Location: Canada

1.Morning Sunlight
2.A Strange Happening
3.Wind Scene
4.Secrets Of The Forest
6.Cathedral II
7.A Desolate World
9.The Seal
10.The End Of Time
12.Silent Light
15.Singing Mountain
17.Depths Of The Night
20.Undersea Palace
21.Black Omen
24.To Far Away Times

Location: Córdoba, España

1.1st Class
2.Mantequilla Nápoles
3.Vibrate The Streets
4.Smooth Hardcore
5.Higher Degree
6.Mind Over Matter
7.Eardrum Murder
9.12 O’Clock
10.Alone In The Dark
11.My Inside
12.Psychological Warfare
13.The Frank Morris Escape
14.Jenna’s Ass
15.Real Vision
17.Winter In My Mind
19.Fuck The World
20.Al Recordar
21.High Voltage
22.Could Feel
23.ALC & EV Tribute
24.Killer Flow
25.Kubrick’s Mind
26.Fucking Real
27.Kalibre Kalifa
28.Se Acabo…

Location: Sevilla

In his eyes (intro credits)
Pain inside (I welcome u)
Pimp counsel
Mundo imaginario ft OGSkvnk
No more (wait up for me)
The Devil´s Son-In_Law
Rekiem for a pimp (she tried so hard)
Wake up (been sleeping for too long)
Let me free (to find)
The upperclass (pimps operate with class)
I’m leaving (you’re blind baby) ft OGSkvnk
SugarHill´s Revenge (final credits)

Location: Spain – Beat Tape

1. Anywhere
2. Black down
3. Can you feel it
4. City limits
5. Dynamic soul
6. Clear mind
7. Musical fever
8. Old tapes
9. Bouquet
10. From the last row
11. Dirty vinyls
12. Heat as a rule
13. Floor shot
14. Daydreaming
15. The hood
16. Keep doin’ it
17. Learning from pain
18. R.E.A.L
19. What!!!
20. Long time
21. The professional
22. Really true
23. I have a dream
24. Eternal

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Bulgaria – Beat Tape

1. Soldering Moon
2. A Host of Voices
3. Second Sun
4. All Is Well
5. Stormcloudz
6. Fight On
7. Message From The Mystix
8. Tarot Kit
9. Testament
10. Miles From Nowhere
11-. A Look At The World
12. How She Do
13. Old Well
14. Lunar Carnivore
15. Hand Of Budha
16. A Place Called Hope
17. Solemn Promise
18. Dance Of The Shadow Demons

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Spain

01 – Raw
02 – Griselda
03 – Şehrazat
04 – Space Alien
05 – Ill Shit
06 – Mezarı
07 – Wu-Tang
08 – Mental Pimp
09 – Sometimes
10 – Sezen Aksu
11 – Stranger Boy
12 – Cuando el tiempo se va
13 – Yalnız Bir Kalp

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Germany

1. 0 – Curiosity Killed the Cat
2. T.A.T.P.
3. Mistress Masquerade (feat. Woar2)
4. Releasing Anger
5. I.M.H.O. (feat. Jonathan Wr. Jr. & Warpath)
6. Seasons Change
7. Reboot the Matrix
8. Feelwhateyefeel
9. A Perfect Illusion (feat. Br!x)
10. Raised Amongst Snakes
11. 23 Millions Miles
12. Graves for her Dolls
13. Dream of Reality (feat. Hast)
14. Back 2 Life 0

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA – Beat Tape

A compilation anthem records produced by Shazam X between the years of 93 to 96.

1. Down For My Crown (Kenny Dope Mix)
2. The Incredible
3. Reality Check
4. Bring Da Ruckus
5. Uptown Anthem
6. Down For My Crown (Shazam X Dubstrumental Mix)


2.Interludio Perdido en la Luz
3.Magic Skills
6.Ve hasta el final
7.El último baile
8.Big Bang

«LOFI VIBES» es un álbum/beattape creado a partir de la premisa de obtener un sonido totalmente sucio. La idea era conseguir un low-fi totalmente real. Aunque se han usado múltiples softwares en este proyecto, la base fundamental del mismo ha sido la utilización de máquinas como la Roland Sp404A o SX, un tocadiscos para samplear fragmentos de vinilo o una doble pletina de casettes, para finalmente procesar el audio y conseguir ese «sabor» lofi REAL en el sonido. Sumérgete en este audiovisual, el cual compone de forma compacta todo el álbum y te transporta hasta otra atmósfera. Espero que lo disfrutes…


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