
13.Who’s To Blame (feat. Freak Tha Monsta & Miggs Son)
14.Peace (feat. Lucky Dice)
15.Sound In Space (feat. Avatar)
16.Circle (feat. Neb Luv)
17.Smash & Bash (feat. Hood C’Manchee & S.C.R.O.L.L.G.O.D.)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Netherlands

1. Arrival (Intro)   
2. Funk for Days (feat. Malev Da Shinobi)   
3. One Step at a Time   
4. On and Off Scene   
5. Through the Hills (feat. AstroNout)   
6. Bitter Sweet   
7. Birds and Bees (feat. BlabberMouf)   
8. Mesmerised   
9. Practice Makes Perfect   
10. Irreversible   
11. Gold (Interlude)   
12. For What It’s Worth (feat. dOOp)   
13. Positive over Negative   
14. Mega Blunt Session (feat. SQB, Christmaz, Ntan, Khopa & Mocabz)

Desde Las Mejores Cloacas , Learning Respect, Cause and Effect Nothing to Expect. Strictly Worlwide Underground. All Rights Reserved to Alcarallo Records . There Is No Game, Only Victory

1. Tony Patagonia – Docile Sujetos
2. Sick Jacken – Smoke Homies
3. Castle Money Beats – Search and Destroy (feat. Obnoxious & Brenx)
4. Street Military – Another Hit
5. El Refugio – Jordan Patentes (Rttc Commite Lo’ Remix)
6. Poops – Destroy Mission
7. Ric Branson – City of Gods (feat. Ray Vendetta & Vague)
8. Ragnar Vallon – Will Not Lose – Tyler Hardcastle Walkout Theme
9. Bronco TDF & Ballahtonic – New Militia
10. Omniscence – Church vs State feat. K-Hill
11. Vherbal – Underdog (feat. Str8 Caine)
12. N.B.S. – 2 Zebras

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Spain/USA

1. Diablo Dentro (Intro)
2. Leyenda
3. Kill Em All
4. Lyrical Lust
5. Dr. Byberry
6. Hunter’s Prey (Skit) Producer – Anonamix
7. Cross Contenintal Featuring – Alzymers, Edd Bundy
8. Grade A   
9. Tree Trimmer
10. The Beastest
11. Army Of God (Skit)
12. Audios Dios
13. The Damned
14. Done Deal (Outro)

Desde Las Mejores Cloacas , Learning Respect, Cause and Effect Nothing to Expect. Strictly Worlwide Underground. All Rights Reserved to Alcarallo Records © . There Is No Game, Only Victory

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Switzerland

1. Intro
2. The Urge to Save It All (feat. Jace Abstract, Mister Personal & Agi-State)
3. El Classico (feat. Shape)
4. Infinite (feat. Kimba & Mo the General)
5. Love Like This
6. Mother of Mine (feat. Aida)
7. Solo Hay Un Camino (feat. Delarue Squad)
8. Syllables (feat. Shape, Taz & Crosby)
9. Ready for War (feat. Zitral, Ruff, Limmitt, Sulaya, Chilz, Sigi Mc & C-Real)
10. The First Element (feat. DJ Kermit)
11. Craft the Style (feat. Sigi Mc)
12. Belly of the Beast (feat. K-Prez)
13. Dying Seed (feat. C-Real & Big Huey)
14. Chile Conexión feat. (Terrible, Jota Valderrama, Matiah Chinaski & Bufalo Dit)
15. Underground (feat. Shape)
16. El Asesino (feat. DoneOne & Judgement)
17. Pesadillas (feat. Juan el Culpable & Funky Flu)
18. Raw Emotion (feat. Mister Personal)
19. Statement (feat. Starrlight, la Nefera & Aida)
20. Eastgarden Cypher (feat. Agi-State, Eject, C-Real, Mister Personal, Vreakin Vonk, Starrlight, Shape, Jace Abstract, Metalz, Influenza, Kain Slim & Djeekee)
21. Outro (feat. The Butterfingahz)

Después de años en la sombra llega el momento… Programa especial donde Dj Manco deja los aparatos para ponerse al micrófono, un programa intenso lleno de situaciones delirantes, anécdotas y sobre todo buen rollo.

Mixtape to Last Week Post in Undercream

1. Intro
2. Valhalla Cartel – Valhalla Cartel
3. Calski – All Coming Back
4. Acqua Toffana – Amantes Pasajeros
5. Harvest – Isolated Eyes Awaken (feat. Sins One, J-Mac & P-Link)
6.  DJ Ragz – Relentless (feat. Rafik of Cult Fiction & Noe)
7. Otherside – Die Late
8. Bo Jankans – 0
9. Jauria De Rimas – Los Juegos del Hambre
10. Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics
11. Mr.Hyde – Street Veteran Pt. 4 + DJ Manco Remix
12. Jygantix – Power & Greed
13. Juaninacka – Palabra
14. Comet MadMen – Sunness
15. Ghostnaut – Prelude
16. Thorough – Mowgli
17. Outro

Mixtape to Last Week Post in Undercream

1. Intro
2. Lord Nez – Think Its a Game?
3. Vic Monroe – Soul Slap
4. 2Ugli –  It’s Like That
5. Educ8 & DJ Immaculate – Search and Destroy (feat. Xtras)
6. Big.D – Back in the Days
7. Frankie Krupnik – Sniffin’ Glue
8. Misère Record Beatz – Porte Plume
9. Ciecmate – Why You Risked It
10. ILL Format – Paradise
11. Lewis Parker – Nothing But Aces
12. Noruff – Blanlieusards
13. Rim – SMDH
14. Rudy Williams – ’89 Riviera
15. J.Period – The Traveller
16. Eloh Kush & John Robinson – Ebony Ronin (Invizible Handz Remix)
17. Demi Portion – Rétro
18. Christcentric – James 1:1-12 Trials
19. Outro

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