Quality: 320 Kbps Location: USA-France

Intro [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Subterranean Raw (Scratches – DJ Djaz)[Prod.Ol’Dayz]
My Earth Melody [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Living Gem (Scratches – DJ Djaz) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Blade Runner [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Eloheim Theme [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Subterranean Raw (Remix) (Scratches – DJ Djaz) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Living Gem (Remix) (Scratches – DJ Djaz) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Subterranean Raw (Instrumental) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]
Living Gem (Remix Instrumental) [Prod.Ol’Dayz]

1- Pull no punches feat Emilio Rojas & Tizz
2- Spit Game feat Tragedy, Jukstapose & Blaq Poet
3- Check the beatdown feat Percee P & King Magnetic
4- Playtime over feat Edo G & Fatlip
5- Grown Rhyme feat Saigon & Sadat X
6-Splits & Politics feat Ruste Juxx, Baby Blak & Celph Titled
7- Raptime feat Copywrite
8-What’s in the future feat Illa Ghee & Blacastan
9- A to Z feat Cheef Rockaz
10- You don’t impress me feat Born TalentProps Lovic

Location: USA

Props to illogic

Welcome Me Back (I Need An Encore)
Where Your Going
1,2 Yall
Mommy Dearest
As Soon As The Beat Breaks
Too Hot (HIV Awareness)
The Process (Remix)
Honeymooners Interlude
Honey Mooners
I’m Gonna Make It
Some Sh*t

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Pentro
2. Showdown
3. Do You Feel Lucky?
4. Words For Weapons
5. Doctur Danegurous
6. Fuckin’ Animal
7. Killing Machine (Feat. Mark Deez)
8. Lift The Veil
9. Puppet Masters (Interlude)
10. The Deception
11. Think About It (Feat. LABAL-S)
12. Way Of The Shinobi
13. R.H.L. (Respect,Honor,Loyalty)
14. The DANEGUR Zone
15. Pray 2 God (Feat. Diabolic)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Shit Iz Real
2. Dear God
3. Jiggy Comin’
4. 5 Elements
5. Shaolin Style
6. Real Bad Boys
7. What Makes The World Go Round
8. Can You Feel It
9. Life As A Shorty
10. Don’t Front / Let’s Chill
11. Things Happen
12. See What I See
13. Still There
14. Young Godz

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Peabody, Massachusetts – USA 

1. Prison Planet (feat. Freddie Foxxx)
2. Show & Prove
3. Vengeance (feat. Termanology & Apathy)
4. Win / Win Situation
5. Kill Bill O’Reilly
6. Too Much To Ask
7. East Coast Overdose (feat. Celph Titled & Statik Selektah)
8. A Valiant Effort
9. Let It Knock
10. Torture Rack
11. Riot Act (feat. King Magnetic)
12. Hey America
13. The Trouble With Motorcades
14. Avengers Assemble
15. Lady Liberty (feat. Slaine)
16. Clean Conscience
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