Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: France

Pack For DJ

1. Intro 2
2. Drums Soul 3
3. Sounds Scratchs 1
4. Back To The Oldschool 1
5. Surely
6. French Acapella Rap 2
7. Interludes 2
8. Dancehall / Reggae Style
9. Voices & FX 2
10. Back To The Oldschool 2
11. US Beat Rap 2
12. Sounds Scratchs 2
13. US Acapella Rap 2
14. Evasion
15. Electro Style 2
16. Kit Drums And Co
17. Interludes 3
18. Outro 2

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Tha One Man Band
2. Tha Record Player
3. Tha Magnificent
4. Tha Abc’s of tha Game
5. Tha Scratch Style
6. Tha Ghetto Hot Whistler
7. Tha Novice
8. Tha Last Crossover
9. Tha Aspiring Drummer
10. Tha Hard Rocker
11. Tha Swinging Bliss
12. Tha Intergalactic Battle

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: France

1. Ah yeah
2. It’s real Hip-Hop music
3. All for the cut N03 (Cuts)
4. Cut z beat
5. Hip-Hop masterpieces 26
6. Hip-Hop masterpieces 27
7. Hip-Hop masterpieces 28
8. Hip-Hop masterpieces 29
9. Hip-Hop masterpieces 30
10. Switch off
11. What kind of Dj is (Cuts)
12. Hip-Hop masterpieces 31
13. Hip-Hop masterpieces 32
14. Hip-Hop masterpieces 33
15. Hip-Hop masterpieces 34
16. Hip-Hop masterpieces 35

Location: Middleton, NY,USA

Milano Constantine – Flying Saucers produced by DJ Enyoutee
King Magnetic & SmooVth – Broadcasting Live produced by Haleem The GodBrother
Alpha Faktion – Creative Control «Re-Program» produced by Venom (scratches by Venom)
D Strong & King RA – VLAD TV produced by Supreme Da Almighty
Realio Sparkzwell – Save My City produced by Plague MD
Zagnif Nori & King Author – Head Hunting produced by Plague MD
Dirt Platoon – ’88 produced by 3I’sYd
Rap P – Make It or Take It produced by Supreme Da Almighty
The Bad Seed – What I’m On produced by Tensho
Alpha Faktion & Starvin B – Inner Savage produced by Plague MD
Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math produced by Plague MD
I.N.F. – The Cycle produced by Plague MD
Reap – Who Knows? produced by Plague MD
Toxsicpreme Al-Amin – Shine produced by Rebelxgenius
D.V. Alias Khryst, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Lord Have Mercy – Veteran Status Remix produced by DLP
Whichcraft – Bring The Light produced Plague MD
Born Unique & Milano Constantine – Destruct produced by DJ Spinna
UG, Skanks the Rap Martyr, King Author, Nowaah The Flood, DJ Tekwun, The Bad Seed, Zagnif Nori – Strength In Numbers produced by The Custodian Of Records
Planet Asia & Goretex – Return To Power produced by Supreme Da Almighty
L.E.O. & Last Measure – Ample Time produced by Plague MD
Alpha Faktion – Breaking Ground produced by Chess Pain
IDE – Mic Hog produced by DJ Enyoutee
Planet Asia – Over The Airwaves produced by Plague MD
Starvin B – The Flame Thrower produced by Plague MD
Planet Asia, Tone Cuff, Krumb Snatcha – Sacred Math Remix produced by Mr. Jack

Dj Akhet se pone la máscara de Garland Greene para modelar este trabajo compuesto de once instrumentales que abarcan varios estilos, aunque moviéndose siempre en torno al underground y los ritmos contundentes del hardcore. Primera «beat-tape» del productor sevillano que se ha hecho cargo del aspecto musical desde el primer bombo hasta la última mezcla.
Diseño y realización de portada por 2K gfx.

Location: France

Dante Inferno (Intro)
All Alone (Instrumental)
Lyrikal Landslide (Instrumental)
What’s Done Is Done (Instrumental)
Déjà Vu (Instrumental)
The Mecca (Interlude)
I’m Here (Instrumental)
Disobedience (Instrumental)
Call Of The Wild (Instrumental)
She’s Broke (Instrumental)
Believers (Interlude)
Ambition Of The Shallows (Instrumental)
Just Listen (Instrumental)
Longevity (Instrumental)
Who Be The Realest (Instrumental)
Making Cuts (Instrumental)
Hell’s Storm (Instrumental)
Maniac (Instrumental)
Damned (Interlude)
Other Shit (Instrumental)
Projects (Instrumental)
The Payback (Instrumental)
All Alone ft. Masta Ace & Torae (Acapella)
Lyrikal Landslide ft. Ruste Juxx & Nutso (Acapella)
What’s Done Is Done ft. Ide & Jise One (Acapella)
Déjà Vu ft. Rasheed Chappell & Soul The American Dream (Acapella)
I’m Here ft. Dontique & CF (Acapella)
Disobedience ft. Clever One (Acapella)
Call Of The Wild ft. Team Thoro (Absouljah, Spicco, Halfa Brick) (Acapella)
She’s Broke ft. Guilty Simpson (Acapella)
Ambition Of The Shallows ft. Napoleon Da Legend & Paloma Pradal (Acapella)
Just Listen ft. Wildelux (Acapella)
Longevity ft. GOD, J-Merk & Jamil Honesty (Acapella)
Who Be The Realest ft. King Magnetic (Acapella)
Hell’s Storm ft. Q-Unique, Hex One & Milez Grimez (Acapella)
Maniac ft. Xplicit Content (Unkn?wN, Fatha Death, Eternel, Apacalypze) (Acapella) (Acapella)
Other Shit ft. Dirt Platoon & Wyld Bunch (Acapella)
Projects ft. Spit Gemz & Eff Yoo (Acapella)
The Payback ft. EMS (M-Dot, REV, Mayhem) (Acapella)

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