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Sheffield is known for its closed down steel factories, two average lower-league football clubs and a rich musical heritage including the likes of Def Leppard, the Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and the formidable Warp Records. Continuing that musical lineage is a young rapper by the name of Vard. Sheffield-born and raised this 27-year old is about to release his third album ‘Dreams LP’ .

DREAMS LP is available NOW in all digital platforms (Itunes, Google Play, Tidal…) and physical edition.

Check the ATOD youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5KFFUmwtPU33d5qsLlGRQ?fbclid=IwAR2JH4lrQmT-oPpGoB9OJ5qrd5n1zTA1ewggAocX0O-W0Zyz1r0YZL6N8B8

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Land of Steel
Burnin’ (feat. Jordan Nathaniel)
Ups & Downs (feat. Wish Master)
Open Eye
Doin’ It Again (feat. Wish Master)
Gettin’ By (feat. Jordan Nathaniel)
Problems (Had Enough) [feat. TUG MC]
Me & You (feat. Jordan Nathaniel)
Dreams (feat. CW Jones)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Chile

01.- Profesional con Dj Cidtronyck
02.- La Clave con Stailok & DjCidtronyck
03.- Sol con Anita Tijoux & Dj Jopsen
04.- Hey Hey con Nuclear & Dj Jopsen
05.- Witrapain con Luanko & Dj Cidtronyck
06.- Interludio Naiwonder con Cidtronyck
07.- Mata tu Idolo con Dj Cidtronyck
08.- Una Sola Bala + Ahora Vuelvo Cebolla rememba con Dj Cidtronyck
09.- En el aire con Macha Chico Trujillo & Aerstame
10.- Keep it Real con Nfx & Dj Cidtronyck
11.- Musica con Anima Soul & Dj Cidtronyck
12.- Por si las moscas En otra version con Matiah & Dj Perez
13.- No van pal baile con Rxndee Akozta & Dj Cidtronyck
14.- Haiti – Wallmapu con Alpha
15.- Haiti – Wallmapu con Alpha (Remix)
16.- Del Sur a Ferguson con Rebel Diaz, Tef Poe, Jamil, G1 & Dj Cidtronyck
17.- Vida Musik con Rxnde Akozta, Stailok & Dj Cidtronyck


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Power to the People   
2. Rhyme on Everything   
3. On the Run (feat. Rass Kass)   
4. Underground Jobs (feat. Big Twins)   
5. U Must Be in the Fiction   
6. It’s a Wrap (feat. Ruste Juxx)   
7. For Those (feat. Stic Man)   
8. Real Love   
9. Dear Mami Nyanga   
10. Days and Nights


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Da Stomp Out   
2. The Bartel (feat. Dj TMB & Phlieano)   
3. Shadow Work (feat. Dj TMB)   
4. Seven FM (Skit)   
5. Faded (feat. Dj TMB)   
6. 88 (feat. Dj TMB)   
7. Seven FM (Skit 2)   
8. Dirty Timbos (feat. Dj TMB)   
9. Warrior Flame (feat. Skinny Jimmy & Chi MD)   
10. Stomp (feat. Nappi Music)   
11. The Rapture   
12. Cold Outside   
13. Stay Whole   
14. Diamond In The Dirt (feat. Dj TMB & Prima)   
15. 528HZ   
16. Diesel Powered (Bonus Track) (feat. Dj TMB & Tha Soloist)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Drinking My Pain Away (feat. Kid Karma & Carlos Gabriel)
2. Thursday’s Child (feat. ScArz & Ren Thomas)
3. Candy Barz
4. Tread That (feat. Logikil, FNX & Auspiddit)
5. Every Words Devine (feat. Pacewon & Sees)
6. Cereal Killer
7. Callin’ the Shots (feat. JusMula & Scotty Beamin’)
8. Kiss the Ring (feat. ILL & Ruste Juxx)
9. Flipping the Word
10. At the Top (feat. Ty Banks, Los Fidel & Brent Mania)
11. Guess Again (feat. James Joyce & Cambatta)
12. Shut It Down (feat. Lingo & Young Steady)
13. Beast (feat. Jibba the Gent, Ayok & Mr. Freeze)
14. Stop Biting (feat. Drew G & Ren Thomas)
15. Emoji
16. Stand by (feat. JusMula & Dnarro)
17. Dark Place (feat. Xtra Overdoze & I.N.F.)
18. Is It My Fault (feat. Young Verse, ScArz & Lomel)
19. BST Top 10 Cypher (feat. FNX, Logikil, E’ the Rapper, Drew G, Young Steady, Kid Karma, JusMula, Los Fidel & D. Lector)
20. Rep CT Cypher (feat. Cambatta, Sees, FNX, T. Sawyer, Phil Blount, Soldier Picasso, Suave-Ski & JusMula)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. 100 Mad Movement Intro   
2. Fucc Dis Rap Shit (feat. SickFlo, Planet Asia & Tha God Fahim)   
3. Drug Dealers (feat. Jay Nice, Makem Pay & Larceny)   
4. Goon Squad (feat. Snak The Ripper & Termanology)   
5. Lyrical Boxing (feat. Jay Nice, Left Lane Didon & Illa Ghee)   
6. We in Here (feat. SickFlo & Skits Vicious)   
7. Invasion of the Body Catchers (feat. Jay Nice, Makem Pay & Conway)   
8. Salute King (feat. Jay Nice, Larceny & Tha God Fahim)   
9. It’s 100 Mad (feat. Jay Nice, Left Lane Didon, Knuckles & Flash)   
10. Influence (feat. SickFlo & Tha God Fahim)   
11. Run Down on ‘Em (feat. SickFlo, Lil Fame & Smoothe Da Hustler)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Perfect Execution [Produced by Schrowdah_Mental¥zs/cuts by DJ Enyoutee]
Death Pool [Produced by Crucial The Guillotine/cuts by DJ Enyoutee]
Zero Tolerance [featuring King Author] [Produced by Supreme Da Almighty/cuts by DJ Enyoutee]
Recognize [Produced by DLP/cuts by DJ Enyoutee]
Iron Rations [featuring Bad Seed & Milano Constantine] [Produced by Tone Spliff/cuts by Tone Spliff]
Eyes Wide Open [Produced by Seth Silensir/cuts by DJ Enyoutee]


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Greece

Watch me (feat. INTeLL)
What you came for (feat. Alida SoulMama & Dj Moya)
Clap to it
Money (feat. Cam & Nelly)
Love’s fury
Never ever die(feat. Dj Groove Sparkz)
Smoke (feat. Mic Bles)
Shiny (feat. Martzi)
Played the fool
Smooth as butter (Cassette Edition)
From the garden (Cassette Edition)
On my mind (Cassette Edition)
The withering (Cassette Edition)
Summer time recline (Cassette Edition)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Montreal, Québec

1. Intro (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)
2. Tromacore (feat. Swamp Thing)
3. Taking Out the Trash (feat. Woodman)
4. Atomic High (feat. Don Streat)
5. Combat Shock (feat. Novatore)
6. Kabukiman (What a Dumbass)
7. Tromeo & Juliette (feat. Filth the Enabler)
8. Redneck Zombie (feat. Aaron Romero)
9. Poultrygeist (feat. Filth the Enabler, Aaron Romero & Nova Spei)
10. Outro (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Calm & Crazy (Remix) [feat. Karm, KB & Necro]   
2. We Ain’t Feeling Ya (feat. Esoteric)   
3. Mad Man’s Diary (feat. Mystro)   
4. Darkness Shines (feat. Apathy)   
5. They Dont Know (feat. Jehst & Jyager)   
6. Gang of Roo’s (feat. Wizdom)   
7. I Can Break It Down (feat. Mark Deez & Koby Lee)   
8. Instruments of Fire


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: CANADA

1. Live from Milano Intro
2. Unstoppable (feat. Mad Soul)
3. Never Shut Up (feat. Jangy)
4. Underground Madness (feat. Mad Soul)
5. Messed Up (feat. Jaide & ArgentoVivo)
6. Bang Boom (feat. Mad Soul)
7. Up in the City Lights (feat. Warez)
8. No Matter (feat. Flow & Mad Soul)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Italy

1. With Attitude (feat. Afu-Ra, Mastino, Big THings, Dj Fastcut)
2. Quaggiù (feat. Flesha, Jap, Zampa)
3. Quasi Niente Di Sbagliato (feat. Moder)
4. Pazmanian Devil (feat. Ianne)
5. Most Underrated MC (feat. Lord Madness)
6. Sesto Senso (feat. Asso)
7. Combo Mega (feat. Ares Adami, Drimer)
8. Il Giardino (feat. Zeth Catle)
9. Butta la Pasta (feat. Basilari All Stars)
10. Beat Check (feat. Apoc)
11. Ipse Dixit (feat. Warez) [Remix]
12. A Long Time (feat. Brenno, Piero Erre, Dj Daf Tee)

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