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Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Montreal, Québec

1. Intro (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)
2. Tromacore (feat. Swamp Thing)
3. Taking Out the Trash (feat. Woodman)
4. Atomic High (feat. Don Streat)
5. Combat Shock (feat. Novatore)
6. Kabukiman (What a Dumbass)
7. Tromeo & Juliette (feat. Filth the Enabler)
8. Redneck Zombie (feat. Aaron Romero)
9. Poultrygeist (feat. Filth the Enabler, Aaron Romero & Nova Spei)
10. Outro (feat. Lloyd Kaufman)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Calm & Crazy (Remix) [feat. Karm, KB & Necro]   
2. We Ain’t Feeling Ya (feat. Esoteric)   
3. Mad Man’s Diary (feat. Mystro)   
4. Darkness Shines (feat. Apathy)   
5. They Dont Know (feat. Jehst & Jyager)   
6. Gang of Roo’s (feat. Wizdom)   
7. I Can Break It Down (feat. Mark Deez & Koby Lee)   
8. Instruments of Fire

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: CANADA

1. Live from Milano Intro
2. Unstoppable (feat. Mad Soul)
3. Never Shut Up (feat. Jangy)
4. Underground Madness (feat. Mad Soul)
5. Messed Up (feat. Jaide & ArgentoVivo)
6. Bang Boom (feat. Mad Soul)
7. Up in the City Lights (feat. Warez)
8. No Matter (feat. Flow & Mad Soul)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Italy

1. With Attitude (feat. Afu-Ra, Mastino, Big THings, Dj Fastcut)
2. Quaggiù (feat. Flesha, Jap, Zampa)
3. Quasi Niente Di Sbagliato (feat. Moder)
4. Pazmanian Devil (feat. Ianne)
5. Most Underrated MC (feat. Lord Madness)
6. Sesto Senso (feat. Asso)
7. Combo Mega (feat. Ares Adami, Drimer)
8. Il Giardino (feat. Zeth Catle)
9. Butta la Pasta (feat. Basilari All Stars)
10. Beat Check (feat. Apoc)
11. Ipse Dixit (feat. Warez) [Remix]
12. A Long Time (feat. Brenno, Piero Erre, Dj Daf Tee)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Aussie

1.Supply Demand Prod. By Denno
2.Knowledge Ft. Strike Won Swiftboi Prod. By Rubix
3.Fear & Loathing Ft. Shaz Ill York Prod By. Rubix
4.Paradise Lost Ft. Strike Won Prod. By Rubix
5.Visions Ft. Strike Won, Mad Max Prod. By Shookz
6.Pass The Loot Ft. Haytch Prod. By Rubix
7.Past Tense Ft. Strike Won Prod. By Rubix
8.Cruel Intentions (Remix) Prod. By Kha

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

2.Kurtis Blow
3.Rubble Kings (feat. Asun Eastwood & Recognize Ali)
4.Nueva Ola
5.Lex Luthor
6.Ochoa Vasquez Brothers (feat. Primo Profit, Lord Juco, Crimeapple & Daniel Son)
8.La Mantanza

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

3.Warrior (feat. Vic Goes Hard, Franc Heat & Vic Shadez)
5.Blue World (feat. Ruuu, Jay the Greater, Dirt Vonnegut, Revalation, Caszack, Jace the Truth & Chris Romero)
7.Exoskeleton (feat. Vic Goes Hard)
8.Timequake (feat. ATN Prime & D. Cure)
9.Persistence (feat. Beanz & U-Nik Stylez)

Belfast, North Ireland, UK

Props to Illogic

Paint Brush Tales
Represent The Hip Hop
Feeling Right(Woman Tonight)
Belfast City Melody
The Water
The Rain Feat Mad AB Slim
Blood Tears feat (DEAD PREZ)
Celtic Warriors feat Kapwon
It Must Be Joe
Night Fall Interlude
Night Fall(Silent Hill)
Horrorcore Shit
Titans Of Rap feat Alexander
Underground feat Alexander, JSin & Demo Demon
Last Breathing Masked Demons feat JSin & Kendan Reeves
Rise Of The Villains feat Durty Devz
Savage Lad/Mental Home

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