Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Parole Music
2. More Gunz (ft Ruste Juxx & Celph Titled)
3. Anyone Else
5. Poker Life
6. Crown The King
7. Name Dropping
8. Bullyish (ft Sean Price)
9. Daily Reminder
10. Still POP
11. Round Me
12. Juneteenth

Location: USA

1.United Nationz Intro by Blaznez
2.Blaznez & E-Nice (Dynastie des Morniers) – Represento
3.Ben Malick – Destined To Rhyme
4.Ekinoxx – HH Culture
5.Substance810 Feat Ethemadassasin – The Hanging Gardens
6.Deen Burbigo Feat Alpha Wann – Immunité Diplomatique
7.Benjamin Epps – Zidane en 2006
8.Blaznez feat Cuervo Loomi – Palkepuede Freestyle
9.Chuck Norris Feat Mr Fp, Emcee Heavihandz & Nik Fury – War On Cybertron
10.Ekinoxx – Trop c’est trop
11.Dipdadi – Seguimos
12.Reak – 49-3
13.Grödash – Ghetto Littérature
14.Grödash – DASH #3 [Thugs N Harmony]
15.Ramson Badbonez feat Recognize Ali, Skyzoo & Juxx Diamondz (cuts by DJ Jazz T) – Lead by Example
16.Cuban Pete feat Krumbsnatcha, Kinetik, Solomon Childs – Around The Globe
17.Furax Barbarossa – Long fleuve tranquille
18.Blaznez – We in there Freestyle
19.Death Squad feat. Dr. Wahnsinn, Perfect K, Killa Milla, Légion D.Wise – No Fear
20.DixXxon – Felindra
21.Death Squad feat Dr. Wahnsinn – Perfect K
22.Ekinoxx Feat A6G & Ashaman – Piqure

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

Recorded 1996

1. Coming For The Kill
2. Choose Your Weapon
3. Visions Of Crime Featuring – Sherlock
4. Committing Sins
5. Trails & Tribulations
6. Daily Drama
7. Bless You Like Knoah
8. Take It To The Stage
9. Rap Wars Featuring – Dirty Boogs
10. Invasion
11. 103 04 (Killah Hills)
12. Murderous Type Slang Featuring – Dirty Boogs, Inspectah Deck, Pop Da Brown Hornet
13. More Goals
14. Mad Beef
15. Trilogy Featuring – Dirty Boogs, Star Da Sgt.
16. Back To 82´
17. MillionDollaNigga (MDN)
18. Murderous Type Slang (Alternate Version) Featuring – Dirty Boogs, Inspectah Deck, Pop Da Brown Hornet
19. Bless You Like Knoah (Alternate Version)
20. Visions Of Crime (Alternate Version) Featuring – Sherlock

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. The Letter (feat. Alexandra Hart)
2. Battle Dome
3. Facing Seclusion
4. Wut U Value (feat. B. Dvine & Grayston3)
5. 4669
6. 2 of Hearts
7. Give Thanks (feat. The One Lavic & Jahan Nostra)
8. Reality Check
9. Can’t Touch Mine (feat. B. Dvine & Solomon Childs)
10. Ammunition (feat. Breezy KingLeo)
11. Retaliation (feat. B. Dvine, Ju Muny, YungL!nk & Diabolic)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: UK/USA

1. Black Magic and Horns (feat. Jus Allah, Controverse & Mayz)
2. Bundles of Filth (feat. Mayz & Buddahmann)
3. Strains of a God (feat. Pacewon, Mayz & Controverse)
4. Thoughts Forming (feat. El Da Sensei)
5. The Battlefield (feat. Wordsworth & Craig G)
6. High Noon (feat. Masta Ace, Montener the Menace, Rah Digga, Wordsworth & Fatlip)
7. Tributary Flow (feat. Rick Mal)
8. Times like these (feat. Noram)
9. The Vault (feat. Mayz, JL Trafik & Rick Mal)
10. Lockdown 2020 (feat. Wordsworth)

Location: New York

1.Raiders [Seth Silensir Remix]
2.Brawn Intellect [featuring Anthem Bluez, Miskeen Haleem, King Bliss & Crotona P] [Tone Spliff Remix]
3.Interfectrix Pt. 1 [The Quarter Inch Kings Remix]
4.Importance (In Accordance) [Hooks Arthur Remix]
5.Rap Scholars [featuring P.Genz][BesKept Remix]
6.BONUS: Seek Forward [featuring Nivek B.][Produced bt Isac no Beat]
7.BONUS: Out the Cages [Produced by Young Sin]

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Upper Echelon
2. After The Fact
3. The Reveal
4. Cloud of Smoke
5. The Heavy Gun
6. I Apologize
7. Blessing and a Burden
8. Houston Is
9. Punishment Phase
10. Ain’t Family
11. The Healer
12. On The Way Down
13. From a Distance
14. Would You
15. Corner Store Convo

Location: Las Vegas

1.Sean Price – S.E.A.N.
2.Sean Price, EL Da Sensei & Doujah Raze – Everyday On The Street
3.OowopTheDon – Ink Pen feat. Sean Price, Kima Rocel & Tragedy Khadafi
4.Sean Price & Meyhem Lauren – Grown Man Palettes
5.Sean Price – All Time Great Feat. Ruste Juxx
6.Sean Price, Bun B, & Styles P – Top Tier prod. by Statik Selektah
7.Sean Price, Vic Spencer & ILLA Ghee – Jungle Gym
8.Fortunato & Sean Price – Don’t Drink The Kool Aid
9.DJ Skizz – Hot Breath ft. Your Old Droog, Sean Price, Fame of M.O.P. & Milano Constantine
10.Sean Price & MeRCY – Eagle Eye View
11.Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – Drink Irish feat. Slaine, Sick Jacken & Sean Price
12.Sean Price Ft Illa Ghee & Head I.C.E – Go Rambo
13.7evenThirty & Sean Price – Hook Heavy
14.Sean Price, Royal Flush, Danegurous &The White Shadow of Norway – NY Giants
15.Ruste Juxx, Baykan Barlas, Canibus, Rass Kass, Solomon Childs, Sean Price, Sars & DJ Q-Fingaz – Marauders
16.Sean Price & Starvin B – Infinity Gauntlet
17.Sean Price & RashDon – Steel City 2 Brownsville prod. by DJ Traverse
18.Sean Price & WestSideGunn – Blvk Tar
19.William Cooper ft Sean Price & Stoneface – Holy Mountain Produced by BP
20.Sean Price ft. Havoc – Anderson Silva
21.Silver Backs & Sean Price – Nems
22.Sean Price & Tame One – HaHa Da Rah Rah
23.Mr. Wonderful, Sean Price, Loch & Maestrolungs – Step Up (F__k With Me)
24.Treo ft. Sean Price – Get X Bob Banner
25.Sean Price, Milk Dee, & Murda Mook & DJ EFN – Crazy Dope (Another Time)
26.Sean Price – Garbanzo Beans
27.Sean Price, Labba & Git x 1Mt – TNT
28.Sean Price & M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks ft. Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino & DJ Babu

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Even Heathens (Produced by Trilian)
2. Dead Brain (Produced by Spion Liape)
3. Spring Break In A Crackhouse (Produced by Darkocity)
4. The Devils Defects ft. Donnie Menace (Produced by Cotardz)
5. Flu-Like Symptoms (Produced by Trilian)
6. Lunch Money ft. Lord Goat (Produced by Lord Goat)
7. Rotten (Produced by Trilian)
8. Interludes (Interlude)
9. Granny Porn (Produced by Trilian)
10. My Life ft. Copywrite & Ren Thomas (Produced by Sultan Mir)
11. Obscenery (Produced by Trilian)
12. Evolved (Produced by Gwiggy)
13. Organ Harvest ft Dr. FowlMouf (Produced by Cotardz)
14. Druggies (Produced by Edd Bundy)
15. Chophouse ft. Dr. FowlMouf & Mage Mortician of Freewill (Produced by Trilian)
16. Dead Brain Remix (Produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. A New Abyss
2. Lucid Fragments feat. Lyrikill, DJ Skratchmo
3. Witches Sabbath feat. Lord Goat
4. Magenta Brainwash
5. Sovereign Sirens
6. Pass the Vodka
7. Tortured Calculations
8. Altered Beast
9. Futura Dystopia

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