New 2019

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: World

1. Intro (They Were Wrong)   
2. Eventually (feat. DJ Eclipse)   
3. Lovin’ Life   
4. Tell Me (feat. Chevy Playa Slim)   
5. Do U Luv Me (feat. Freddie Black)   
6. I Am Somebody (feat. Barry Means)   
7. Larry Bird (feat. Rakim Al Jabbar)   
8. Mind Body and Soul   
9. Sekkond That   
10. We Gonna Get It In   
11. Still Close

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: New Mexico

1. Intro to the Progress   
2. Eye   
3. My Life (feat. Barney Crumble & Context)   
4. Tides Turn (feat. Barney Crumble)   
5. Bad Habits   
6. Outro and the Progress Continues

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Portugal (Instrumental)
2. YoYo (feat. Justo the Mc)
3. New Blood (Instrumental)
4. Player 99 (feat. Saipher Soze)
5. Rick Rude (Instrumental)
6. Motivation (feat. Mookie Jones)
7. Upscale (Instrumental)
8. Fly Zone (feat. Rome Streetz)
9. Habits (Instrumental)
10. Want It (feat. D’andrea)
11. Need More (Instrumental)
12. With a Smile (feat. Mookie Jones)
13. The Block (Instrumental)
14. Flat Out (feat. Vee Tha Rula)
15. My Life (Instrumental)
16. Wingspan (feat. Mookie Jones)
17. SaveaYout (Instrumental)
18. Trials (feat. Philly Regs & Epic)
19. Half Time (Instrumental)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Chile

Intro ft Maca Campos & DJ Dacel
Piso 13
Believe Me ft Lord Sucio, T&K & Antioch
Máximo Gorki
Te Busqué ft Ana Tijoux & Pedro Forcea
Parrafos Largos
That’s It (Cinematic) ft Lil Supa
Intelecto Violento ft Frans Mezko & DJ Perez
Media de Guaro ft Doble Porción & Zof Ziro
Vuelve a Ti ft Macrodee & Movimiento Original
Juegos de Ambición ft DJ Sta
Desconocidos ft Tiano Bless & Frans Mezko
Todo Puede Pasar ft Urbanse & Antioch
Díselo ft Antioch

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Chicago, USA

Zero (Prod. C-Lance)
Cold Heart ft. Apathy (Prod. C-Lance)
Insidious ft. ILL BILL (Prod. C-Lance)
Shotgun (Prod. C-Lance)
Nightmare ft. Sean Strange (Prod. C-Lance)
Dark World ft. Jak Progresso and Sharkmouth (Prod. C-Lance)
Uprise (Prod. Boroda Beats, cuts by DJ Reska)
Luxurious Kingpins ft. Unkle Slump (Prod. Chris Ruben)
Back in Hell ft. Nightwalker (Prod. Nizuk)
All Hail the Composers ft. Tha God Fahim (Prod. Chris Ruben)

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