Location: Argentina, Chile, Italia

1.Menesed & Giant Versey – World Wide (Feat. Dj Roc P)
2.Giant Versey – Real Love
3.Menesed – Rock da’ Mic (Feat. Dj Ropo)
4.Menesed & Giant Versey – World Wide (Feat. Dj Roc P) (Acapella 88 BPM)
5.Giant Versey – Real Love (Acapella 86 BPM)
6.Menesed – Rock da’ Mic (Feat. Dj Ropo) (Acapella 86 BPM)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Canada

1. Oddfellows Intro
2. Needing Some Help
3. Scrape By
4. Supposed To Be Ft. Craig G
5. One Thing
6. Eaze Up Ft. Headtop (aka Durdy)
7. We Takin’ Over
8. What You Lookin’ At Bitch Ft. Pawz One
9. Hip-Hop Forever Ft. Kyirim
10. How Many Times Ft. Tarrish Potter
11. Bullcrap Ft. Spesh K
12. 11. Leave Our Head
13. Alright Ft. Mykill Myers
14. Bad Boys Ft. Quanstar
15. Burn It Up
16. You Don’t Know Ft. Ruste Juxx (REMIX)
17. Trapped
18. Oddfellows Outro

Location: Indonesia

1.Klive Kraven – True Hatred (Part 4) (Produced By Spion Liape)
2.Fubar – Drop Of Blood (Feat. Grozwel) (Produced By Spion Liape)
3.Supreme The Truth – Ancient Amulets (Produced By Spion Liape)
4.Raheem DaDream – After The Storm (Cuts By SkinnyBonez Tha Godfatha) (Produced By Spion Liape)
5.Cuban Pete – Dark Leader (Feat. Samuel Tafari) (Produced By Spion Liape)
6.Pryme Prolifik – Monster (Produced By Spion Liape)
7.Silentmind – The Return (Feat. Tak Da Critic) (Produced By Spion Liape)
8.Klive Kraven – I Am The Warlord (Produced By Spion Liape)
9.Fubar & Samuel Tafari – Sealed Fate (Feat. Father Focus Confucius) (Cuts By DJ Madhandz) (Produced By Spion Liape)
10.Silentmind – Potato (Feat. Trellion) (Produced By Spion Liape)
11.Illtemper & King Gordy – Dead Brain (Produced By Spion Liape)
12.Cuban Pete – Tactical Strikes (Feat. SpiderDaGod) (Produced By Spion Liape)
13.Edd Bundy – Rogues (Feat. Supreme The Truth, Father Focus Confucius, Rated R & Dr Creep) (Cuts By DJ TMB) (Produced By Spion Liape)
14.Silentmind – Close Out (Feat. Tak Da Critic, MOmentum, Rock Dizzmall & Premi Hendrix) (Produced By Spion Liape)
15.Fubar – Unreleased Verse (Produced By Spion Liape) (Bonus Track)
16.Illtemper – Fuck Commercial Rap (Feat. Donny G) (Produced By Spion Liape) (Bonus Track)

El DJ chileno DJ Ropo nos regala una magnífica mixtape de temas inéditos y unrealased con mc’s chilenos y argentinos de los últimos dos años. Check it fam!!

Location: Chile

Dj Ropo – Intro (Prod. Drama)
Franco illest – Bombardeo (Unreleased)
J Garden – Atribuciones Pt. I (Sabiduría uanfo)
Bin Nahuel – B2 hacia adelante (Prod Teymou)(Unreleased)
Morteros Crew – Cruza la vereda (Unreleased)
qp2h – Intro maketa bitd (Pista Sread Unreleased)
Flaco Vazquez – Inédito
Taros x Menesed – Untitled
Basek – Devilside (Inédito)
Cronelnegro – Busca vidas (Unreleased)
Negro Juanz – Freedom & Power (Prod. Joc Beats)
Eliecer – Untitled (Unreleased)
Menesed – Untitled (Unreleased)
Phedro Peligro – El respeto me lo gano rapeando (Preview)
Tomah – Holyshitt (Unreleased)
ranco illest – Ejecución (con Menesed) (Unreleased)
Big shout outs (Beat Bignoise)
Old Zen – Untitled (Unreleased)
L Gonzz – Inedit Track
Creenshet & Ruff T – Untitled (Unreleased)
Krispin Gonzalez – Untitled (Preview Beat Negro Zoo)
ESR – Propósitos (Unreleased)
Dj Drone & Dj Ropo – Respect (Prod. Drama)
Morteros Crew – Música abrazándome (Inédito)
NouNeim89′ – Crónica RMX A (Unreleased)
Conflicto Urbano – La Conocí (ver2 Prod. Drama)
Franco Illest – Is In Da Jaus (Unreleased)
Efeuvecru – Untitled (Unreleased)
B’Diggaz – Fallback (Inédito)
SiHay – Unreleased (Unreleased)
IL Tano – Gitana (Inédito)
Crenshett – Untitled (Unreleased)
Saikoraptonico – Perdurando (Unreleased)
Big shouts out 2 (Beat Bignoise)



Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Ireland

1. Intro
2. K.R.S. ft. Baby Aztro
3. How Many Times (album version) ft. Sadat X & Wildelux
4. Mic Messiah ft. GS Advance
5. 24/7 ft. LMNO & Glad2Mecha
6. Interlude ft. DJ Eclipse
7. Killin’ Shit ft. DreamTek
8. Development ft. Glad2Mecha
9. Pressure ft. Gutta Grimey & DreamTek
10. Gemstar ft. Tre Eiht
11. CMS (remix) ft. Vakill
12. The Park ft. Zilla Rocca
13. Outro

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Canada/USA

1. BAR-BARIC INTRO [cuts by Die Empty]
2. Soul of Cassius feat. A-F-R-O
3. The Firm feat. Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) + El Da Sensei (of Artifacts) [cuts by Die Empty]
4. The Heist feat. Ruste Juxx + Rockness Monsta (of Heltah Skeltah) [cuts by DJ Buttahfingaz]
6. Doh Doh feat. Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox) + C-Rayz Walz
7. Chruss feat. Thrust
8. Build feat. Mathematik
10. Worldly Waze feat. Jizzm High Definition + Kree
11. Rockin’ When I’m Rollin’ feat. Ruste Juxx
12. All Out feat. Dank (of Frank n Dank) + Thrust [cuts by Die Empty]
13. NORTH-CUT OUTRO [co produced] w/ K-Cut (of Main Source)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA & UK

01. Day Of Reckoning
02. Cheat Code (feat. Ren Thomas)
03. Face
04. Bloodless Coup
05. Casual Headshots (feat. J Scienide)
06. Harakiri
07. Olive Branch (feat. Sicknature & Micall Parknsun)
08. 3 Fourths
09. Devil’s Playground
10. Stolen Religion (feat. Scorzayzee)
11. God Complex
12. Better Off Living (feat. El Gant)
13. Road Map (feat. John Robinson)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Colombia

01 – Yo Soy
02 – El Cartel
03 – El Que Sabe Sabe
04 – El Tiempo Es Oro
05 – Juzguenmen
06 – Los Vaqueros
07 – Las Viejas Escrituras
08 – La Conecta
09 – La Media Cobija
10 – Sin Dignidad
11 – Knockout
12 – Breve Informativo
13 – Viernes Trece
14 – Esclavos

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Montréal, Québec

1. XL Coffee (Ft. Vic Monroe)
2. Orange Buick (Ft. Thirstin Howl The 3rd)
3. Tornados (Ft. The Kid Daytona)
4. Howl
5. Rig Afta Rig (Ft. Rico Blox & Don Streat)
6. Glass Palace (Ft. Pacewon)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Canada

1. CMO III featuring Craig G & Lomel
2. DWB featuring Es produced by Domingo
3. Radios featuring Edo G, G Dot & Born & Dominique
4. The Others featuring Eddie Kaine produced by Static Selektah
5. For The Love featuring Recognize Ali & Faith Walker produced by DJ Merciless

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