NEW 2020

Location: Austria

1.Figaro (Mr. Freed – Remix)
2.My Favorite Ladies (Mr. Freed – Remix)
3.2 Stings feat. Westside Gunn (Mr. Freed – Remix)
4.Blendcrafters (DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo) feat. MF DOOM – Melody (Mr. Freed Remix)
5.Vomit (Mr. Freed – Remix)
6.Figaro (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
7.My Favorite Ladies (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
8.2 Stings feat. Westside Gunn (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
9.Melody (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
10.Vomit (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Oakbridge x Randy Mason x Mastermind x DJ Aslan – Breaking Bread
2. Sivion x Rel McCoy x Marksman Lloyd – Done With That
3. Pythagoras the Praying Mantis x Mistery x JustMe x Resident x Lex – Enter The Vision (Doppelganger Project)
4. Izzy x Flashtheonly x MP Ancient x Mastermind – Monstrous
5. The Profit x Urban D x Samuel Roberts x Meek Starkiller x MC Still x Grungy Boguez – Turn Of The Tides
6. Sev Statik x ILL Clinton x Sounds Like Dsipl x Kris-Bo x Damion B. Sanders x Mistery x Monks – Skip The Formalities
7. Pythagoras the Praying Mantis x Nfors x Jonnie 3:16 x Grungy Boguez – The Lion’s Share
8. CDH Live! x Monks x D4C x DJ Lord Fader x ReFlex The Architect – For Such A Time
9. Jabs x River x Th3rdkind x Ryland Junior x Sundance – 2 Much 4 The Brain
10. Izzy n The Profit x Braille x Kris-Bo – The Knowing (Remix)
11. Rel McCoy x Soul Original x Oakbridge x DJ Lord Fader – Caught Up
12. G Funktion x Silas x King Ali Beats – Directed
13. Will Small x Rochelle Watt x Shelly.H – Breath
14. Izzy n The Profit x Jon Corbin x Grungy Boguez – We Won’t Run
15. Resident x Cas Metah x ILL Clinton x Reckoncyle x Sounds Like Dsipl – The Root Cause
16. Brother E x Monks x Laurian Bougaardt x TeOp x MP Ancient – Raise (Give It Up)
17. Brad Sabat x Werd x D.Minor x Sundance x Kris-Bo x Mastermind – Unbroken
18. LXX x Daniel x Eluan x Franco.$ – Vine
19. Hemelbesem x Mistery x Shelly.H x ReFlex The Architect – Under The Table
20. DavidWan x Enoch Vasquez x Young Faith x MP Ancient – The Good News
21. Jabs x WU-ZILLA x BEQII x Oakbridge x Mastermind – Blessed Enough
22. JustMe x Ten.Roc x Jonnie 3:16 x Mark Durksen x Mastermind – Train Track
23. Propaganda x DJ Efechto x DJ Aslan x MP Ancient – Majestic Birds (In Memory Of DJ Efechto)
24. The Profit x Izzy x Samuel Roberts x Nifik x Hadez x Percy Page x Unkle x LiCon x Jonnie 3:16 x Genesiz x Eskatology x Dublt x Young Faith x C-Side X Reboz x MC Still x Nfors x Justasifi’d x BEQII x Oakbridge – Werd On The Street 2.0

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Fall of AmeriKKa (feat. Gym Brown)
2. Angelic March (feat. Righteouz Knight, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Bonez Da Ancient Wonda)
3. Battle Of The Mind (feat. Gabriel Da Arch Angel, Bonez Da Ancient Wonda & Righteouz Knight)
4. Cypher Lordz (feat. Danegurous, Darren G, Absoulut Karnage, Prime Prolifik, SubKonshis, Marcanum X, Big O, Vherbal & DJ Zashone)
5. Lucifer (feat. White Lion)
6. Tearz Of The Sacrificed (feat. Righteouz Knight, Bonez Da Ancient Wonda & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
7. Set In Stone (feat. Sinnagi, DarkLife, O7, Knowledge Born & Nyraine)
8. We Been Came Up (feat. Johny Law, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Nyraine)
9. Shadow Goons (feat. Danegurous, Absoulut Karnage, Prime Prolifik, Rich Mahagony, Marcanum X, SubKonshis, Big O, Darren G, S.I.T.H., Labal-S, Ixion Form & Vherbal)
10. Get It In (feat. Gym Brown)
11. iary Of A Nympho (feat. Lyrical Ruckus)
12. 7 Set (feat. DarkLife, Nyraine, Knowledge Born & O7)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

01. Intro
02. Call The Coroner (feat. Dro Pesci)
03. Federal Notes (feat. Dro Pesci & Prestigous)
04. Broken Lanuages (feat. Dro Pesci & Ruste Juxx)
05. Hate If You Want (feat. Dro Pesci)
06. Ride (feat. Dro Pesci & Hell-Fire)
07. Brooklyn to Staten (feat. Dro Pesci & Sean Price)
08. Interlude
09. Let it Burn (feat. Dro Pesci & Dominic)
10. From NYC (feat. Dro Pesci)
11. Coast To Coast Remix (feat. Dro Pesci, Cassidy & Joell Ortiz) (Remix)
12. Scarface (feat. Dro Pesci)
13. Blue Devils (feat. Dro Pesci)
14. My NYC State of Mind (feat. Dro Pesci)
15. Coneheadz (feat. Dro Pesci)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Australia/USA

1. Rocko Reprezenta
2. I’m on Fiiire featuring Mic Handz, Rockness Monsta
3. Wisdom of Da Funk Doc featuring Redman
4. Hip-Hop Iz All I Do featuring Sticky Fingaz, Sickflo, Mic Handz
5. Classix featuring Doitall, Krazy Drayz
6. Bak 2 Da Boom-Bap featuring Artifacts, Protektahz
7. Keep The Art in Da Heart featuring Kali Ranks, Starrlight, the Dreaded MC
8. Be King featuring Strictly DT, Frukwan, Bertie Anderson
9. Spitta Up featuring MDMC, Ron Ransom, Mikoen, Bluntfield, Loftwah, Sipn, Lady Lotte, Mute MC, Mic Organic
10. Animalistix featuring M-Eighty, Crumbzilla, Turin Robinson
11. Smaaash featuring Method Man, Bertie Anderson, JR.
12. Fuk Wid It featuring Starang Wondah, Louieville Sluggah, JR.
13. Get Em featuring Fredro Starr, MDMC, Sickflo
14. Poetical Prizoners featuring Rockness Monsta, Sickflo, Krazie Kraze
15. Challenge of Da Godz featuring Isor, Light Bringa

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA/Kyrgyzstan

1. Intro
2. Imperial Gaurdsman Ft. Pro The Leader
3. Resist Stance
4. Networking Ft. The Holocaust & Space Ranger
5. Mind Venom Ft. Thieves Of Always
6. Death House Ft. Irie-1
7. Can’t Blind Me Ft. Kinetic 9 & Masta Of Ceremoniez
8. Events of An Assassin Ft. Irie-1
9. London Brigade Ft. Lone Wolf Assasin
10. Mysterious Opening Chapter Ft. Lone Wolf Assasin & Kryptonite
11. Beyond The Realms Ft. Irie-1 & Pro The Leader
12. Fall Back Ft. Kinetic 9 & Mega-Powers
13. Armed To The Beat Ft. The Shield Enforcers, Kinetic 9 & Irie-1
14. The Myst
15. The Formula Ft. Kryptonite
16. Bringing Blizards
17. March With The Masses
18. Drunken Kids With Lyrics

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Killa Beez ft. The RZA
2. Universal Builders
3. Follow Instructions ft. Shaka Amazulu The 7th
4. Do Right When You Know Right
5. Thin Ice ft. Kurupt
6. T.I.M.E. (Truth I Master Equally)
7. Blackest Star, Darkest Night ft. Killarmy
8. A Knight’s Tale
9. Righteous Values ft. Shaka Amazulu The 7th
10. Diary of a Madman Pt. 2 (Prod. by RZA)
11. Don’t Die
12. Can’t Tell Me Nuthin’ ft Wu-Tang Clan (Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah)
13. People Of Today ft. Shaka Amazulu the 7th
14. Opening Doors
15. A Northern Star (Outro)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Mami Blu (feat. Father Time & Godforbid)
2. Flying Hammerz (feat. Louie Sincere & Jos Rockwell)
3. Say That to Say This (feat. Jos Rockwell)
4. Subtle Movements (feat. Father Time)
5. Hi-Speed Havok (feat. Father Time, King Author & Godforbid)
6. Hey Kids! (feat. Godforbid)
7. Steel Sharpen Steel (feat. Father Time, Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Godforbid)
8. Spitting Image
9. Goodnight Irene
10. Finer Things (feat. Father Time)
11. Donde Esta (feat. Hand Skillz & Zay Skillz)
12. Lasting Legacy (feat. Father Time)

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