Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Sweden

1. 128 Ninjaz
2. Black Dragon (feat. Blabbermouf)
3. Forever
4. Hell & Back
5. Obtala
6. Pesa Yangu (feat. OneSix)
7. Shinobi
8. Squad
9. Berlin Experiment (feat. Tesla, Madflows & SaineCrazy)
10. Ramping (feat. Blabbermouf)
11. Ninjology (Come Follow Me)
12. I Am What I Am


Location: Sweden

Props to illogic

Controlled Substances (Intro)
Drink This
Freestyle (Geinster beat)
Flexin’ (D.I.E Remix)
Gotta Be (Demo)
Skullcrack (Dirty Ice OG extended verse mix)
Dark (Demo)
Special Bitches (Demo)
Dirty Ice scrapped collab verse
Eastside Gorilla (Verse)
Tired (2009 Demo)
Retarded (2009 Demo)
Sally Gauge (2013 Demo)
Skullcrack (Feat. Richard Gein & Insane Loc)
Ski Mask (Demo)
Shut The Fuck Up (2010)


Quality: 320Kbps –  Location: Switzerland

1. Chapter One   
2. Nuin’ Like Hip Hop   
3. Down 2 Ride   
4. Primitive (feat. The Jokerr)   
5. No Pain (Let The Good Times Roll)   
6. Golden   
7. L.a.z.y (feat. Sean Strange)   
8. I Ain’t Into   
9. Vibe’n’ride (Let’s Get It On)   
10. The Product   
11. Dead Wrong (feat. Billy Double & Obg)   
12. Stomp Down   
13. Mob Tied (feat. Marka)   
14. Survival


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA & Sweden

Keep it Cruisin’
Nothin’ New Under the Sun Feat. uMaNg & DreamTek (Scratches)
Cosmic Voyage
Powerful Mindz Feat. Tony Patagonia, DreamTek & DJ Grazzhoppa
Don’t Let ‘em
Stay With Me
Rites of Passage Feat. DoomsDay & DreamTek (Scratches)
The Realness
Pure Feat. DJ PhiLogic


Location: Sweden

Past Beyond
277 Asprin
Chili Con Fusion
Shinobi Medi
City Sleeps Disturbed
Hustle The Puzzle
Under The Below
Inzombia Blues
Arlington´s Box


Quality: 320Kbps Location: England-Sweden

Living For The Art (feat. Noritsu) (prod. by Mono:Massive)
Dat Hardcore Ish (feat. Teknical Development.IS, Dookie & BlabberMouf)
Samourai Ninja Wizzards (feat. Omniverses)
The Grind (feat. Tesla Alset)
Sun & Moon
Ego & Soul (feat. Tesla Alset)
EUP (Europe Under Pressure) (feat. Merlin Alexander, Teknical Development.IS & BlabberMouf)
Dem Major
Street Kingz, Wild Lionz
Crystal Cypher (Remix) (feat. Noritsu)
Adapted Like Water (feat. Mad Flows, Merlin Alexander & Tesla Alset)
Itz Really Christmaz
Originoo (feat. Maniac)
Soul & Ego (feat. Tesla Alset)

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