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Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.God IZ ILLA Feat.Kincee (Prod By Yashmallallah)
2.Lord Have Mercy! (Prod By Yashmallallah)
3.BLVXK Gold Feat. Nowaah The Flood (Prod By Yashmallallah)
4.7000…(Prod By Yashmallallah)

Quality: V0  –  Location: UK

1. Contemporary Classic
2. Still Ft. Crusada
3. Fool That I Am
4. Identity Crisis
5. Can’t You See?
6. Technophobe
7. Make It Real
8. Open Mic Ft. TPS FAM, Tuff Thompson, Crusada, Oliver Sudden, Gee Bag & MC Mell’O’
9. Rock To The Rhythm
10. Yippee Ki – Yay Ft. Epidemic
11. Word On The Street
12. Every Move Ft. Manage & eMCee Killa
13. You Know That
14. The Evolution Of A Star
15. Let’s Pretend
16. Fight Or Flight

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Poland

1.Intro (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
2.Ucieczka (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
3.Mój groove (feat. Joker Starr, Smokin & Dj Bulb)
4.Pulsujący rytm (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
5.We make it RAW (feat. Verb T, Smokin & Dj Bulb)
6.Głuchoniemy-niewidomy (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
7.From Poland 2 UK (feat. Leaf Dog, Smokin & Dj Bulb)
8.Stworzyliście potwora (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
9.25th century (feat. Kashmere, Smokin & Dj Bulb)
10.Każdy i nikt (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
11.KOLOKOS cypher (feat. Boberro, Chlorian Świnicz, Czez, Smokin, Gieras, Kork, Kaspijski, BUA & Dj Bulb)
12.Questions (feat. Joker Starr, Smokin & Dj Bulb)
13.Dusty Vibez (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)
14.Outro (feat. Smokin & Dj Bulb)

Royal Blood Army is a concious underground hipHop group from Africa, Malawi known as the warm heart of Africa, comprising of Temple I,Denril,L-Planet, trudocxxy, Captain Illmor the Oracle, Professis, Black Mind, Fortless & Devine Sense.
This is their new album called – Scrolls Secret produced by Shem Beats, Venom, DJ Maas, Epistemic & Unbeatablez.

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Malawi

Intro (Prod. BlackMind)
Hygine ft Godskho (Prod. SHEM Beats)
Live from the Vault ft Viteez (Prod. Venom)
Corrupt Leadership (Prod. Venom)
Harsh Realities (Prod. Venom)
War of the Gods (Prod. Venom)
Immunity (Prod. Venom)
Invasion of the Minds (Prod. Venom)
Street Poetry ft Genii Black (Prod. SHEM Beats)
Moving Shaddles (Prod. The Unbeatablez)
The voice of reason (Prod. Epistemic)
Another Horizon (Prod. SHEM Beats)
Allignment ft Epistemic (Prod. Epistemic)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Forced My Hand   
2. N-Gage (V’s Feature)   
3. M.E.T.H.O.D.   
4. Ice Veins   
5. Misery’s Company   
6. Somber Interlude   
7. Joy   
8. War Time (feat. Pacewon)   
9. Another Episode   
10. That Notion (feat. Golden)   
11. The Good Fight   
12. Lessons (feat. Tori X)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Red Hook   
2. Project Dreamz (feat. D-Strong)   
3. The Great I Am (feat. D-Strong)   
4. Grandma 77′ (feat. D-Strong)   
5. Renaissance (feat. D-Strong)   
6. Ghost of Malcolm (feat. D-Strong)   
7. Humble 2013 (feat. D-Strong, Shyste & DJ Trickalome)   
8. Your World   
9. Classic (feat. D-Strong & DJ Trickalome)   
10. Thug Angelic Passport (feat. D-Strong)   
11. Kingz (feat. DJ Flipcyide)   
12. Big Bank Theory (feat. D-Strong & DJ Trickalome)   
13. Burn It Down (feat. DJ Flipcyide)   
14. Combo Pack   
15. Angel Tearz (feat. D-Strong)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1.Cosmic Abstract with Teach
2.Everyday Struggle with Jae Mann
3.Wild Style with Cyclonious
4.Bright with Sus Bully
5.Make Some Noise with Wan-Cee
6.Revolve Around Science with Big Cakes
7.Good Guys Never Win (Remix)
8.B.A.G with Gee Bag
9.2 Feel So Good with Poynt Blak
10.Step Ya Game Up with Artcha
11.4 The Mind & Soul feat. Poynt Blak
12.Just Step feat. Jae Mann
13.Musical Shot
14.UK Rapcats feat. Poynt Blak
15.Just Step feat. Jae Mann (G.T.D Remix)
16.4 The Mind & Soul feat. Poynt Blak (H.A.N.D Remix)
17.Good Guys Never Win

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

01 A Poem is a City (intro)
02 Monday Blues
03 Chainbreakers
04 5 Nuggets (ft Efeks)
05 HD (ft Sirplus)
06 As It Crossed My Mind (Skit)
07 Drift Away
08 Tea Break
09 Chill In (ft Dark Circle)
10 Payday
11 Hero (ft Datkid)
12 No Good (Skit)
13 Broken Smile
14 Pound Signs
15 Ruff Draft (ft Res, Phoenix Da Icefire & Gee Bag)
16 Out Of This World (ft Efeks)
17 4AM

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Agnosticism   
2. Tyrant Shit (feat. Dekastro)   
3. Dreamscape   
4. F.O.H   
5. The Fast Way   
6. Rivers Of Blood (feat. Vice Verses)   
7. Bruce Lee   
8. Project Furnace   
9. No Subs (feat. Alph The Alien, Spliff Hemingway, Tha Conclusion & Choize Reef)   
10. Y3’s Anthem   
11. Emotionally Scarred   
12. Life Of A Don   
13. Dollar Biz   
14. Tsunami Kings (feat. Onaira 7)
15. Bet On Yaself (feat. Atare’ Godspeed)   
16. Gimmie What You Got (feat. Kable The don)

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