Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Slovak Republic

1. Intro   
2. Music Is My Life (feat. Nironic)   
3. Get Low (feat. S.A.S)   
4. V Tvojej Hlave (feat. H16)   
5. Hip Hop Ide Hore (Monopol) [feat. Rytmus]   
6. Money Money Get It Get It (feat. Young De)   
7. Really Real (feat. Meloe Melodic)   
8. Movement (feat. Evidence, S.A.S & Stephano Moses)   
9. Bůh (feat. Hugo Toxxx)   
10. Tell Me (feat. Gigi Gabor)   
11. Do It Big (feat. Affiliated Soldierz)   
12. Forbidden (feat. Rasco & Zpu)   
13. Mantra   
14. Skener (feat. Suvereno)   
15. Get Low (Remix) [feat. S.A.S]   
16. 22 (feat. Nironic & C-Bugz)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Lagos, Nigeria

1. Esoteric Mellow (The Arrival)
2. Sound Bwoy Killa
3. Kaiser Flow
4. Mystery Girl (ZillaRemix)
5. Black Vampire
6. Polymath
7. Journey Of An Artform
8. SuperHuman Feat. Canibus (ZillaRemix)
9. Club Story
10. Thirty Two Bars
11. Don’t Move To Me
12. Collage Feat. Awkword
13. Walk On By
14. Polymath (ZillaRemix)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Where Im From
2. Thug Music
3. HipHop
4. Never Change (feat. Whispers)
5. The Game (feat. Diabolic, Apokalypze & Mello)
6. Hands Up
7. Scary Movie
8. Blood Type
9. Heathens
10. Plays a Fool (feat. Tuffy)
11. City of Devils
12. Know the Ledge Juice


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Malawi

Great Risin ft Patrick Lumumba
Hope ft Killo
Energy ft Con Blaq
Phi Ella’s Interlude
Travelling Bag ft Gingy
Picture ft Anne Nonymous
Knanji’s Interlude ft Thomas Sankara & Killo
Kingdom ft Killo & High Def
Free! ft Anne Nonyomous
Warm Heat ft Anne Nonyomous & Killo
End ft Treble Don
Bonus Track: Orion ft Sage Poet



Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Da Stomp Out   
2. The Bartel (feat. Dj TMB & Phlieano)   
3. Shadow Work (feat. Dj TMB)   
4. Seven FM (Skit)   
5. Faded (feat. Dj TMB)   
6. 88 (feat. Dj TMB)   
7. Seven FM (Skit 2)   
8. Dirty Timbos (feat. Dj TMB)   
9. Warrior Flame (feat. Skinny Jimmy & Chi MD)   
10. Stomp (feat. Nappi Music)   
11. The Rapture   
12. Cold Outside   
13. Stay Whole   
14. Diamond In The Dirt (feat. Dj TMB & Prima)   
15. 528HZ   
16. Diesel Powered (Bonus Track) (feat. Dj TMB & Tha Soloist)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Montreal, Québec

1. Intro (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)
2. Tromacore (feat. Swamp Thing)
3. Taking Out the Trash (feat. Woodman)
4. Atomic High (feat. Don Streat)
5. Combat Shock (feat. Novatore)
6. Kabukiman (What a Dumbass)
7. Tromeo & Juliette (feat. Filth the Enabler)
8. Redneck Zombie (feat. Aaron Romero)
9. Poultrygeist (feat. Filth the Enabler, Aaron Romero & Nova Spei)
10. Outro (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)


Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: CANADA

1. Live from Milano Intro
2. Unstoppable (feat. Mad Soul)
3. Never Shut Up (feat. Jangy)
4. Underground Madness (feat. Mad Soul)
5. Messed Up (feat. Jaide & ArgentoVivo)
6. Bang Boom (feat. Mad Soul)
7. Up in the City Lights (feat. Warez)
8. No Matter (feat. Flow & Mad Soul)


Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Aussie

1.Supply Demand Prod. By Denno
2.Knowledge Ft. Strike Won Swiftboi Prod. By Rubix
3.Fear & Loathing Ft. Shaz Ill York Prod By. Rubix
4.Paradise Lost Ft. Strike Won Prod. By Rubix
5.Visions Ft. Strike Won, Mad Max Prod. By Shookz
6.Pass The Loot Ft. Haytch Prod. By Rubix
7.Past Tense Ft. Strike Won Prod. By Rubix
8.Cruel Intentions (Remix) Prod. By Kha


Quality: 320Kbps –  Location: Canada

1. Intro   
2. Black Forest   
3. Hate Me   
4. All These Walks   
5. One Eye Open   
6. The Great Awakening (feat. DJ Coach One)   
7. Price of Love   
8. Bangerz   
9. Let There Be Light   
10. Separated by Darkness   
11. Witching Hours (feat. DJ Coach One)   
12. Purified by Fire   
13. Depend on Nobody   
14. So Stressed   
15. Keeping It Going   
16. Have a Choice   
17. Friday Night (feat. Sloppy Joe)   
18. The Second Coming   
19. Outro


Quality: 320Kbps –  Location: World

1. Armas Pesadas (feat. Sai, the Jotaka Perverse, Rob Rod & Acherre)   
2. We Got Him (feat. Him-Lo)   
3. Cups of Blood (feat. Mortal Kombo & Fade 2 Dead)   
4. Revelaciones (feat. The Jotaka Perverse, Graveface, Saer, Lord 360 & Rob Rod)   
5. Not Going Away (feat. Ghette)   
6. Ciudad Insomnio (feat. TxVxMxOxRx, Sr. Amargo, Crey, Acherre, Poek, T-Killa, Livera, Nedman & DJ Paxil)   
7. Sing to Survive (feat. Bimes Ill, Gamz & DJ Coach One)   
8. Style Wars (feat. Canna Man & Dark Matter)   
9. Voices for Creative Violence (feat. Skull Damage, Fubar, Flux & DJ Coach-One)   
10. Vandalism (feat. Da Buze Bruvaz)   
11. Dark Conquest (feat. Mortal Kombo & Fade 2 Dead)   
12. No Love (feat. Menace O.B.E.Z, the Jotaka Perverse, Bimes Ill & DJ Coach-One)   
13. Unsportsman Like Conduct (feat. Da Buze Bruvaz)   
14. Voices of the Night (feat. Versos, the Jotaka Perverse, Verb & Dj Coach-One)   
15. Flying Guillotines (feat. Mortal Kombo & the Jotaka Perverse)   
16. Con Hip-Hop Crecimos (feat. Lavozekreta)   
17. Cuando Sangro Surge (feat. The Jotaka Perverse & Rob Rod)



Prime, member of the conscious Hip Hop group Royal Blood Army, from Malawi is taken out his debut album, The Agenda. The album contains 10 tracks + a Bonus.

Enjoy the album fam!

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Malawai

Picking up a Paint Brush
I get Back Up
Don’t Approach Me
Window Pane
Hanging on a Strand of Hair
None is Fair
Never Sell Your Soul
Bonus Track: The Wave

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