Location: Birmingham, UK

Cheese Intro
Jamil Honesty ft Supreme Cerebral & Squeegio – Marines
Codenine – Flyenigma
Tryf Bindope ft Jamil Honesty – Boombox
Cheese Reality Stone skit
Chong Wizard, Hus Kingpin & SmooVth – Wilson Fisk meets Manny Merengues 03:
Cousin Feo & Lord Juco – Turkish Empires
Brumshit beat-erlude
Yellow Balaclava x HobGoblin Beats Ft Josiah The Gift – Vegeta Vs Jiren
K.Burns – WeU$ ft 318Cha$e (prod by Hobgoblin)
Southern Vangard skit
Chong Wizard, D Brash, Johnny Gunnz & Exclusive – Savage Land
Jamil Honesty X Hobgoblin ft Ace Cannons – Striving For Perfection
Hus Kingpin – Hannibal Hus HOBGOBLIN remix
Chrome Radio skit
St Ivan The Terrible – Dreams
Aurieloheem – Western
Jamil Honesty – U Kno
Farma skit
Ace Cannon – The End

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Reeboks Ft. Axel Holy, Stinkin Slumrok & Datkid
Die Hard Ft. Axel Holy & Anbu
Horses Mouth Ft. Datkid & Jinxsta
More Than Ruff Ft. Axel Holy & Juga-Naut
Swim Ft. Datkid, Jinxsta & Hozay
Neckbreak Ft. Bil Next, Conz, Jay0117
Cold Ft. Axel Holy
Something Else Entirely Ft. Lee Scott & Dabbla
Bouwthcu Ft. Bogues
Lost In Space Ft. Jordan Nathaniel
Rockports Ft. Axel Holy & LY
50 Grand Ft. LY
Gimme Ft. Datkid & Dabbla

Quality: 320Kbps Location: UK

Apex Intro
Mr Murphy Ft. Evil Ed
Interlude One
Supersonic Ft. DJ Madhandz
Gold Dust
Pure Gold
Interlude Two
Summit Ft. C.A.M, Shogi Shinobi, Axel Holy & DJ Madhandz

Location: UK

The Technician
Freedom featuring M9
No Antidote
Build & Invest
Past, Present, Future featuring Ray Vendetta
Power Brokers featuring Cons
Mad Runningz 2
Modus Operandi
When We Were Kings
12 Sided Dice Rap
Charlie Sollers
Fire Vs Ice featuring Tesla’s Ghost
Rhino Skin
Life Or Death
Song For My M

Location: UK

House Of Flying Daggers
When The Fat Lady Sings
Collector’s Material
Special Delivery
Last Call
P.L.O. Style
The Wind Cries Mary
The Experience
I Don’t Live Today
10 Bricks
Star Spangled Banner
Hey Joe
Tooken Back
It’s Not A Game
The Switch Up
Kiss The Sky
Dirty Fox
I Can’t Wait
Summin Gotz To Give
Street Rap
Burning The Midnight Lamp
What’s Happenin’
The Hood

Location: UK

No Wannabeez Allowed – Cuban Pete ft SmuveMassBeatz and Dungeon Masta prod BDvine
Altered Beasts – Bobby Fuego ft Cuban Pete & Chief Rocka
Supa Cypha – BoFaatBeatz ft 13 MCs
None Of Yall Better – BDvine, Cuban Pete, Odd Thomas
Project Wars – BDvine ft 20 MCs
Respect Mine – D.Original Mr.Blue x Cuban Pete
City’s Pulse – Iron Winds ft Cuban Pete
Dominate Breakloops (Remix) – DJ Modesty ft BDvine, Cuban Pete & Odd Thomas
Whatever – Ill Proceeja ft Mr Personal, Starrlight, Cuban Pete & Bigg Huey
Jokers Wild – SGRP ft Cuban Pete & Samuel Tafari
Heart Pain – Ju Muny ft Cuban Pete & Mavz
Feelin So Good – OneMike ft Skreech & Cuban Pete
Turned On Me – Cuban Pete ft Vishus Da Mobsta & Tom Skeemask prod MEZ
Workin – Jabbo Tha Macnificent ft Cuban Pete
Tower Rich – BDvine ft CB & Cuban Pete
Immortal Kombat – Ju Muny ft 11 MCs

New video of Vard, «Me and you» featuring Jordan Nathaniel and produced by Hozay, taken from the album Dreams available on all digital platforms and cd. Visuals by Mario Mangata Carlos F. Blanco Kandhu Visuals. Enjoy!

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Intro (Prod. By Tonez)
2. Colour Of Sound (Prod. By Tonez)
3. Verbal Vandals Ft. Ray Vendetta, Menace Mendoza, Case Studies & DeSide (Prod. By Re-C)
4. Never Run Away (Prod. By Tonez)
5. Bop Ya Head (Prod. By Tonez X Re-C)
6. Dreaming Spires Ft. DeSide (Prod. By Re-C)
7. Clickers Ft. Tiece (Prod. By Re-C)
8. Came From The Bottom (Prod. By Tonez)
9. Haunted Ft. Deside, Case Studies & Freda Green (Prod. By Re-C)
10. Bonus Track – Going Deeper 2013 (Prod. By Mojo)
11. Outro (Prod. By Tonez)

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