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Location: UK

1.Try Me
2.Groundhog Day
3.Eagle Claw
4.Scorpio skit
5.Visions In My Mind Feat Slard A.K.A Brad Slade
6.4 Elements
7.Scorpion Skit
8.Mercy Feat Airklipz & Nephilim
9.Scriptures Of Life Feat Ray Vendetta & Mongo

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1.Jason’s Journal
2.Haunted Houses
3.Sticks & Stones
5.Stuttering Psycopath
6.Halloween Rap Regime
7.Machete Madness (Continuation)
8.Blue Or Red Pill
9.Face Down Floating
10.Ghouls & Goonies
11.My Perfect Storm
12.Frightened Biters

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Start It Off
3rd Culture Feat. Jehst
Swoop feat. The Four Owls & Jazz T
Humanoid feat. King Kashmere, Verb T & Mysdiggi
Drama feat. Sparkz, Foreign Beggars & Dr Syntax
Overly Fresh feat. Fliptrix
I Need That feat. Dr Syntax, Harleighblu & Dubbul O
Heard It Before feat. Micall Parknsun & Verb T
Follow Me feat. Doctor Outer, Sparkz & Marie Plassard
Confused feat. Tyler Daley
Kingdom feat. LayFullStop, Jehst & Sparkz
Makes No Sense feat. DRS
How We Living feat. Manik, Jazz T & Karl Sage
Criminalised feat. Coops
Wise Man feat. Confucius MC & Iyamah
Worth It feat. Jerome Thomas

Quality: 320Kbps Location: England, UK

INTRO prod Simiah
DESTROY & REBUILD prod by Baileys Brown
THE BIG OPPRESSION prod Baileys Brown
SOMETIMES prod Baileys Brown
NORTH EAST TO SOUTH WEST ft Jordan Nathaniel, Walter Black ( LY ) prod by Baileys Brown
JUPITER ft Glock prod by Baileys Brown
SCIENCE prod by Baileys Brown
MY ADVICE prod by Baileys Brown
GRINDING FT SCARBOY prod Baileys Brown
MOTIVE ft Tac prod by Baileys Brown
BILLY prod by Baileys Brown
GAMES GONE WEAK prod Baileys Brown
THE WAVES COMING ft , Buggsy ,Tac prod Baileys Brown
LIVE MY LIFE ft Tug mc prod Baileys Brown

Location: UK

Georgia (Alamak Remix)
Dare You Go (YK HOBY Remix) // Disneyland (Illinformed Remix)
Norf Leeds (Konchis Remix)
Paolo Nutini (Must Volkoff Remix)
Moloko Plus (Hashfinger Remix)
Niners (Ile Flottante Remix)
Idle Eyes (Baileys Brown Remix)
Second Coming (Sangria Kong Remix)
Friday (Mechkbeats Remix)
StrongerLovingWorld (Jas0nbeats Remix)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Smokey Smokey
Can’t touch the flow ft Jazz T
Duckits ft M.O.P.
Fanning the flames ft Smellington Piff
Reverse Forecast
Overseers ft Inspectah Deck
Capital I
Return to Stoney Island ft Young Z & Jazz T
Feed for the greed
The Desert
On a Roam
The Ending ft Rome Streetz
Can’t see me
Stone of the brothers ft Eric the Red

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Germany-England

Move With Us (feat. Bad FX & DJ Educut)
Take A Flight (feat. Noritsu)
The Terradome (feat. DJ Educut)
Memories & Flowers (feat. Tesla Alset)
Nothing to Forgive (feat. derkalavier)
Short Before (feat. Tesla Alset)
Strictly 4 All (feat. Wanja Janeva)
Build Together (feat. Bad FX, Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
You Want It… You Got It (feat. Wanja Janeva)
Blind Fire
Weed Flower Pot Heads (feat. Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
(Drum) Pattern of the Stange (feat. Spacekonsta)

Location: UK

617 Intro (Produced by One Take)
The Abyss (Produced by Kuartz – Cuts by DJ Madhandz)
Last Son Of Dathomir (Produced by Evil Ed – Cuts by DJ Severe)
Same Status featuring Chrome (Produced by DJ Obsolete)
HL Bloodline featuring El Tel The Dopeness (Produced by El Tel)
Tales From The Black Freighter (Produced by Aver – Cuts by El Statiko)
Tombstone (Produced by Giallo Point)
BSRD (Produced by CrabbMan)
MP Convoy featuring Cappo (Produced by Joe Cain of Armed Dukes – Cuts by Mr Brown)
First Order (Produced by The Summit)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Still At It
Certain For The Win
Interlude no.1
The Raw
16 From The Gawd (Feat. Joker Starr)
Don’t You Care
Klingon Face (Feat. Joker Starr)
8 Bricks (Feat. M-9)
You’re The One
The Konny Kon Joint (Feat. Konny Kon)
Interlude no.2
I’m So Glad (Feat. Essa)
Still Struggling
The Epic
8 Bricks (Feat. M-9) Remix
The Raw (LeafDog remix)
The Raw (Jazz T Remix)
The Raw (Micall Parknsun remix)

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

My Introduction (Prod. Jettimasstyr)
Rainy Days Feat. Rich Quick (Prod. Rob Steez)
This Is My Life (Prod. OLR)
Jack In The Box Feat. DJ TMB (Prod. Boom Bap)
Survival Feat. DJ TMB (Prod. Ben Maker)
Die Another Day Feat. Synikall (Prod. P Type)
Lord Forgive Me Feat. Kapes & D7 (Prod. Zvezdkin)

Quality:320Kbps Location: UK-USA

Rapsploitation [Intro]
You gone learn [Ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Kasim Allah]
Trouble [Ft. E Class Wright]
Make believe [Ft. Berry Boo, P General & Halie Ali]
Prison riot [Ft. Ruste Juxx & Kasim Allah]
Half baked [Ft. Haz Diggs]
The pain of life
Straight out da NYC [Ft. Shatike & Rim da Villain]
Mercy [Ft. E Class Wright]
Legends live forever [Ft. Daddie Notch]
Serious no Joke [Ft. Mic Handz]
Omnipotent [Ft. Tragedy Khadafi]

Quality: 320Kbps Location: England-Sweden

Living For The Art (feat. Noritsu) (prod. by Mono:Massive)
Dat Hardcore Ish (feat. Teknical Development.IS, Dookie & BlabberMouf)
Samourai Ninja Wizzards (feat. Omniverses)
The Grind (feat. Tesla Alset)
Sun & Moon
Ego & Soul (feat. Tesla Alset)
EUP (Europe Under Pressure) (feat. Merlin Alexander, Teknical Development.IS & BlabberMouf)
Dem Major
Street Kingz, Wild Lionz
Crystal Cypher (Remix) (feat. Noritsu)
Adapted Like Water (feat. Mad Flows, Merlin Alexander & Tesla Alset)
Itz Really Christmaz
Originoo (feat. Maniac)
Soul & Ego (feat. Tesla Alset)

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