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Location: Kassel, Germany

Intro (Cutz by Kallsen)
Bassbarth – Weed im Viertel Remix
For Love
Ranios und Rayk – Deine Idole (Cutz by Score34)
Krypto 02:29
Hasd 02:22
Martin Meiwes – Keine Schönwetterfreundschaft
Beppo S. und Peter B. – One for L Remix
RNCS Remix
Martin Meiwes – Joshua
SirPreiss – Beatschmied (Cutz by Dj Marshall Artz)
Jobke – Hiphop Remix
Stiftberg – Habenichts Remix
Martin Meiwes, Horsten G & Vivi Li – Liebe für die Coons
Olio & O.G. Ohne Gummi – Ground Zero ft. Shirokko (Cutz by DJ Criss-Fade

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Intro (Produced by Eto)
Driver Seat – Ft. Styles P & Jadakiss (Produced By Chup)
Thruway Music (Produced By Trypps Beatz)
Gun Or Knife (Produced by Trypps Beatz)
2 Weapons (Produced By Daringer)
Paper Trail (Produced By 38 Spesh)
So Strategic (Produced By Trypps Beatz)
My River (Produced By Rain 910)
Man Of The Kitchen (Produced By Chup)
Game away (Produced By Black Metaphor)

Location: SouthAfrica & Belarus

Intro (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Can’t Fuck With Me (Prod. BorodaBeat)
What Is Love? (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Broke As Shit (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Revenge feat. BorodaBeat (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Impossible feat. Entity (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Resurgence feat. Dead Right There (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Half Steppin’ feat. The Witness (Prod. BorodaBeat)
P-U-S-S-Y (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Before & After Mindset (Prod. BorodaBeat)
The Final Outcome feat. Kriss Anti-B (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Outro (Prod. BorodaBeat)

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Chile-Venezuela

Rap en Estado Puro
City Lights
Toda la Vida
No Fame No Fake Around Me (feat. Sea Xl)
Going Down
Keep On (Xeos Remix)
No Pain No Gain
Hijos del Sol
Niggaz With Fleivah (feat. Sea Xl)
Keep On (Craz Remix)

Location: Italy

JMega the god – Metal Armz (remix)
Demigodz (feat.Panchi) – DGZ x NYGz (remix)
Routiger Slob – Thread the Lead (remix)
Cedric Till (feat. Chel Strong) – On my own
Apathy – New England Royalty Pt.2 (remix)
Third Eye Merchants – Who Can Ya Trust? (remix)
The etherealist – Illest In The Game
Cedric Till – Truth be told
History of violence (feat. Oldboy, Rodney Rush) – Tiger Style (remix)
Sub-con5cience – Tombstone Jeopardy
Overkill Army – A casa mia
Sick rat (feat. Cedric Till) – Role models
Sick Rat – Dissapor e disappunt (prod. Nameless)

Location: Barcelona

1- Soul Summer
2- You’re everything
3- Dope
4- Keep on
5- Proud of you
6- The game don’t change
7- Money ain’t got no owners
8- Just you
9- It was your love
10- I belong to someone else
11- Just dream with me
12- We miss you
13- Never fall in love
14- Street is calling
15- Sunday mood
16- Every word I say is true
17- I’m just a Gangsta
18- Everytime I see you
19- Hey gurl
20- I must be falling in love
21- If I could decide

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Florida, USA

Intro – Produced by Chief
Yes Y’all – Produced by Figub Brazlevic, additional vocals by Noritsu
Where I’ll Go – Produced by Klaus Layer
My Story – Produced by Klaus Layer, scratches by DJ Proppo’88
Sallyble Mux-ip – Produced by Emune, scratches by DJ PhiLogic, vocal samples provided by Type Raw
Back to the Boom – Produced by Figub Brazlevic
Extraterrestrials – Produced by Drippy
Leave It All Behind – Produced by Type Raw, scratches by Loot Fattig
Flava for Ya Mind – Produced by Devaloop
I’m Gone – Produced by KLIM Beats
Peep the Steeze – Produced by Planet Ragtime, featuring Skyzoo
Energies – Produced by Fibug Brazlevic, featuing Tek-nition, additional vocals by Noritsu

Location: Sweden

Past Beyond
277 Asprin
Chili Con Fusion
Shinobi Medi
City Sleeps Disturbed
Hustle The Puzzle
Under The Below
Inzombia Blues
Arlington´s Box

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Tenerife

Da Crookz
Esencia Extinta
In the Area
Underground Rappaz
Da Crookz Instrumental
Esencia Extinta Instrumental
In the Area Instrumental
Underground Rappaz Instrumental
Represent Instrumental
Da Crookz Acapella
In The Area Acapella

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