Location: USA – The Netherlands

‘Nearvana’ is the collaborative EP between Florida based MC Eclyse, who is originally English and Dutch producer Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha. ‘Nearvana’ will take you on the road to inner peace. Including all the struggles you will find on this path. Nirvana is near!

State Of Mind
Soul Searching
Chin Up
Path To Light
Look Inside

Location: Seattle, USA

What They Want
Now I Got It f/ Mic Logik
Fed Up f/ Samiam The MC
Break Won
Old To The New f/ DJ Pompey
Feel The Flow
Resurface f/ Big Pork
Break Too
That’s My Word
Phase One f/ Alan Z
What Comes To Mind f/ Masta Ace
Turn That Sh*t Up
NOD f/ Skyzoo & DJ Pompey
On & On
Outta Here f/ A.G.

Location: Florida, USA

Ancient Tombs (Produced By Rice Master Yen)
The Ritual (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
Sink Or Swim (Produced By A Dusty Cinema)
Keep Sharp Ft. Recognize Ali (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
Tiger Fist Ft. Guillotine Bars (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
Throne (Produced By A Dusty Cinema)
Shaolin Temples Ft. Glad2Mecha (Produced By Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)
Enigma (Produced By Wolfgang Mercury)
Blunt Roof (Produced By Glad2Mecha)
Championz Ft. Mr. Ripley (Produced By A Dusty Cinema)
Embark Silence (Produced By Moicano Beats)
Word Wizardry (Produced By AisBeatz)
Floatin’ On (Produced By Definite Mass)
Spilltro (Produced By Glad2Mecha)

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. (Intro) Blunt Ashes   
2. Get Ya Shit Together (feat. Reks)   
3. Legit   
4. Fear or Love (feat. Weapon ESP & DJ Slipwax)   
5. Ken vs. Ryu   
6. Figure 4 Skit   
7. No Delaying (feat. Exp)   
8. Break the Mould   
9. Wack Shit   
10. (Outro) Lil’ Jimmy   
11. Legit (Remix) [feat. Ace Adams]


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro   
2. Never Lay Down (feat. Ali B.)   
3. Betrayal (feat. T Hodge)   
4. Lemons   
5. Step into the Light (feat. No Malice)   
6. Mobster 2 (feat. Krumb Snatcha & Termanology)   
7. No (feat. Krumb Snatcha & Termanology)   
8. Baby Girl (feat. T Hodge)   
9. Love Is Love   
10. Lit (feat. DJ Aspitta)   
11. Seasons Change (feat. Guru, Big Shug & Krumb Snatcha)

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro   
2. Ticket 2 The Moon   
3. Brooklyn   
4. For The Road   
5. Dear Love (feat. Rileazy)   
6. I’m Ready   
7. Don Sh*t (feat. Maffew Ragazino)   
8. Black Money   
9. Dirty Interlude   
10. Last Straw (feat. Capital Steez)   
11. Identical 2 None   
12. Hell (feat. SEAN PRICE)   
13. James Yancey   
14. We Kingz (feat. B.Forrest)   
15. Hate Me

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro   
2. Eyes of a Villian   
3. Young Black Militants (feat. Guilty Simpson)   
4. Zen Master   
5. Bad Boy   
6. Mind on My Mula   
7. Need a Hero   
8. Scottie Pimpin’   
9. Affairs   
10. Married to the Game

killah priest

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Do The Damn Thing   
2. Excalibur   
3. When I’m Writing   
4. Black August (Daylight)   
5. Time   
6. Robbery Featuring Savoy   
7. Come With Me   
8. Breathe   
9. Musifixation   
10. Déjà vu   
11. Goodbye (Feat. Solstice)   
12. Black August (Dark)   
13. Robbery (Remix) Featuring Elephant Man   
14. Do You Want It

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