Location: USA

1.God MC Intro [feat. Black Thought]
2.In The Ghetto (Wake Up!) [feat. Black Thought, Rakim & John Legend] [J.PERIOD Exclusive]
3.In The Ghetto [J.PERIOD Remix]
4.Ain’t No Joke [feat. Buckshot]
5.Funky For You [Interlude] feat. Nice’N’Smooth
6.Juice To Get A Rep [J.PERIOD Remix]
7.Pete Rock Interlude
8.Know You Got T.R.O.Y. [J.PERIOD Remix]
9.Know You Got Props [J.PERIOD Remix]
10.Know You Got Funk [J.PERIOD Remix]
11.ATCQ Consists Of… [Interlude]
12.Know You Got Lucien [J.PERIOD Remix]
13.Pharoahe Monch Interlude
14.Pass The Peas, Eric B. [J.PERIOD Remix]
15.Pass The Peas (Live) [feat. Black Thought]
16.More Peas [J.PERIOD Remix]
17.Follow The Phuncky Leader [J.PERIOD Remix]
18.All For One Leader [J.PERIOD Remix]
19.Casualties of Kill A Man [J.PERIOD Remix]
20.Casualties of Rampage [J.PERIOD Remix]
21.Casualties of N.W.A. [J.PERIOD Remix]
22.Casualties Is Dead [J.PERIOD Remix]
23.Q-Tip Interlude
24.Don’t Sweat [Altered Tapes Remix]
25.Don’t Sweat [DJ Pump Re-Edit]
26.Here We Go, Don’t Sweat [J.PERIOD Remix]
27.The Choice Is Technique [J.PERIOD Remix]
28.Don’t Sweat The Scenario [J.PERIOD Remix]
29.Bonus: A Coltrane Story [feat. Rakim]
30.Bonus: Let The Hot Music Hit Em [J.PERIOD Remix]

Location: USA

1.Quarantine – GOD pt 3 – Prod Twiz The Beat pro
2.Ny Ny- Blaq Poet ft Comet – Prod The Blaq one,Dj E.Rex
3.FireTeam – King Magnetic & Blaq Poet ft Comet,Sticky Money – Prod Alcaplla
4.Be There – J Hood ft Big Twins – Prod Max Dollas
5.Same Damn LO sweater – El Da Sensei, Sadat X,Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Life Long, Loer – Prod J Sands
6.In Da Jungle – Comet ft WyldBunch – Prod AstroVandalist
7.War Drums – Meyhem Lauren ft Hologram, Benny The Butcher – Prod Dj Muggs
8.Asian Kingpins – Planet Asia, Hus Kingpin – Prod Buckwild
9.Grimey Cloth – Comet, Dj TMB – Prod Mika Dough
10.Silver Surfer – Dj Flipcyide, Comet – pd Sal Barz
11.Wormz – Comet ft Daniel Son – Prod MMX
12.Johnny Cash – GOD pt 3 – Prod Twiz The Beat Pro
13.Animal – Blaq Poet – Prod The Blaq One, Dj E.Rex
14.Underground Rappers -King Magnetic ft Blaq Poet, Napoleon Da Legend – Prod Alcapella
15.Crescent Skrolls – Comet ft Tone Of Voice – Prod Dj Swab
16.Bourbon Street Gutter Wear – Daniel Son – Prod Buckwild
17.Street Religion – Meyhem Lauren ft Roc Marciano – Prod Dj Muggs
18.Fully Loaded – Rome Streetz, Rim Da Villain – Prod Buckwild
19.YFN – Meyhem Lauren, Raekwon – Prod Buckwild
20.10 From This Clip – Flee Lord – Prod Buckwild
21.Empty Promises – Cormega – Prod Street Runners
22.Floor Shot – Daniel Son ft Asun Eastwood – Prod Future Wave
23.One Shot Kill – Labba ft El Da Sensei – Prod PF Cuttin
24.City Of God – Cormega – Prod Street Runners


Location: USA

1.WuLords – Intro (Hip Hop Police)
2.WuLords – Mathematical
3.ETERNAL OF KILLA BEEZ Feat. Massacre – All About My Biz
4.DJ Flipcyide & P.I.L.L.S. – The Best Man prod. by L.O.B.
5.Shrine B – Came Up
6.Zagnif Nori – Starvation ft. Bronze Nazareth, Illah Dayz, Kevlaar 7 & Danamic
7.WuLords – 360 Farenheit
8.Dungeon Masta – RIP ODB
9.Dom Pachino – Rich in Respect
10.Hell Razah feat. White Shadow of Norway & Masta of Ceremoniez – Verbal Slaughter
11.WuLords – Shackles
12.Kenyattah Black feat. Bklyn Chance, Killah priest, Daz Dillinger, & Billy Danze – Ruler Steps Remix
13.Moon Crickets feat. Trinity Chris, Ras Demo & Phoenix – Change My Mind prod. by DJ Mercilless
14.Killah Priest, Vendetta Kingz feat. 60 Second Assassin – Forever Regime
15.iNTeLL – The Sequel (Ft Method Man) [Prod. By Su-Preme]
16.WuLords – Moonlight
17.Eggroll (Disciples of The Sick), Dr. Wahnsinn, MF-Pain prod. by Testloks – Warzone
18.Caper – Tiger Style
19.La The Darkman – Rap Poloticians (Ft. Black Thought)
20.DJ Flipcyide & Tahmell feat. Bars – I Still Love H.E.R. prod by Concious
21.Solomon Childs feat. Jus-P – Never Tell Me
22.TNT feat. Timbo-King & TEK – Brooklyn Bridge
23.WuLords – Wu Juice Outro produced by Sal Barz

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: France

Pack For DJ

1. Intro 2
2. Drums Soul 3
3. Sounds Scratchs 1
4. Back To The Oldschool 1
5. Surely
6. French Acapella Rap 2
7. Interludes 2
8. Dancehall / Reggae Style
9. Voices & FX 2
10. Back To The Oldschool 2
11. US Beat Rap 2
12. Sounds Scratchs 2
13. US Acapella Rap 2
14. Evasion
15. Electro Style 2
16. Kit Drums And Co
17. Interludes 3
18. Outro 2

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Tha One Man Band
2. Tha Record Player
3. Tha Magnificent
4. Tha Abc’s of tha Game
5. Tha Scratch Style
6. Tha Ghetto Hot Whistler
7. Tha Novice
8. Tha Last Crossover
9. Tha Aspiring Drummer
10. Tha Hard Rocker
11. Tha Swinging Bliss
12. Tha Intergalactic Battle

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