Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Nigeria

1. Sit Down [Intro]
2. Beware Pt. 2 (Ft. Prophecy)
3. Nuff Said
4. Grimiest
5. Daz Ma Vibe (Ft. Pupa Tee)
6. Lemme Know (Ft. Amuta Stone)
7. Being A Nigerian [BAN]
8. Unnecessary Roughness
9. Vintage [Interlude]
10. Rainy Dayz
11. On Ma Own [OMO]
12. Emcee
13. Shady Industry (Ft. ModeNine)


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Here to Play   
2. Breaking the Curse   
3. Drawing Board   
4. Destiny   
5. Back Up (feat. Fatty Phew & Bigfoot)   
6. Sad Saga   
7. What I’ve Seen (feat. Alyson Murray)   
8. One Fine Government (feat. Luke Mac)   
9. Just Let Me   
10. Originals (feat. Geko & Maundz)   
11. Mend a Saga (feat. Maggot Mouf & Swarmy G)   
12. Planet of the Apes


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Introduction
2. The Breakout ft. Helen Earth
3. The Move
4. Madness
5. Prop Collectors ft. Mog.Y
6. Animorphs
7. Black Matter
8. Death Threat ft. Aussieozborn
9. The Sound Of Music ft. Helen Earth
10. Spot Rushers ft. Insideus & Bigfoot
11. The Blocked Number
12. Words With Friends ft. Helen Earth, Audacity, Mesc, Aussieozborn, Occaphats, Rob Shaker


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Slurpees (feat. Maundz)   
2. Combat (feat. Merkules)   
3. Battleships 3 (feat. Bitter Belief)   
4. Lock Ya Doors (feat. Mantra)   
5. Welcome to Australia (feat. Hau)   
6. Street Without Joy (feat. Mortar)   
7. Let It Rain (feat. Kogz)   
8. Pump Ya Fists (feat. Downsyde)   
9. By Myself (feat. Ciecmate)   
10. Masters of Savage (feat. Mic Handz & Raven)   
11. All Aboard (feat. LSD)   
12. Wild West (feat. Purpose)   
13. Pungent (feat. Smog)   
14. Large (feat. 59 MC’s)


Location: Malawi

It’s been a minute
White Walkers ft Tru-Fix
Supreme Rulers ft Prev-L
Mother Nature
Dum Dum Bullet ft Deep Brain
Believe ft Genetix
Goons Territory ft Khingi & Sage Poet
Everything They Do
That Jazzy Fellin’ ft Hopeson
The Chronicles of I.M Artz
Street Wisdom ft Sergius, Prev-L
Untouchables ft Sage Poet, Sergius
Slice of Life
New Day
Boom-Bap lives on ft Day One
Last Memory of Peace
Champions Arena (Outrology) ft Street Knowledge, Prime, Commodore, Tru-fix & Cyantist


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA/Australia

1. Forever Queens (feat. Chinky QB)
2. Caskets (feat. Foul Monday)
3. Trust the Ink (feat. Milano & AG)
4. Value of Us (feat. Zima Locke)
5. Like How (feat. Foul Monday)
6. Shark Tank
7. Stovetop (feat. Milano, Foul Monday & Agallah)
8. Pick Your Poison
9. On the Loose (feat. Foul Monday)
10. Just Add Water


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Canada

1. Force Ghost (Burden Of A Master) [prod. by Peter Project, cuts by More Or Les]
2. From Earth [prod. by Beatmason]
3. Cybertronnoiseur [prod. by Diagnostik80 w Fresh Kils, cuts by Bnutz]
4. The Mos Eisley Rap Show [prod. by Milk Plus, cuts by More Or Les]
5. Space Defense Team (Bix Remix) feat. Kool Keith & Mega Ran [prod. by Bix, cuts by DJ Uncle Fester]
6. Torontaun [prod. by Diagnostik80 w Fresh Kils, cuts by More Or Les]
7. Picard Maneuver (Red Shirt Remix) feat. More Or Les, Timbuktu & Touch182 [prod. by More Or Les]
8. Spectral Mic [prod. by Diagnostik80 w Fresh Kils, cuts by More Or Les]
9. That Metroplex Life feat. Hot Rod of Cybertronic Spree [prod. by Fresh Kils, cuts by Bnutz]
10. Remember The Hoojibs [prod. by Timbuktu, cuts by More Or Les]
11. Angels & Monsters (SonIc Screwdriver Mix) feat. Ghettosocks & More Or Les [prod. by Fresh Kils, cuts by More Or Les]
12. Out There (Last Ears Remix) feat. Chokeules, Savilion & Timbuktu of Swamp Thing [prod. by Timbuktu, cuts by DJ Irate]
13. Dude Where’s My AT-AT At? (Grand Moff Remix) feat. Rift aka Garthim-Master [prod. by Beatmason, cuts by Bnutz]
14. Unicrontact (To The Finish) feat. XOC [prod. by Milk Plus, cuts by More Or Les]


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Ching Rock, Shookz, Strike Won – Maintain Prod. By Pyrex
2. Mos Hated – Street Grime Prod. By Shookz
3. Strike Won, Shookz, Peeps – Shutter Island Prod. By Shookz
4. Aetcix – Head Fulla Zombie Prod. By Aetcix
5. Profits – Teeth Prod. By Shookz
6. Strate UP – Blood & Loyalty
7. How Many Deep x Reel Wolf *Suspect, Resin* (Canada) – Wolves Of Oz Prod. By Sentury Status
8. Big Sid, Shookz, Strike Won – Juliette Prod. By Shookz
9. Shookz – Bloodline Prod. By Shookz
10. Strike Won, Profits – Prison Planet Prod. By Skitzo
11. Mad Max – Waiting All Night Prod. By Shookz
12. Strike Won Ft. Pete Hird – Soldier Prod. By Shookz
13. Mad Max, Jahheim, Strike Won – Contagion Prod. By Skitzo
14. How Many Deep x Defynt Music Australia – Deeply Defynt Prod. By Shookz
15. Ching Rock, Shookz, Strike Won – Melbourne To Manhattan (Got That Fyah) Prod. By Pyrex
16. Shookz, Struhs – Life Prod. By Shookz
17. Strike Won, Mad Max – Revelations Prod. By Skitzo
18. Shookz, Ching Rock, Dirty Serb, Aetcix, Mos Hated, Profits, Strike Won – Moonshine Writers Prod. By Pyrex
19. Mos Hated – Spazmatic – Bonus* Prod. By Shookz
20. Strike Won Ft. Dirty Serb – Frontline – Bonus* Prod. By Sinks
21. Mos Hated, Shookz – Gutterslang – Bonus* Prod By Shookz
22. Strike Won – Break Ya Cipher Ft. Peter Hird – Bonus* Prod. By Shookz
23. Strike Won, Jahheim – Terroristix – Bonus* Prod. By Skitzo


Location: SouthAfrica

DIRTmuSICK feat. Death FM
Perception feat. Jay Stash
Deadly Lecture feat. Caper & Rustee Juxx
Glad That You Left (Remix)
Cutthroats feat. Authority
Ancient Torture Methods feat. Dead Right There
Eight-2-Five feat. DJ Solyd & DJ Cue 1
God TaiChi feat. Skampoe, Caper & Smarts
Kick In The Door (Freestyle)
Heads or Tails feat. Vov

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