Props Dez

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Germany

1. Monsters Gorillas (Instrumental)
2. Snowgoons Infantry (Instrumental)
3. The Revenant (Instrumental)
4. Leitfaden (Instrumental)
5. Rugged Never Smooth (Instrumental)
6. Run It (Instrumental)
7. Hänsel & Gretel 2.0 (Instrumental)
8. Good Fight (Instrumental)
9. Champion (Instrumental)
10. Narcos (Instrumental)
11. Blood Money (Instrumental)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: France – Beat Tape

1. Go Out (feat. Fabiolitto)
2. NYC Finest
3. What It Is
4. Night Is On
5. It’s Time
6. Fast Money
7. Beats All
8. Space Monkey
9. By Myself
10. Funky Lovers (feat. Fabiolitto)
11. Give Me All Now (feat. Fabiolitto)
12. The Crazy Thief
13. Night Cruise
14. Tribute
15. Around The World (feat. Fabiolitto)
16. Shaft Is Back (feat. Fabiolitto)

Location: Fresno, California

1.Oh Ya’ Feel That Soul God Beat (prod. Serf)
2.Soulful Of Soul God Beat (prod. Serf)
3.Hood Stories Lordy Beat (prod. Serf)
4.Dropn That Soulful Shit God Beat (prod. Serf)
5.Ya’ Know Tha’ Vibes Son Beat (prod. Serf)
6.Tha’ Lord Giveth & Tha’ Lord Taketh Kid Beat (prod. Serf)
7.Been To Long Son Beat (prod. Serf)
8.Never Wonder Yo’ Beat (prod. Serf)
9.Ain’t No Fakin’ Jax Kid Beat (prod. Serf)
10.Me n You Lordy Beat (prod. Serf)

Location: Portland, USA

1.Time Goes By
2.A Simple Answer
3.One Time ft. DJ Eveready
4.Later Days
5.Worlds Collide
7.The Way Things Go
8.Float Away
9.What Am I Here For
10.When The Wind Blows
11.Deadly Intentions
13.About Time
14.The Day After
15.The Get Down
16.Hurts So Bad
18.T24rs In Heav8n

Location: Canada – Beat Tape

Props illogic

1. Violent Moods – Introduction
2. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – Homerun (unreleased mix)
3. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – Abstract intellect (unreleased mix)
4. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – Beautiful babe (unreleased mix)
5. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – On the jazz tip (unreleased mix)
6. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – Out of it (unreleased mix)
7. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – Tales from the crip beat (unreleased mix)
8. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – The tape beat’s (unreleased mix)
9. Mr. Moods meets Tack Fu – Interlude (unreleased mix)
10. Violent Moods – Night clubs
11. Violent Moods – Hook
12. Violent Moods – Lovers In The Night
13. Violent Moods – Freaks
14. Lr-60 & Mr. Moods – Eh-Ruh
15. Twin Muses – Nasty Deuce
16. Twin Muses – Kiss the past, that girl is gone
17. Spacey

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.The Coroners Code (feat. DJ Concept) [Instrumental]
2.Dalai Lama (feat. Outerspace) [Instrumental]
3.Closed Caskets (feat. Little Vic & Peter Leo) [Instrumental]
4.Broken 40 Bottles (feat. Brown Bag AllStars) [Instrumental]
5.Swinging Pendulums (feat. Nustso, Famoso & Syck Syllables) [Instrumental]
6.The Mechanix (feat. Nature, Mann95, UG & Bannish) [Instrumental]
7.Bonus Piranhas (feat. Sammy Gallows, Mark Deez & Godilla) [Instrumental]
8.It Still Aint Safe (feat. King Syze, Reef the Lost Cauze & Relik) [Instrumental]

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